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  1. (Timmys and timothys count too) Tiny Tim Timmy Turner Tim Burton Tim Scafer The list goes on.
  2. Cyro and hypnosis would be awsome in a...I dunno...sequal or modded version of psychonauts. Biokinesis would be wierd to put in a game...Ever envisioned Raz as a bird?
  3. I posted a psychonauts version of the llama song somewhere here...
  4. Kijiriko


    Oh! I have an awsome idea... Brainworms...and toilet plungers....
  5. Um...Someone do... Letterman, Tay Zonday, and Loboto. (lolz, chocolate brain)
  6. Ugh. Everybody knows steling brains is the bast hobby EVUR! I still have Michael Jacksoms Brain in my room. Explains alot right?
  7. Exactly! Or that 38 year old guy in FlapJack.
  8. Wtf? In the game, there is a hidden cutscene where if you show sashas GPC button to Bobby, he'll freak out and say "Dont put me back in that horrible place" as well as the Coach saying "He spends more time in there than the camp" BUT then we have the cutscene where that kid you rescue from the GPC says nobody has locked anyone in there since the 50's. Conclusion. If nobody stuffed Bobby in there since the 50's and it is 2008, then Bobby is in fact as old gass bag. Explaining his grouchy bully behavior and retro hair styles.
  9. I can see that. X3 Good luck with photoshop, although I'd get a trial first if I were you...
  10. Hmmm...Perhaps Whispering Rocks looks liek a giant brain?
  11. Greedy? I prefer the term "Material Deprived"
  12. I've had a few wierd pets in my lifetime (dont ask how mom even let me keep them) including red earred slider turtles, pufferfish, angelfish and a few hermit crabs...You can keep a fox as a pet? didnt know that. But I'd do your research and see how they react around other animals or kids or furniture before you get one.
  13. I cant get ALL money for x-mas so I was wondering... Just because of the fact that I cant make up my mind, what games do you guys want for christmas?
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