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  1. I caught that on my 5th time through the demo. I was thinking, "wait, something looks weird with his legs" and then I saw it. Also, the bassist's death is not shown, but I assume he dies anyway. Well this works for something I noticed. The bassist actually gets away before the wall of flame engulfs the stage. You see him jump into the crowd and surf away right when the guitarist, singer and DJ huddle together.
  2. Truly, nothing against Dio but.... I cannot even imagine feeling dread towards Doviculus with Dio's voice.... Mr. Curry's just.... oooooozes delicious benevolence. Oh I love it so much.
  3. Ah, that would solve that mystery. I was wondering why there wasn't a Gamertag list yet for Brutal Legend. Thanks much!
  4. Definitely 360 for me. When it comes to multiplatform games, they typically go for the 360. Though games that are made specifically for the PS3 was always amazing, multiplats just seem to feel better on the 360. I once heard that most multiplats are first coded for the 360 then ported to the PS3 cause it's harder to port from the PS3 to the 360. Dunno if true, but still, 360 all the way!
  5. All I can say is this is going to be the longest week ever. And that exam next Monday, will be the longest exam ever... followed by the sweetest time right after when that exam will be vanquished... Let the Legend begin!!
  6. So! I think I am not just making this up, but, as far as I know, Brütal Legend can only be played with people on your friends list, aye? Well then, what better friends than the friends from the Double Fine forums! So, I figured have a grand master list of all of the Gamertags and PSN Names of all wonderful people here at the DFAF. Well, to get things started I guess, I am Mooks and my 360 Gamertag is Mookiebean1515. 360 MASTER LIST Mooks: Mookiebean1515 smarttman: CubanCommando92 banballow: Mr Banballow zeeman645: zeeman645 RocketBear: xDANCECOMMANDER tiffuts: tiffuts gridsleep: gridsleep Jon Tex: SpartanTex987 PS3 MASTER LIST banballow: MrBanballow gridsleep: gridsleep MotorMouth: vv_argost Rai: Nyalugwe Conrad: Aninael Razputin: wolladeath
  7. Just got mine, it comes with a code imprinted on it that you enter into the Xbox. The instructions explicitly say to enter it only after September 17th, 11:00 PM.... which is kinda lame. I had originally read it as 11:00 AM... oh well. Twenty Four hours GO!
  8. http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a310/mookie1515/bllp.jpg Here it is!
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