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  1. Hey Everyone! About a year ago, I randomly started doing little animations for a LucasArts tribute gif thing. I hope to put more cool LucasArts characters in there, but figured I'd share it anyway in its unfinished state! Cheers!
  2. Whoah! It's 2017 and I still haven't made that book! Hopefully it won't be too long now, I'm up to illustration #91 out of 100. #91 is newly-released indie adventure game Paradigm: And here are some older illustrations I haven't posted here:
  3. Hey, everyone! A quick update on this ongoing project. I'm in the process of collecting all of the illustrations into a neat little coffee table book. It's still not finished, I still need the last 16 illustrations to reach the 100 I want in the book. But I've started making some copies and I'm super excited about it, and if you are too make sure to Pointclicking Mailing List to be the first to know when it's up for pre-ordering.
  4. Huh, could've sworn I looked there and only found the Mouse Sensitivity.. I'll look again! EDIT: Ah, right. The actual Main Menu.. Sorry, was looking in the Options while in-game. Silly me!
  5. Where do you change to this mode? Couldn't figure it out. D: Also, this post should really be in the Update History (when right-clicking on the game in the Steam library) to let players who aren't backers know what the update actually is.
  6. These documentary episodes continue to be the most amazing piece of in-depth development reporting I've ever seen. I hope this will be available to the public as soon as possible!
  7. Just get rid of the 's' on 'https' But then how will we be SECURE?!?
  8. Here's a better quality version of some of that interview with Tim. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCgWal5wSy0 EDIT: Can't seem to get the youtube tag working.. D:
  9. Amazing! For a second there I thought you'd found the original artwork for the background. Very, very good work!
  10. Still doing these! Up to 76 illustrations now (and I've finally gone and tagged them properly, so you can view only the illustration series on the site). Here's the latest one, the last LucasArts game I had remaining to draw.
  11. I'm not sure they'd need collision detection at all. The player character never moves without the mouse clicking on the spot the character moves to. Checking wether or not the mouse click position is within the walk-able are is simple. Then it's just simple pathfinding between the edges/vertices of the walk-able area polygons until the player is at the mouse click spot.
  12. Here's the latest one, DoubleFine's The Cave!
  13. Oh, man. Thanks for the all the great comments! Check out some more of my stuff on my website, www.kristinsson.dk
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