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  1. Haha fair enough. It's just that there was a reason I steered clear of Myst and Riven and the like - I didn't want to just solve those sorta puzzles to get through a game. Would have done my head in. Then a lot of them sprung up in Broken Age and I was like egads. No thanks.
  2. I finally finished it and Act 2 was definitely an improvement on Act 1. The story, the art, the sound, the music, the voice work... all sensational. For the most part, the puzzles were better. But as someone mentioned earlier, there's a difference between a hard puzzle and an annoying puzzle. If you don't feel smarter after solving a puzzle you've been stuck on for ages, instead feeling angry with it, it's not a good puzzle. That didn't happen to me until basically the very final puzzles of the game. The musical note being the pattern to scratch into the star thing, with the musical star chart red herring? I didn't feel smart when I figured it out, I felt "what if someone was tone deaf and didn't understand the notes going up and down?". It didn't feel like a puzzle. Especially when somehow Vella is meant to know what Shay is hearing (which I'm sure has been covered in this thread a bit - makes no sense to me, even though I'd figured it had something to do with that when Shay solved a puzzle using Vella earlier). And the wiring. Oh my lord. The fact is - I understood the puzzle, I got it straight away. But the idea of having to backtrack so much (and pressing the spacebar so often to skip the same cut scenes over and over again)... I just sat there shaking my head. I put the game away for a week because I couldn't deal with the chore of solving the puzzle I'd already solved. Then when I'd already given old mate his hammer to bang the drum with, but I needed to turn the power back on? I set him up on the drums so his mates would hang out with him, go to turn the power on, go upstairs and use Gary only to realise that wait - Alex had already come back up and I'd set off Gary and... OH NO I HAVE TO START AGAIN OH NO. That feeling of dread. That's how I ended the game. Not feeling smart, not feeling happy, feeling dread. I couldn't even enjoy the ending with that as the final puzzle. But overall, if you take those puzzles out (does anyone actually want those annoying fiddly puzzles? I'm sure Broken Age has more of those puzzles than any of the classic Lucasarts games...), stellar gaming experience. I'm gonna have to give it a B when combined with Broken Age Part 1. It'll likely be a long time before I play through it again.
  3. Schafer having nothing to do with Sam & Max makes it a weird proposition to me. Full Throttle maybe, but I love it how it is.
  4. I couldn't have asked for any more. It's my favourite game. Looking and sounding as good as reasonably possible. Running on my PS4. And it didn't cost much at all.
  5. Kiiiiinda interested in a prequel. Manny before he was dead (and finding out why he had a debt to pay). It'd be totally different art and setting of course, but it wouldn't interfere with the story we have (apart from maybe giving us a different appreciation of Manny). Don't need it of course, just throwing it out there.
  6. Last update: with the new episode on July 9th (a little less than a month ago) Update before that: May 30th (so a little more than a month) So... about once a month, at the moment, then. Or once in a regular moon. And before that? And going back to when they were actually weekly, which they haven't been for a looong time? But thanks for the clarification.
  7. Any and all updates are appreciated - they're once in a blue moon these days!
  8. Just noticed Tim has Dumbland on DVD. I want a Dumbland adventure game, get on to David Lynch right now.
  9. I have a PS4 numbnuts! That ISNT THE FUCKEN POINT! A cult classic PC game ignoring PC gamers is utter bullshit. Dont question my fandom. I Own original retail big box releases of all of the Lucasarts games. I run ScummVM and ResidualVM and replay them regularly. I own the remakes of Monkey Island 1 and 2 (you know the ones released on ALL platforms at the same time). Dont make assumptions! So the ONLY WAY this game gets a remaster is if Sony step in (due to their relationship with Disney) and that's not good enough for you, even though you are able to play it? You're upset on behalf of other people? What? That's even worse.
  11. I'm home alone and I was standing up and clapping.
  13. I do know what you mean. It's an unfair and ill-considered statement directed towards you, and certainly uncalled for in this instance. You do, however, like to defend DF. The flipside is, I completely agree with your arguments! Additionally, I was referring to skankityspence's responses as well, not just yours. Unfortunately, since my post Bernie has turned into a massive internet troll. I'd suggest ignoring him. I did? Sorry for sticking up for myself when someone was being overly condescending towards me. These forums have gone to hell ever since Double Fine released a highly anticipated game, it was average and everyone abandoned ship. It's a shame.
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