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  1. Little pink best merch

    I must have that first shirt! Is it too late to add it as an option to the Humble Bundle page?
  2. The whole noir dream thing intrigued me enough to vote for Mnemonic in both rounds, but the concept reminded me of something. Has anyone here seen the movie Spellbound (1945)? This scene here is what reminded me of the Mnemonic concept: The whole interpreting weird dreams thing plays a huge role in the movie. Also in the movie, the wheel in the dream = revolver = gun. Reminded me of the turkey leg wrench puzzle Brad was talking about in the day 2 video. Anyways just thought I'd share. I'd be interested to know if Derek has ever seen the movie. =)

    Awww =( I feel bad for Big Leg.
  4. Psychonauts HD: why not Kickstart it?

    I would love for a Psychonauts HD to happen eventually (especially on Wii U)....but I think it should happen closer to the release of Psychonauts 2.
  5. Psychonauts on Nintendo eShop??

    Double Fine owns the rights to the franchise right? So they'd just need the money/time to make the port I guess...
  6. Psychonauts on Nintendo eShop??

    I know it was never released on the Gamecube....but is it possible that it could someday be playable on the Wii U shop? I need some good games to play on this system! (As I write this I realize that The Cave is releasing tomorrow *yay*!). If/When Psychonauts 2 ever happens, maybe the original title on the Wii U Shop could be used to introduce Nintendo-only gamers to the awesome series?
  7. Rewards Going Out!

    Got my shirt+signed poster today! Looks awesome, but I couldn't help but notice it only has half the signatures compared to another signed poster someone posted a pic of in this thread somewhere...
  8. Rewards Going Out!

    Nope not yet. Not even a shipping email. I don't mind waiting though, I'm sure everyone involved is ÜBER busy!
  9. Rewards Going Out!

    It seems everyone is receiving their swag, whereas I have yet to receive an email confirming shipping. Should I be concerned? I ordered a mens XL shirt if that matters.
  10. Just how private are these things?

    They should be super secret with secret codewords and secret handshakes and other secret, secret things......SECRET!
  11. Games you would like to see Kickstarted.

    Well besides the obvious (Psyconauts 2), I reeeaaally would like to see a sequel to Enslaved. So sad it didn't sell well.
  12. Your first adventure game?

    I remember really getting into Myst when I was 5-6, but then the sounds and ambiance started getting to me and I couldn't sleep.... Then my parents started buying me games more suited to my age group, and that's when I discovered Freddie Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds. I played the hell out of that game.