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    Tim Schafer deleted my memes!
  2. Psychonauts 2 fantasizing / wish list

    Game starts where first ended Real messed up brains Weird villains Jokes Crazy worlds Funny mood but some serious/tragic parts maybe well hidden inside brains Memory reels All powers from the first game from the start New powers Basically I'd like the challenges Raz have to face to be and feel much greater than before, since he's now a real agent. I don't really care about multiplayer or character switching, maybe just a temporary thing with Lilli but that's as far as I'd like it to go.
  3. Ask me about Loom Seriously I hope Justin playing Loom there was an hint at something
  4. Pirate link already up... I guess I can say this since here we are all backers.
  5. Pretty sure I saw a topic on /v/ 2 or 3 days ago with a very similar title of this article, saying the same things. Oh well.
  6. Everybody get random!

    Why do the postal devs hate doublefine?
  7. Everybody get random!

    About that I'm hating this "gamergaters" vs "SJW" dualism. Both factions should understand most people don't give a heck about their war and having a different opinion about something doesn't make you a "gamergater" or a "SJW".
  8. Great stuff Though why is that "Act I" review on there on the cover for the full game? Someone that doesn't know anything about the game could be confused like "what? Is this act I? Not a full game?" or "Ok act I was great... what about act II?"
  9. Please do release it. We had the chance to experience this before the rest of the world and monthly (more like every 2 months but whatever), that's already a good reward. Also I think most of the people that donated more money were thinking mostly about donating to make the project succeed than the rewards. Still don't think this will solve much, most people that talks badly about the game won't even bother watching it.
  10. Broken Age Act 2 Development at Beta!

    Yeah that was ridiculous
  11. Some feedback and wishes

    So about the subtitles you can fix it yourself exchanging the files; for example if spanish replace the file for
  12. Some feedback and wishes

    Still haven't bought the game but wanted to play it with my friends, so you can't have english dub and another language's subs? Those would be nice.
  13. Steam achievements?

    Wow I read all of those lines with their voices.
  14. Do not harm hamsters during the production of the game
  15. Steam achievements?

    Me neither! When I replayed I was like "there was a door here? ... oh this explains A LOT of things". The subtitles in the Maximino dialogue were a mess though, like all over his face