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  1. I have a few questions. What codec will they use? What container will they be in? I know MP4 has better compatibility with other devices, but MKV has better subtitle and multi-track audio support (which would be good for commentary tracks, if there is one) Also it would be nice to have multiple choices of quality (SD, 720p, 1080p), so people don't have to blow all their bandwidth unless they want to
  2. I used a guide in two spots. The first was for the Mog Chothra fight. I didn't know to use the ladder because I honestly didn't know it was spring loaded, so it never occurred to me that it would open its mouth (I kept trying to entice it with the peach, which apparently I wasn't even supposed to have in my inventory during that part). The second was when looking for propulsion. Because apparently even though I had already clicked on the ice cream spout, I clicked it on the wrong spot so it didn't do anything. So I spent at least 15 minutes wandering around the ship aimlessly after that, got frustrated and consulted google again.
  3. I voted "absolutely not" because honestly after watching the documentary I expected it to be terrible, but it ended up being pretty decent. My biggest gripes are the lack of genuinely challenging puzzles. But games do tend to get harder later on, and we've only seen the first half of the game, so I'll reserve final judgement until Act 2 comes out. (P.S. I agree with Azekiel about Deponia being better than what we've seen so far of Broken Age)
  4. ^Child actors can be annoying if not done right. I think that's why most studios these days just give up and hire adults to voice children characters. But I think there's a certain sort of peanuts-esque charm that's lost if done that way, and I'm glad DF didn't go that route. Rocky's voice sounded great! It doesn't sound as wrong having adults voice teenage characters though. I wonder what Shay and Vela will sound like? Maybe we'll get to hear them in the next doc episode?
  5. the voices sound great! I hope jack black wasn't too expensive to hire
  6. Is the artwork on the website what the actual game looks like? I never thought it would look so nice. I love it
  7. there's a website for it already too: http://www.brokenagegame.com/ is that an in-game screenshot? it looks fantastic
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