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  1. I think there are some misconceptions about our work. We're not putting out any rough or uncut footage. I've explained the workflow before. During AF we shoot between 6-9 hours of footage every day. Technically more like 12-18 since it's two cameras. It takes an extremely experienced editor who's intimately familiar with the footage upwards of 10-14 hours to cut an episode together out of that footage. Our replacement editor, who wasn't intimately familiar with the footage, couldn't handle that workflow. The "rough" episodes that go up on Youtube have an incredible amount of effort put into them to make them watchable. No matter what anyone thinks, we're not putting up "raw" footage. When episodes are finalized they receive a more thorough audio mix, color correct, noise reduction, and in some cases adjustments to the edit. These processes also take time, and the final video takes longer to render out for distribution. The rest of the videos will get done, and they will be good. As upset as anyone is by how the delays affected their enjoyment of the project, I promise you no one is more upset than I am. I also don't appreciate criticism of our efforts. If you're a professional in the video production industry with over ten years of experience on high pressure projects I would love to hear from you about how we can improve our workflow without burning ourselves out or spending a ton of money. We're not going to tell Asif he can't pitch and realize a lifelong dream because it's going to slow production on the doc series. We tried to find a way to see him do that and maintain quality of the series, but it didn't totally work out and the greatest drawback is things are late.
  2. I'm open to suggestions on how to make things better for next time (if there is a next time). I agree that overall the experience didn't feel like as much of an event as it did in previous years, and that can largely be chalked up to the series being late and the lack of livestreams. Livestreams are fun in the moment but they do take up a great deal of resources and offer little lasting value. I do like the potential to turn them into something more like live broadcast TV, but that's a goal outside of our resources. A crew would have to be dedicated to them, plus we would really need hosting talent. The series episodes offer much more lasting impact and watchability. Given the option to pick one or have both suffer I would always pick the series. If for whatever reason we ever received significant enough sponsorship for the live presentation of AF I would love to raise up the quality of the streams and give them lasting value.
  3. What don't you like about the Youtube streaming? We left Twitch because we had problems with 60fps broadcasting there, and our subscriber base on Youtube is bigger.
  4. It was my idea to skip the streams this year in hopes of reducing our production scope, and that was even before Asif's project was picked. I apologize to the people who miss them. I felt they weren't adding much in the way of insight while hindering our AM shooting and keeping me tied to the stream all afternoon. Streaming morning meetings meant that teams had to have a set meeting schedule and we were tethered to one room. The teams would almost always have meetings off the stream out of necessity which we would have to miss. Cutting that feature allowed us the mobility to move around the studio, getting enough of each team's meeting to satisfy our narratives. The afternoon streams consisting of desktop capture had always felt half baked to me due to the lack of constructive commentary providing context. It also required my constant moderation to make sure someone didn't go out for coffee, leaving a still desktop. With my time free from the stream I could support the filming crew through the day by placing mics for better audio, conducting interviews, and booming sound when Steve's arms got tired. We tried to go all in on the doc this time around. While our daily shooting dynamic was the best ever, our replacement editor didn't work out and now we're really behind on episodes. Paul Owens will be finishing out the rest of the series while I start cleaning up the complete ones for final release. I doesn't seem like we'll have Asif work on the series, but maybe he can take sections for the other teams to help speed things along. Cutting his own team's footage would probably be too weird. AF is really hard for everyone but I still genuinely enjoy being tested by the experience. Things stumbled for us this time around, but honestly it's ridiculous that we pulled it off in the previous two events. We couldn't match that expectation of pace but this year's videos will still be great when they're finished.
  5. I said "we" too much in that post. Need to expand the vocabulary.
  6. Hi, everyone. As you all know, our 2pp team member Asif was selected as a project lead for AF this year. As such he won't be working on the doc series. In order to adjust to his absence in the crew, we've brought in an old friend and collaborator to handle the bulk of editing duty. Our AF crew dynamic on previous years consisted of Paul Owens and Asif acting as the primary camera operators, a support "B" camera operator, and our friend Steve handling audio recording. I would run the live stream during the day and conduct team lead interviews in the evening. On the day that Paul Owens was primary camera op, Asif would be editing. The next day they would switch places, always shooting and then editing their own footage. Owens and Asif are the best operators and editors, and this was the only way we could keep the pace of releasing the episodes. I provide support and prep all the footage at night for the following day by building content libraries, organizing, and syncing the 2 cameras with recorded audio. This way the editor can start right in on the footage the next morning. With Asif running his own AF project, we decided the best way to maintain the quality of the footage was to have Paul Owens act as primary camera op every day. We brought in a trusted friend for camera support, but neither he nor I are skilled enough to take the role of lead operator. This means Owens won't have time to edit his own footage, and the editor who we brought in, though extremely talented, finds himself in the impossible position of having to watch and cut over 6 hours of unfamiliar footage in a day. We can and do provide notes, but it's simply something he's going to have to ramp up to with time and experience here in the studio. While we think it's unfortunate that this is delaying the daily episodes, we can say in confidence that we're still getting great material every day. We don't want to release episodes that we don't feel proud of, so we think the best plan of action is to just give them the time they need to be good. We're hoping not to fall too far behind and we'll be using this coming weekend to get caught up. We'll keep everyone updated as best we can while we continue to move forward, and thank you for your continued support.
  7. One month ago, I informed you about how the deleted scenes on Episode 10 had problems with the video files on the Humble Bundle Download. Yet I am wondering, how long does it take to repair and replace the file? It's been one month, and I've sent messages to Double Fine's email address and to this forum. Can you please tell me when the file will be ready on the Humble Bundle site? Because I am very keen on completing the set, given that the first deleted scene of Episode 10, the one with the playback problems, is the only file I need left to complete it.

  8. Steam downloads may be coming still. If you have a bonus DLC key at humble you really should have the series on there too.
  9. Pretty sure I emailed you about this, but i'm looking into it. There is something wrong with the download for sure. Trying to work it out with Humble.
  10. Thanks for submitting friends! We're still pushing forward with this, spread the word as best you can!
  11. Could be the new-ish bonus content from the blu-ray release.
  12. At least it wasn't lost! Good luck on the second try.
  13. I just added 16, it might be up there now. I know the download situation with them isn't the best. It would seem fixing this is a lot of work on their end and we're not a very high priority project. Will keep bugging them about it, should be more pressing with our recent inclusion with the Freedom Bundle.
  14. That sounds like a problem. Have you tried contacting Fangamer about the order? orders@fangamer.com Put "DFA Big Box Missing" in the title, should get their attention.
  15. Greetings friends! We just sent out an email blast to everyone about our hopes to have Netflix consider taking on the Double Fine Adventure. Their platform would likely do a good job of putting the series in front of a whole new audience who would appreciate it but might not have found it otherwise. Considering how positive the feedback has been on the series I can only hope it would play well with a larger audience. If you want to help support the cause the request system is extremely simple, we have a website with links and instructions on what to do- http://adventure.doublefine.com/netflix/ Thanks to everyone for the support through this process. Here's hoping that the series can continue on to reach new people.
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