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  1. So disappointed I won't get to play this. After DF did such a great job with Broken Age Act 1, which even worked on my 2007 XP PC, I thought Grim would at least work on my laptop. But no...this 3.3 instead of 3.1 thing has ruined it for me. The old version works on my PC still, but I want audio commentary! Sad panda...
  2. Wish the Shay/Vella one was of the first screen of the game where you choose which character. Like on the website... I went the spoon.
  3. That ending was cool as all hell. Not a clue what this person's on about. But different strokes and all that...
  4. I hope you actually bought it in the end. Or are you just going to watch the whole thing on youtube?
  5. What a shame. And I do wonder how far you got in it, because it gave me one of those incredibly rare "HOLY GODDAMN ****" moments that just means I'll never forget playing the game for the first time. They rarely happen to me when watching movies, let alone playing games. Loved the game giving me that feeling. Broken Age's climax actually had similar impact on me, although not quite as severe. I did like Gemini Rue too, but nowhere nearly as much. Crappy action segments and the big supposedly "HOLY GODDAMN ****" moment... I saw coming way, way too soon. Nice atmosphere but.
  6. As a player of the original Edna and Harvey- which just has an absolute mind-boggling amount of unique responses- I can't say the amount in BA was particularly impressive. I mean, it was certainly better than some, but, yeah, not as good as others (Resonance is another that springs to mind). I actually got quite a lot of generic responses, which obviously, that's to be expected, but I didn't think the quota was all THAT impressive. Good, not great. But different strokes, I guess. As for hidden or easily-missed dialogue, I didn't realize you could take too long with the snake and end up being rescued/told off by Curtis. I actually tried it again to see if it would get him more and more annoyed- which would have been FANTASTIC- but, alas, no, just the same response. I also did this with giving Curtis peaches...I gave him I think about 3 of them to see if they would have any discernible effect or something but alas, no. Dang it. Missed opportunities, I say!
  7. Yeah, BoUT is excellent. It's a lovely, funny, enchanting adventure that, while lacking the polish of Broken Age, has comic timing, voice acting, world/character-building that are absolutely first-rate. Lots of lovely adventure game (amongst other) references too. The Discworld one was my personal favourite. I just love the fact that it got 9/10 review on a video game TV show here in Australia too.
  8. Double Fine have released 3 adventure games (well, 2.5 I guess) in the past 4 years (Stacking, The Cave, BA), after going a decade without making one. I suspect this'll be the last adventure game we see from them for a while. Whilst I'd LOVE them to keep making adventure games- be it point'n'click or more console-ish Cave/Stacking-like adventures- I suspect we'll be waiting a while. In fact, someone made a thread suggesting this was a final swan song to adventure games from Double Fine. That thought had occurred to me too, but I hope not. Even if it takes another 5 years, I'd still like, if not flat-out adventure games, than more "adventure-gamey" titles from them. But we'll just have to wait and see. I'm still damn grateful for the last few years in terms of adventure gaming though. Both from Double Fine, and elsewhere. I went through 5-6 years there where I'd stopped playing adventures altogether, and there wasn't a great deal of stuff being produced. The last 4 or 5 years though have been pretty damn great. Oh, and yes. I'd throw more money away quite happily.
  9. "That's the biggest peach I've ever seen" Then: "That's the second biggest peach Ive ever seen"
  10. Yep. It's actually my one major gripe with the game, much more than the puzzles, which I've since softened on. "Looking at" things has provided me with some of my favourite comedic moments in adventure games, a recent one that comes to mind is Wilbur in the Book of Unwritten Tales where you keep "looking at" a chair many times over and he keeps telling you "it's a chair", "it's still a chair" et al, until finally he gets fed up and tells you "alright, it's not a chair. It's an elephant. A great, big white elephant." (Wilbur also has one of the most adorable accents ever, if people are still wondering why I liked that bit so much) Moments like that I like, and there were some in this game too, with objects that you could ONLY look at, but there could have been SO MUCH more with the characters, and the interactable objects, and even some of the more interesting background items that are useless but would be great to just get a comment about. I dunno...Many have complained that the simple puzzles have ruined the whole "old-school adventure game" factor for them, but I think having a "look at" button would have gone a long way to the game feeling MORE like an old-school game, even with the simpler puzzles. That said, it's the perfect interface for anyone who has never- or hasn't in a long while- played an adventure game outside of Telltale. So I guess Double Fine made their choice in that regard.
  11. Alex! Not a guess, as I read that somewhere...I think. Replaying the game, and I just noticed you could faint from the snake if you didn't act after about a minute and get revived by Curtis. Nice touch. Although I actually tried it a second time to see if it would get him more and more annoyed...but nope. I really do like a lot of this game. Every frame is lovingly crafted. I just wish there were more frames!
  12. Call them pips here in Australia. Well, I do, anyway. So...I just thought it was a typo.
  13. Well, I mean, it's just...that's what adventure games are. The basic fundamental gameplay element. At least in 3rd-person perspective ones, anyway. And this one had other types too: the knitting, the teleporters, the boss fight. I dunno...I thought it was an odd complain. Anyway, cheerfully withdrawn. Carry on.
  14. And it's easily my favourite adventure game with "broken" in the title. Yeah, that's a dig.
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