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  1. Comfort Cat, how's your family doing? Are your brothers and sisters up to anything interesting?
  2. Tiny is not Comfort Cat. Tiny is extremely suspicious about Comfort Cat. Comfort Cat also possesses much better grammar than Tiny is capable...of.
  3. I woke up this morning with a strange desire to visit DFAF. My subconscious must have been lured by the gentle purr of Comfort Cat. I wonder if this is a conspiracy to drive up the demand of Atlantic Cod and that Comfort Cat, since they know a guy in the biz, will reap some monetary reward....perhaps curling up in the lap of luxury at last?
  4. Those are much better specs for your face shape. I've got to update my glasses sometime soon, myself..
  5. I don't think he's talking about interest overlaps, but more like, he's looking for people of similar personality... I think Scarecrow is right about just being genuine, and it's really not bad to be friends with people who aren't quite like you personality wise, so long as they appreciate your particular brand of zaniness (which it sounds like they do). It is one thing though to be able to riff on a silly idea by yourself and another to be able to build on a silly idea with one or more other people though, so I understand why you're seeking that out.
  6. Got stuck 4 times yesterday. Had to shovel out around my tires to get anywhere. Seriously sucked, super sore today. I'm just lucky that after I shoveled out my car to leave, I threw my shovel in the trunk.
  7. I am not manly enough to know about such things. It's just not an intuitive statistic is all. Eating contests and challenges are basically competitive binge eating and such. It's not that you're not manly enough, it's that it's a very specific way some people assert their gender. Men in my family certainly assert their masculinity this way. I can't say how widespread this is and could believe that a person maybe never encountered this type of thing before and for them eating contests and pigging out are just things that some people do sometimes. It might be something you have to see, where you see multiple men like this gathered together, again and again, the way they posture themselves around the eating, the way they talk about the eating. There are definitely men for whom, in a perhaps tacit and unexamined way, every plate you finish metaphorically increases your d**k size by one inch. *edit* Also, feddle, what does ETA mean in your post above? To me, ETA means "estimated time of arrival", but I've never seen it used how you used it before. It's going to bother me until you explain it. =P I've also never encountered this behavior! I'm flabbergasted.
  8. So I'm sure there are TONS of Bieber fans on dfaf, and if you are on facebook, then you probs know about the calvin klein retouch kerfuffle going on right now. Anyway, there's before and after pics, and added volume all over the place, but the article I read actually provided a link to NEDA that really surprised me, so I thought I would link it here. http://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/silent-epidemic
  9. man that's awesome, I am putting those on my list the next time I go to Blick's.
  10. Yeah, that sucks. If you need to go to know, I'd suggest somewhere neutral, like a coffee shop or something, that way you can talk with no pressure. And if at the end of it, you feel like you really personally don't want him in your life anymore, then I think it'd be a good idea to let him know that, like saying, "hey it was really good that we got to talk..I wish you the best." I think that sentiment is as positive and final as can be.
  11. If he's not reaching out to you, then I would stop trying to reach out to him with any degree of regularity (Note that this is a lesson that has taken me a while to learn). What I mean is, if you wanna talk to him a few times a year, then go ahead, but if he doesn't even make an effort to keep up rare conversations it's time to let that person slip out of your life. I think your instinct is right, and he's just spineless. I would also say that you could always just put the ball firmly in his court by saying, "hey, if you wanna talk, or hang out let me know". That way there would be no doubt that the onus is on him to get back to you- if he wants to. Just don't wait up hoping he will, because I don't think the odds are good if you always initiate.
  12. Nine pages down, twenty or there abouts to go. What's happening in twenty pages? She starts working for her Grandfather, which is the path which will lead her to accepting her damage, and thus healing. edit: Oh and assuming I don't add/subtract any pages, I'll be done with the first draft of the first issue of my comic book. well, that was quick.
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