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  1. The DF adventure is already under development (Project REDS). These prototypes, if put into development, will become different games, probably through a real publisher of some sort.
  2. Brian, that sounds really awesome. Uplifting at times, ominous at others. Exactly what Andy said. It's weird to hear it with that optimistic sounding piano music at the end followed by some dark contrabass though. The unsettling unresolved feeling it leaves you with, though, might be what you were going for.
  3. You guys have got to put a wendigo in! It's a classic piece of malevolent forest mythology. Here's a really well thought out piece on the origin of Wendigos and their place in current storytelling: Link 1 and this one describes it in more of a fantastical sense and includes some really cool picture reference: Link 2 From the second: "Within its hideous, malformed body, there beats not a flesh-and-blood heart but a pitiless block of ice. The Windigo is as cruel murderous, and unstoppable as any monster conceived by the mind of man." "Within his gigantic head is a cavernous mouth made more awful by the lack of lips. This odd feature requires its own explanation. Most Indian informants say that the monster is so hungry for flesh that he has eaten off his own lips!" "A Windigo can be dispatched only by a human melting its frozen heart" He pretty much writes himself into the game!
  4. Attn. Tim Schaefer: The shortlist for December's Employee of the Month is now available. ...are the 2 Player guys eligible? I'm really excited now to tune in tomorrow. I'm sure a bunch of progress has been made over the weekend. By viewers too, actually, now that we don't have a livestream distracting us all day.
  5. That looks mega cool, Levi. Were you at the office? If so, be honest, how many other people were there working? If my job were making crazy sick computer games, I'd be there on weekends too!
  6. Ah, too bad. My fingers are totally crossed for full production too! Your music is ridiculously rad so far.
  7. Chris, what you showed the 2PP guys in the episode with that siren works really well for danger situations, milestone or no. I guess if it started to sound too busy you could fade out the milestone track and bring it back to the primitive base layer + danger layer, but I guess to you and people posting on the forums: the danger layer with the rhythmic siren sounds awesome. Check out Bit.Trip Runner for a game that progressively adds layers to music. You could even subtly imply progress to milestones without adding a layer. Put a lowpass filter over each successive layer and only add the next layer on top when filter frequency comes all the way up. I'm not sure what would trigger the milestone, but imagining it was "number of happy citizens" for instance, at the beginning, there could be just the drum beat. As the number of happy citizens increases, the LP filter moves to the right on the EQ and the music feels like it begins to build. Once that base layer of music is at 100%, the process repeats for the next layer. This could also be used so that you wouldn't necessarily need milestone layers, but just a number of layers for each station variable. Only when the station is ridiculously awesome would the music be fully unfiltered and playing. Of course, it seems that you've already done a bunch of work on layers, so maybe just filter until the next layer is reached. EDIT: Reading my explanation, it sounds a little convoluted. I'll try to throw together a mockup.
  8. I'm wondering what will happen to Lee once the fortnight is over. Will he stay on as the project lead for Autonomous or return to Double Fine Adventure? Split time, maybe? From the documentary so far, it seems that Lee has fallen into somewhat of a leadership role on the DFA already. He might have a busy life! Not that that's a bad thing for those of us who will get to play both games he had a part in. I guess that's all assuming that development happens right away on Autonomous. So the second part of the question is: Do the prototypes continue into full development after the fortnight or are they shelved until the resources/publishers are available?
  9. This looks amazing, Tim. You must be as excited as we are when you see concept art like this! Honestly, after the colour-and-bagel-ization of these prototypes, any would make a fantastic lead. I'd still go for "cool head", she seems to have the most personality rolled into her design, but maybe at this point pick the one who fits best with what story you have written so far!
  10. I'm definitely with the notion that A-L are a little mature. They also happen to be the ones that pack the most sex appeal into the character. The more innocent looks of M-S work best. The diamond head is obviously going to be more popular because of its femininity, but don't be afraid to challenge the establishment! I really like the idea of the character starting looking like R then turning into either an N or O, which seems to be Scott's idea. There's also puzzle opportunity in costume changing. As for votes: 2nd N, O, H, M in that order.
  11. Not being in the games industry at all, I find this all really exciting to read and learn about. The more I read, though, the more questions I have! I'm just going to throw a bunch of these out there and hope for some more interesting developer answers: Is all this emphasis on reducing unnecessary rendering and memory (overdraw, alpha, too many elements/layers, layers too big, etc.) mostly related to the release of this game on mobile OS's or is it just standard game development consideration? That is to say, if you didn't impose restrictions on overdraw and layer size and the like, would my modern PC have any performance issues? What about an iPad 2 or Asus Transformer Prime as opposed to smaller mobile devices? What sort of memory savings come out of making reusable components? How many hours of cleaning and optimizing and composition tweaking are done for each hour of original art creation? Do you/the writers and puzzle designers find the need for interactable objects to be at z=0 to be restrictive? Why can't you have an object at z=-10 that the hipster lumberjack can walk to in the same scene and interact with? Okay, that's it for now! You guys have created an amazing and unique art style for this game and I can't wait to see more of it.
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