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  1. This. Tim's writing may be the reason I started watching Double Fine, but I actually think the biggest reason they're my favourite studio, is that they're incredibly versatile and will utterly commit to a particular game's aesthetic down to the most minute details. What can I say, I'm a sucker for style. Between the kickass art department, and the shader voodoo of coders like Oliver, I'm sure we'll get some cool, unexpected graphical upgrades, even if they don't have the time/money/assets to retouch everything perfectly.
  2. That's... a fair point actually. Have Sony ever actually published a PC game that wasn't an SOE MMO? Google - Payday: The Heist is the only example I see - which is kind of a weird one (also still multiplayer, just missing that first M). Maybe the dev didn't have a route onto Steam and Sony gave them one as part of the console exclusivity deal? Given DF have a strong position of their own for PC distribution I could see Sony taking a back seat whilst still keeping their name "On the box" somewhere to remind people who sealed the deal. We live in hope! Anyway blah conjecture etc. gonna stay out of it until there's an official announcement (honest).
  3. Go for it! I'll be sure to provide photographic evidence of hatcake (hooray for hedging your bets) and/or shocked expression Yes, that was almost exactly what I was saying. Sure, so why does it count as Tim taking a dump on us? Especially before anything has even been announced. Guaranteed if DRM-free is anything other than a losing battle, DF will be fighting for it. And since I'm sure Sony care about PS way more than PC (and it's something of a prestige/kudos project anyway), they might even win! But I agree it's a long shot. The first post in this thread presents one extreme view, but yours literally is the opposite extreme. I can't find sense in either. I didn't say that . Pedantry aside It would be a bit sucky if any of the scenarios you list come about (well, from a selfish perspective I wouldn't mind unchanged controls since I primarily intend to play on Vita). But to be honest short of Sony deciding to resurrect SecuROM and infect us all with rootkits, I have difficulty envisioning any scenario that has much of a down side if the alternative is "Game stays locked in the Lucas vaults forever". Even if the game were coming out as an XBox One exclusive and I'd have zero chance of playing it, I'd still be happy that more people get to experience one of my all time favourite games.
  4. There's already a mod that gives Grim a point & click interface. In the retrospective Tim specifically says that they want to reach out to the mod community when they get started on retouching things. He also repeatedly joked about the tank controls on twitter and in one case said that he's sure they'll include other options. If there isn't a P&C option on PC and maybe on Vita, I'll make myself a hat from cake and then eat that hat. Broken Age is a game made from complete scratch, including a ton of engine tweaks and tooling, using a very time intensive art style. There's nothing "Simple" about it from a technical perspective. It's also still supposed to be coming out before the end of the year as far as I know? Even in a worst case scenario where Grim has to be ported to a completely new engine, all the creative work has been done and I'm sure there's tons of code that can be converted with minimal human intervention. Hell, we know from his sidequest that Brandon successfully ported Grim to XNA on his own before he joined Double Fine. I'd be shocked if it takes more than a year. And honestly, even if it did take ages to come out, so what? It's been 15 years and we thought it was never coming back at all. Complaining about another year or two on top of that just seems insane to me. We have no idea what it will come out on besides PS4 and Vita (and probably not X360/One or Wii(U) as Tim called it a console exclusive). I'm sure Double Fine will be fighting for it to come out on as many platforms as possible and in the case of PC to come to Windows/Mac/Linux on Steam/Humble/GOG because that's Double Fine's policy. If it has DRM you can bet that decision came from Sony and/or Disney (more likely the former as I suspect Disney will be pretty hands off), and blaming Tim will be a whole heap of misdirected anger. So yeeeeeeeeah, I wouldn't call a bunch of minor issues that might not even be true "Dumping" on anyone. Maybe we should wait for some actual concrete information other than "It's coming out" and then we can moan about the stuff we don't like
  5. Yeah, that would also coincide with Justin's hints during Amnesia Fortnight. I admit, I tried to date the studio meeting footage (nothat'snotacreepythingtodoshutup), and couldn't really come to any conclusion except after February (no Chris Remo). I'm really curious about this. Mostly it seems like the cutscenes would be a sticking point, GF has a ton of them and so many HD remakes have problems where they obviously didn't have all the assets to recreate a cutscene short of doing it from scratch, so the old ones are haphazardly uprezzed and look all artifacty and horrible. God of War was really bad for that and Grim is so much older. Hopefully the Lucas archive is comprehensive and Double Fine will get the time to really do it justice.
  6. I generally don't go in for those ludicrous overpriced special editions, but if they put out a SE Grim Fandango with physical game, OST CD (pleasepleaseplease), poster, art book and some little calaca dolls of the characters I would throw allllllll the money at it.
  7. Nope, it's a bit more complicated than that: LucasArts was shuttered as a developer, it still exists as a small team who deal with the business stuff - licensing Lucas properties for games. As evidenced by the fact that since the closure mobile games have been released under the LucasArts name.
  8. Heh, true! OK, taking an interest in their LA properties a) that aren't Star Wars and b) in a context outside of Disney Interactive's current mobile/casual wheelhouse. Also I somehow managed to miss that NimbleBit did a Death Star game. That's... a thing... Anyway, I'm going to stop commenting on this topic, the title makes me sad.
  9. Huh, do you have a source for that? I recall the Sony event name-checking their Third Party Production group who were responsible for getting Borderlands 2 on Vita, which was released under the SCE banner. And Disney statements around the closure of LucasArts as a developer pretty much stated that they were moving to a pure licensing model. Basically I would have expected a dual publisher credit with Sony shouldering much of the actual publishing duties. If that's not the case that's kinda interesting, since it would imply Disney taking an actual honest-to-god interest in their LA properties.
  10. I think you're really misinterpreting Sony's role in this. And this is a HD remaster. How many of those have you seen when they have started to cut and redefine the gameplay? Agreed. Take a look at Sony's publishing history - does anyone honestly think they expected all, or even most of them, to do AAA numbers? I seriously doubt anyone thought games like Rain, Unfinished Swan, Echochrome, Flow or Vib freaking Ribbon were going to break any sales records. Sony have a long history of supporting more niche titles, they know the value of being seen to encourage beautiful, artistic games on their platform. Rescuing a smart, beautiful, artistic game that has a 94 metacritic (with user score to match), regularly appears in all time best lists, and is on the Museum of Modern Art's acquisition list, yet had pretty much been lost to the ravages of time? Not only that, but putting it back into the hands of its original creator? That is one hell of a prestige point. I honestly doubt they're all that concerned about sales in the grand scheme of things; the marketing opportunities are worth more than it could ever sell. And forcing major gameplay changes onto it would kill that good will stone dead. Not going to happen. As to Double Fine throwing their weight around with regards to platform choice, remember that they're a small game developer in negotiations with not one, but two multinational media giants. Much as I expect that everyone is there in good faith, I would still want to pick my battles very carefully if I were in that situation. Obviously I have zero clue what's going to happen, but if I were to hazard a guess I'd say PS4/Vita first, PC 1-6 months later (Win/Mac/Linux because Double Fine are awesome). Maybe a port to mobile after that (because Disney), though OTOH that might be seen as competing with Vita. Also outside chance it turns up on the PS+ freebie list the month it comes out on PC .
  11. +1! It's one of my all-time favourite game soundtracks, and it kills me that I have to pirate it because I won't pay crazy money for a second hand copy. Guessing it'll be very much up to Disney if it happens, but hey, I live in hope
  12. Ida's names. I had a sneaking suspicion when I saw "name" (I went a bit mad and wrote in BWTs for most of a day when we solved the tumblr puzzle, so I've seen it applied to short strings before), then I saw "wishes" and it was dead obvious.
  13. Woo extra drive-by posting Count me as a +1 for the frequency analysis thing too - would have been nice to have an item that allowed us to manually match up symbol to letter or something. Well there are references to Burrows-Wheeler (and inverse Burrows-Wheeler) in a certain Lua file, so it may not be as hard as you might think... (the difficult part would be to use the transform explicitly and not as part of some larger artifact). More than references, that Lua is totally called and the transforms turn up in-game (identified it as soon as it appeared and transcribed ingame text into my own transform script to confirm). It really made me far too happy .
  14. Yeah, I picked it up out of impatience, if funky Humble packages come out I'm going to feel like a foooooooool (and then I'm going to pay twice because I'm a sucker). Hopefully if that does happen I'll at least be able to gift the Steam key to my boyfriend - I'm very curious to see what a complete non-coder makes of the game.
  15. Yessssss I was going to post saying this, it's a small thing but the pulsing camera really makes it, it just creates a really unnerving sense of claustrophobia.
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