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  1. Good shout on the Mr Huggy one (though you can just brute force easy enough, that dialogue idea you gave would be better) Not sure about the other two. The dancing pattern is unimportant and the other puzzle is right at the end where I liked the lack of hints. Edit: Also yes. The knot puzzle is really growing on me as a beautiful, well-done puzzle.
  2. Been working on this. Just wondering how you knew the hand-swinging pattern for your run? Is it just that you used the same save file of a run where you worked out all the patterns separately?
  3. Had a search but I might have missed any discussion on this. The piece of paper on Alex' wall is has a music score. I've just finished the game and didn't use this score for anything. Why is it there? It's been rendered pretty clearly.
  4. Points for whoever can guess what the top bit was for! (The maths bottom bit is because I was supposed to be working)
  5. *copy and pastes from older thread* here was my route for act 1. Would be good to hear what you guys are going with for act 2... TONNES OF SPOILERS, EVERYTHING SPOILT 1) Shay, choose first cereal, get and use spoon, choose runaway train, wake and then put to sleep, get air, open vent, get blowup, use air with blowup, go down vent 2) Immediately go to space weaver then come back, talk to marek and save creatures, back to space weaver, back to marek, save again, you’ll wake up in bed 3) SKIP PAST THE VENT, go straight to the kitchen, get the knife, continue through to the ice cream world, get the gun, go to the toy world, run the protocol then get the needle, use the transporter 4) use the left transporter, get the suit, exit by the vent, go through to marek, ask about all three things only once, go to space weaver, talk, choose the cozy galaxy, change the pattern 5) leave and go through the last transporter, put on the helmet, add the inhibitor to the shield, go back and through the right transporter to by the airlock, get grabbing Gary 6) open grabbing Gary, go straight back out, attach air and gun and use knife, go round, use knife on controls hatch then grabbing Gary, use transporter to get back to Marek, save the final few creatures 7) Vella, talk, go in the house, click the cupcake tray with towel twice, give cupcake to grandad, choose split, get knife, use knife on cake 8) talk to each maiden but instantly click off, ask for water twice, give water to fun-size maiden, give towel, use corset on bird, use knife on cake 9) choose lowest path, ask about outfit then shoes, go back up and rightmost path, ask about job then high eggs then ladder, use ladder to get knife, go back and talk to Car’l then instantly click off, give knife, go back to right, use shoes on self, use other shoes on ladder, use ladder to get golden egg 10) use ladder up to top path, fall down second hole, shake low branch, fall down to tree, collect peach and egg, go back and give egg to bird, get second gold egg, go to donations 11) put two gold eggs in, climb and ask about killing mog chothra then the egg then why so high then leave, put third donation and try to climb ladder, get stained glass sun and axe, look at art, ask Curtis about the art choosing bottom option 3 times, take art and leave 12) go directly to shellmound and the guards, ask to get them more teargas then ask to enter and give any reason why, give them the peach, enter and put art on the controls, take broken glass and magnifier, put in sun and magnifier the other way around 13) take wood, use gun on fish guts, spray fish guts on maidens, steal perfume, use perfume, ask wannabe about the hat, call it fancy, ask to be in the maidens feast 14) go directly to lumberjack, give wood, use axe on tree, use bucket on tree, show stool to tree, give bucket with sap to wannabe, use laser on 3 tentacles, use ladder on mouth, use laser on mouth DONE!
  6. I got Act1 done in 14 minutes speedrunning. I reckon Act2 can probably be done in 15-20, potentially making a total run of under 30 minutes possible.
  7. Oh wow I didn't get to see that. Sat down and logic'd it out so only got asked the question twice. Is 7 an available shoe size to answer with? It might be only the available answers are given, but yeah it does seem unhelpful not to have 7 there
  8. I would love to see that, but it doesn't seem likely
  9. Oddly, the more I think about it, the more they were my least favourite characters in the game. Shay in particular was just worn out and depressed. Vella wanted to overthrow evil, but never seemed massively invested in it. That's kind of... the whole of my impression of those characters, in two lines. I feel I could say more about Car'l than either of the main characters. Weird.
  10. This whole post (#15) is brilliant. I clicked longer because... you know... it's a Double Fine game. I'd like an infinitely long game. I already know I'm going to enjoy it so I'd like that to be the last $100 I ever have to spend to have a satisfying life. Of course practicalities come in and ultimately this is down to DF's budget, but the pacing/narrative point made by KestrelPi is fantastic. Something you enjoy going on a lot longer is not necessarily better. You enjoy it, in part, because it ends. You enjoy a piece of music because every chord ends and gives way to the next. You enjoy a film because every scene, even ones you really like, end so the film can continue. I enjoyed Act 1 because each world was paced well, completed itself, and ended.
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