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  1. With this milestone and the big playstation news and the GF remake and DOTT remake, we should have an episode 18 soon right? This year we only got 4 full episodes, but at least a good amount of sidequests, but still that means we are due for another episode around the middle of January? That would be awesome if we could get a new episode before the new years, I would really appreciate it if someone from 2pp could field this. Also is there a reason that 2pp output has slowed done lately? Is it just a lack of content? I mean between the Comcept project, GF and DOTT remakes, Massive Chalice, probably another Amnesia Fortnight coming up, are you guys just really busy making a bunch of new content or whats up? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I'm just curious. Thanks, and keep up the great work DF and 2PP.
  2. oughtobe

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    They are all awesome but that Raz is really detailed, how did you make it?
  3. Seriously, how did you guys even end up supporting their kickstarter and becoming fans of Double Fine and adventure games in the first place? Do you even like adventure games and Broken Age? I really don't understand how people with your outlooks could possibly have any patience to play adventure games and be fans of Double Fine. I think there is no way to satisfy you people. I think if the game was already out, you would say it feels rushed. I honestly think people like you two outgrew adventure games and were never really fans of them or Double Fine. Because any true fan would be so excited with the current status of Double Fine. Because right now, we've had an amazing documentary, with like 10 hours of episodes, some amazing Amnesia Fortnight experiences, an awesome first Act of a Double Fine adventure game, a whole new RTS game via Massive Chalice, some amazing games like Last Life being published, and to top it all off, a freaking remake of Grim Fandango. And if you don't realize how being a backer has really pushed all that along and possibly even made it all happen, I don't think you ever really cared about Double Fine. You are trying to relive some nostalgia you had and you just like complaining about modern games, chalk this up as a loss and go play Call of Duty or something.
  4. First of all, thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to respond to our questions. I seriously really appreciate it and I honestly started this topic as a rant and I actually expected other users to point out all the questions I had that I shouldn't expect to be answered and I was really just hoping that someone at 2PP quickly skimmed through my post and some of my questions were hopefully prudent enough for you guys to think about the answer amongst yourselves. I'm not sure if you aren't really allowed to speak on it, but I figured that you mean you guys need Broken Age's Act 2 to have a clear plan of release and either a milestone needs to be achieved in production which will enable a good estimate on when Act 2 will be released before you guys can conclude the next episode or maybe other projects like CQ 2 or some of the DF Publisher games need to be released for you guys to be able to focus on DF's role as a publisher in the next episode. I imagine that is the two key focuses of the next episode, DF's role as a publisher and a clear roadmap to the release of Act 2. I just hope you're not saying that you need the release of Act 2 to happen, before you can wrap up the next episode and sidequests, are you able to expand on that a little bit? I just wanted to applaude you guys on how well you have done when it comes to spoilers. I don't know how much experience you guys had with adventure games previously but it can be a very slippery slope when it comes to showing the behind the scenes of an adventure game because so much of the enjoyment of an adventure game for the players is the story and characters. You guys have done an amazing job and I actually prepared myself to be prepared for a let down when it came to the game because of how thorough the documentary has been, but it really hasn't hurt the experience for me, the story always felt fresh and new and the big plot twists and turns were not exposed at all. So does that mean that DF's role as a publisher will not be a focus in any of the upcoming episodes? I understand that it can be very difficult because of the logistics of setting up interviews and following the development of those games, but isn't it possible to focus more on DF's role in the whole publisher arrangement and more about what there day to day responsibilites have been and how successful that has been and will continue to be. Also, I'd like to learn about how Tim chose to tackle the whole Publisher role because of his much documentated rifts with publishers in the past, I'd like to learn more about how Tim has changed the mold of the role of a publisher and how he was able to avoid the problems of most publishers he's dealt with when it came to DF being a publisher. So 2PP's role as a documentarian of the development of Mighty No. 9 will not mirror the standard set with DF? Does the language barrier and far location of Comcept make it so its just not possible to reach the standard of the DF documentary with Mighty No. 9? I personally am happy that DF has be given more of a priority but have you thought about bringing in a Japanse team to cover comcept more? I'm happy that so far the Mighty No. 9 project hasn't hurt the DF doc but I'd like to see 2pp maintain the standards they have set and continue to improve their standard with each project. I can understand how you don't want 2PP to be the focus of an episode, but I think since you guys have put in such a huge effort to document Double Fine production as a studio, it would add more depth to the documentary if we knew more about how DF has been influenced by your guys commitment and work so far. I guess this has been touched upon previously, but it just feels like you guys are the only mystery we don't ever see revealed, but I guess in some ways its a good thing, kinda like how you said questions come from off camera somewhere, the camera is never turned around on the documentarian and that may be a good thing. But I do hope towards the end of the Broken Age doc, we get to hear 2PP thoughts on the whole project and how their understanding of adventure games, kickstarter, game development and Double Fine has grown, basically where your heads were at before this whole expereince and where they are at now. I will send you this video I've been working on shortly, but I had another idea that I wanted to talk to you guys about, it has a lot of parallels with the DF project, I will wrote you an email about that. I'm running out of room here, but I do appreciate your candid response about Amnesia Fortnight and how you are just really focused on the two projects at DF. I just feel like the value you guys add to Double Fine as a developer and their community is undeniable, so a big part of it will feel like its missing if after you finish these projects you stop working with DF. Its refreshing to hear how much you guys value the experience so I feel like its inevitable for you guys to find something new to work on after Broken Age and Massive Chalice docs are wrapped up. It's great to hear that has been one of your goals and I really hope Disney see's the value in shining the light on one of the greatest game developers of all time. I feel like you guys are the only ones who would give that doc the quality it so deserves. And I agree, I think once GF is a success and they see how much value your doc has added they will contract you to do more work on Lucasart remakes and a doc to tie in all the remakes. Please nudge Tim or anyone you can nudge to try and tackle a remake or sequel of Full Throttle. I hope Tim realizes now that people thought Full Throttle was short because of how much they wanted to further explore that world he created more. Please tell us more! At least give us a hint about what this is. Is it Double Fine related? Please give us a hint at least.
  5. Sorry, I wanted to see what happens at 80 posts, isn't there a link somewhere that shows all the post level tiers?
  6. Hello 2PP, what's up? Tomorrow it will be 2 months since we had an episode, and I'm not really complaining I'm just curious what's up? Have you been working on the next Comcept episode? A broken chalice episode maybe? Or other projects? I suspect you guys are working on a really long episode and possibly a couple sidequests, but I am also guessing that this is a slow time for the documentary. Tim was probably deep into writing mode and there is so many projects going on, but I was hoping you guys would think about making this episode cover everything that is going on or possibly do some sidequests that focus on the other projects and even the games that are being published by Double Fine. I backed both DF kickstarters and the Laste Life kickstarter so I'm really excited to hear about everything. I also wanted to just commend you guys on an awesome job and I'm really curious about the whole 2PP story. Have you thought about doing a sidequest that is like a mini documentary about 2PP and how you guys started with the Minecraft doc and then pitched Tim on a doc for his kickstarter and then the whole Mighty #9 Comcept doc and everything, and I bet you guys have some exciting projects lined up. Also, are you guys hiring? I have a little video that I'd like to send you guys. Also, isn't it about time for another Amnesia Fortnight? I may be wrong but it seems like there is 3 major parts of the year for video game announcements and releases, right now we're in the summer/major convention part, then its the Holiday big November release/announcments, and then in the middle of spring there is another one. So even though you guys are super busy, wouldn't it be great to take two weeks off and do another AFF? Alright, I'm sure a lot of my concerns will annoy some people and probably not show up on Tim's or 2PP chiefo's radar, so I'll end this post before it really annoys everyone. Oh, and one more thing, for 2PP, how much of a budget would you guys need to keep a team at Double Fine indefinitely and costantly produce different videos on various behind the scenes, projects, etc that take place at Double Fine. Based on the money you guys were asking for initially and how much you've streamlined and built a little fort for your work at DF, I would think that $10k to $15k a month would be sufficient to produce an episode and possibly a sidequest or so every month, forever, until the end of infinity, in other words until the Secret of Monkey Island is revealed. So that just means that 1000 of us need to subscribe for $10 a month or 2000 of us subscribe for $5 a month, and we can keep this thing going, no? One last thing, I promise, have you guys tried approaching Disney on doing a be all end all documentary on Lucasfilm Games? I think you guys would do the best job and it could really help to tie into the whole Double Fine monthly doc thing. I really think Tim should mill this idea over as well, I can't speak for everyone but I've definitely invested a lot more money into Double Fine ever since I've been able to see how the sausages are made. I mean, I've always supported Tim and his games, but I really feel like I'm part of a team here and I don't want it to go away.
  7. Good Morning Doublefine, I was thinking about how great the documentary has been so far for Broken Age and I was wondering what your plans were after the game and documentary are finished. I wanted to suggest that you keep the documentary going, and charge a monthly fee for subscribers to get inside information and a monthly documentary episode. I don't know how much each episode costs you guys, but is this possible? I would pay anyhwere from $10 to $20 and up, depending on the frequency and production value of the episodes. Could someone from DF or 2PP talk about this and breakdown the costs and let us know how much we would need to come up with every month for a monthly episode? Because when the documentary is over, I'm gonna really miss seeing behind the scenes, and it really makes me a bigger fan and spend more money on double fine. For example, I probably wouldn't have bought hack n slash so quickly if I didn't know hadn't had seen the documentary and Amnesia fortnight videos.
  8. Thank you very much, this seems a little bit overwhelming since the only programming I know is basic and html, but hopefully once I decipher the glyphs and halycon's message it won't be that hard. I'll let you know if I get stuck again. =)
  9. ok ill try that. also any hints on the 2nd gate? nobody can help me with that?
  10. Yeah, I noticed that as well. I couldn't understand Halcyon, but I could understand Ida. does the glyph room decode both of them? it only translated ida? do you use it again? like move them to a different alignment for him? also any hints on the 2nd gate?
  11. Actually I figured it out, but did I cheat? I asked ida to search for name, and then she said it is now marked with some symbol. So I used the lamp, and now a text came up and I typed some random letters, and then the warden thought my name was those random letters, and let me pass. I used the lamp and did that like two or three times, did I mess something up? Was I supposed to translate Halcyon's speach somehow first? Still wondering about that, but can someone help me with the second gate?
  12. Still haven't deciphered the lamp... Stuck at the second gate, ran and dom were the words, I think this is a little too much coding for the game, I don't think I can solve this puzzle without knowing something about coding and I don't think that's fair. I should be able to beat the game without knowing anything about coding before playing the game.
  13. I’ve done everything, found the empty chest by the fireballs, got the lamp and figured out Ida, how do I get past the Warden?
  14. I've done everything, found the empty chest by the fireballs, got the lamp and figured out Ida, how do I get past the Warden?
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