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  1. Shay Conversation Glitch

    Cool that was quick! I'm havin' a tough time finding bugs haha, such a solid game! Well done guys!
  2. Absolutely loving every bit of this game so far! Definitely going to be making some fan art soon!
  3. Beautiful

    Serious 2014 GOTY contender!
  4. Not really a bug or anything, but is their any way to have the teleport special effects appear in the floors reflection?
  5. I went to Mom computer before talking to Marek when he asks you see him, and a Prima Doom conversation option came up with Mom before Marek ever told me about it... Maybe make that hidden until Shay speaks to Marek.
  6. Shay Helmet Voice Glitch?

    No tiny head voice in the Kitchen with a tiny head... can a high pitch reverb of some sort be attached to Shay while he has a tiny head so normal conversations are automatically fixed? Cheers!
  7. Shay Helmet Voice Glitch?

    This section also had a strange mix between normal head & tiny head Shay voice while he had his tiny head.
  8. When Shay puts the kid space helmet on, the audio changes from tiny head voice to normal head voice. Was this intentional or no? Seems like it would make more sense to have the voice still be high pitched, maybe even a tad muffled inside of the helmet. Would also be pretty cool to see some breath on the glass of the helmet to match his breathing (just a small idea that might put even more life into his character!)
  9. Shay Neck Glitch

    I wonder if this is the reason why Marek is typing so much lol...
  10. Shay Neck Glitch

    Not sure if this has been pointed out yet, but when the hairdryer is blowing on Shay, his neck appears over his face. Absolutely loving everything about this game so far! Fan art in the works!
  11. Yet another great episode! ♥ x infinity!
  12. Is the lumberjack print a limited edition type of deal?
  13. Fantastic thread! Really great and smart work here! ♥