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  1. For Broken Age there was no budget left over to do any kind of serious marketing campaign. Instead mostly relying on whatever free avenues available: social media, press, word of mouth, etc. Now that we're talking a much higher budget for Psychonauts (and more cost to recoup ) I'm just wondering if there will be more of an effort to maximize sales with advertising. I know its a weird thing to ask about advertising a game that hasn't been produced yet, but if its not planned for now there won't money later. I just want to see the game do as well as it can and that means reaching people outside the normal circle of people that would hear about it.
  2. Are there plans afoot for a third season of AF? The first two ('12 and '14) were great. I'm rewatching them right now
  3. I have the GOG Windows version and was about to install the patch. I thought it best to backup my save files. I can't seem to find them. Where are they stored. Thx.
  4. I think its possible to keep that theme intact but be more subtle about it. Along the lines of Vella asks him if anyone has ever run away. He responds with "In my time we never backed down from a...." only to be interrupted by grandma who doesn't want him to reveal too much. Its possible to introduce the theme without overtly saying it. In fact I think with a few minor alterations to the dialog Vella can be given a character arc, remove fighting from the beginning, don't show the dialog options about finding a weapon until she decides to fight and add something in shellmound about deciding to fight and boom Vella has a character arc. Its probably too late for that however and that's okay. I like the story for the most part.
  5. I'll have to play it again to see how that affects the opening. After thinking about it more. I think my main issue is that she's already made the decision (or is at least strongly considering) to fight the monster. I would have preferred to see that decision arc. Something along the lines of at the beginning she's only thinking about running away to escape but worried what that will do to the villiage. Then in Meriloft she wants to get back to see what happened, but see the horror of the maidens feast there. Then gets to Shellmound and sees the same thing about to happen but can't do anything about it.... but then finds the weapon. Because she wants to kill the monster from the very start there's no character arc.
  6. I understand your point. But round about introducing information does not work when its the character you're playing revealing the information. It instantly detaches you from the character. The character has information we don't so that means we aren't the character. Its vital that the character we are playing has similar knowledge of the story that we do if we want to feel any attachment to them. Other characters need to reveal information to us.
  7. This is my brief review of Broken Age. Spoilers. Duh. Summary: Overall I liked the game. Break down. The good. Story. I really like the concept of the story it was really an intriguing concept. The ending just nailed it. Did not except Shay to come out of the monster. However looking back on Shay's story there are clues that he was inside. That's the best kind of twist ending. Where it fits but you didn't see it coming. Twist endings out of left field just feel false. This one did it right. Art. As I've watch the documentary I wasn't completely sold on the art style. It must lose something in the video compression. It looks so much better running locally on my machine. Kudos to the art team. Engine. For a beta this ran extremely well. I only encountered some minor graphical glitches such as body parts floating in mid air and z-order issues. Not a single crash or other game breaking issue. Dialog. I felt this was for the most part solid. Though sometimes out of order. Characters would talk about things they should have no knowledge of. Vella knowing the name of Jessie somehow, Shay asking mom about Prima Doom before Merik tells him about it. Those were just a minor issue here and there and might be bug actually. The bad. Puzzles. The puzzles were ridiculously easy. Except for a couple that stumped me for a short while, the puzzles did not prove any real kind of challenge. In several instances characters gave me objects just for asking. It started to feel more like an interactive story than a puzzle game. To balance that point I actually like interactive stories so I didn't mind that as much. But as an adventure game I would have preferred more of a challenge. Story. Yes, I put the story in the good and the bad column. While the broad strokes of the story were very good. I didn't feel connected to the characters. There was very little in the way of character development. For example when we first meet Vella she's already decided to fight the monster. It was in the very first conversation I had with another character. This despite the game not introducing the monster, the situation the back story... anything really. It was, here's Vella... and she wants to fight.... something. The entire character development for the character happens before we meet her. Through the entire storyline she wants to kill the monster. This never changes. I think it would have been more powerful if we had been part of the decision to fight the monster. Understand why she wants to fight back when all others do not. In one of the doc vids Tim mentioned that Vella's story would be about discovering the great honor was actually a sacrifice, but that did not make it into the final game. Its as though the introduction and inciting moment were taken out of Vella's story and we pick it up in the middle of the rising action. Instead of discovering the truth with her we are simply told what it is. I think that is my biggest problem with the story. There's an old saying; show, don't tell. With Broken Age I felt I was constantly being told what was happening rather than me discovering/experiencing it. At the end of the story she angrily attempts to punch Shay. Why? What is she angry about? I'm sure there are reasons in the back story...which we never saw. We never saw Vella personally lose anything. She doesn't know if anything happened to the village. The maiden's that "died" she didn't seem to care about. We never SAW her lose anything so its hard to feel what this character is feeling. This is my only major complaint about the game. The characters are underdeveloped and I felt completely unattached to them. Well those are just my thoughts on the game. Hopefully my criticisms of the game don't sound too harsh. Overall I liked it... especially the ending. I am looking forward to seeing how it ends. And my play-though for anyone interested in such things.
  8. Ohhhh. So this explains why Gus never showed up again. I didn't even realize I solved a puzzle. After the bird took him away I kept looking for where he went and thought it odd he never came back. You definitely shouldn't be able to solve the puzzle without talking to him first somehow.
  9. Just had another one occur to me. I was just rewatching episode 8 when the infamous line "adventure games are not dead" was once again uttered. Why not call the game Not Dead? It really fits the girls story and at least kinda fits the boy's story.
  10. None of the choices really resonated with me. I thought Young Monsters was interesting so I went with that one. For the write-in I put Monsters of Fate.
  11. Why? Knowing every announcement about who's working about the project before everyone else wasn't part of the pitch so I fail to see a problem. They are already given us so much exclusive insight into the game process. This is not worth complaining about.
  12. Why? Knowing every announcement about who's working about the project before everyone else wasn't part of the pitch so I fail to see a problem. They are already given us so much exclusive insight into the game process. This is not worth complaining about.
  13. Lehm2000


    Agreed on your second point. Have to respectfully disagree on your first point. But then again I might be personally biased against your point of view on that. So I will have to officially abstain from that point and leave it up to the judgement of others.
  14. Hmm off the top of my head. I'd say Syberia I and II, also Myst IV. (Can't we make it 13years so I can mention Longest.... ah never mind )
  15. Lehm2000


    True this game will get a bunch of free publicity. But where does that show up? Mostly on gaming related sites, who would report on the game anyway. Don't we want to try to expand the niche a little?
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