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  1. Hey folks, I have to head out asap, so I'm going to keep this short. Things are going great! The world looks beautiful and we're probably going to allow you to spawn way too many green onions. I wish we had time to account for all the crazy things people could do combining this ingredient with that station or filling a bowl with nothing but raw dough, but all the more reason for a full game some day! Hope you all have a good weekend. Also, sweet textures everywhere are making things look reeeeally pretty. This team is the best.
  2. Hello again forum. The fact that I'm posting again means that I am significantly less crazed and busy that I was earlier in the fortnight! The team has been working super hard across the board and we're starting to get a lot actual props and mechanics into the game to replace the whitebox geometry and mental notes that say "fun here, eventually." Today was especially exciting for me because we got one of our multi-step machines up and running! My dream for this game has always involved really big, interactive machines that you had to control, climb all over, and run ingredients through in order to get them properly prepped and cooked. Obviously, that's a lot to shoot for with each cooking station in a two week prototype. The scope of this idea continued to shrink over the course of last week until we finally set our sights on what we've been internally calling the Slice Box. The idea is to approach the box with an item you intend to slice and place it inside through the open door. Once the food is registered, the door closes, and the three guillotine blades fall down, slicing whatever's inside by way of the three narrow slits in the top; like a magician's box. You then have to manually reset each blade using the power of your levitation glove (the big one on the right) before the door opens again and you collect your giant slices. There are several items in our level that you're required to run through this process so I'm really interested to see how it feels to go back and do this a couple of times while the clock continue to tick downward. If this is the only complex machine we have, I'll be incredibly happy. I'm certainly not getting comfortable yet since there are still plenty of days left for things to hit the fan, but I'm feeling like a team this strong will find a way to bounce back from whatever troubles we may run into.
  3. Hey Forum Folks! First of all, big thanks to Gavin and Vic for giving you all the daily update posts while I've been running around. I finally have a chance to catch my breath a bit so here I am. There's still a bunch of work to do over the next few days, but I'm feeling great about all the new things I see coming in. Props for the individual cooking stations are being modeled and swapped in as they're completed so the world is starting to look a bit more specific than a collection of nondescript cylinders and cubes. I'd take a screenshot of those right now, but our level is undergoing some lighting adjustments so that'll have to wait! In the meantime, Tyson put together this rad procedurally generated platform system that just seamlessly extends out for as far as we need it to. Between those and some rock shapes we're using to round out our platform-making kit, the world is slowly coming to life and feeling really good to run around. We also finished our first round of VO for all the characters so I'm looking forward to hearing that in game and getting a feel for what their guidance feels like as you run around. I actually have less time than I initially thought so I'm gonna have to cut things short for now. Thanks to those of you checking in! I also try and post stuff on Twitter when I have a sec so feel free to check there if you're interested (@asifsiddiky)
  4. This is exactly what we're planning (and more!), just not for the specific section shown in the gif.
  5. A few months ago, we knew we'd be bringing Drew on as a contractor to be our second camera operator. That way, he would be shooting every day and Paul Owens and I would alternate between lead camera and editing on a daily basis. So Paul and Drew would shoot on Day 1 then Drew and I would shoot on Day 2 while Paul was editing his footage from Day 1, then the Day 1 episode would air on Day 3 and I would edit Day 2...and so on. When we found out my project was picked, we knew there was no way I'd have time to do any 2PP work at all so we had to find a full-time editor asap. We managed to get an old friend of ours that went to film school with Paul O. and I so he'll be here for the next two weeks editing every day while Paul O and Drew shoot and Paul L does all the other amazing interviewing / coordinating / footage prepping that needs doing. To round out the crew, we brought back Steve, a frequent collaborator of ours, to handle all the audio recording and mixing. So the 2PP crew for AF is now 5 people strong and I'm focusing entirely on The Gods Must Be Hungry work! Also, Drew writes music under the name Orange Drink so if you like the opening theme to our Devs Play series, that was all him!
  6. As with everything in AF, it really depends on time, but the goal on day 1 was to have a choice between a man and woman character (as seen above on the right and left, respectively). Due to time constraints, the difference between the two will probably just be cosmetic and there won't be any difference in their ability. If there's ever a full game, it'd be cool to experiment with different chefs having different attributes! Or at least accruing a team of sous chefs that you can choose from to help out with tasks.
  7. Hey folks, here's a look at some concept art for our player character. There are some awesome god designs in the works as well, but you may see those in the Day 1 episode of the documentary so I'll hold off on that for the time being. Super excited by how much this is already taking shape! Big thanks to Say and Levi for being so rad!
  8. I have not! Haven't finished one, anyway. But I'm feeling confident with the collective wisdom and experience of the team behind me. Just need to crawl into a wormhole so I have enough time to prep everything I need to for them. That will be most of tonight. Everyone else, thank you a thousand times. This is still taking time to sink in as being reality. Very encouraged by the thought that folks out there are excited by this project. I'll do my best to update when I can. Hard to say what my days will end up looking like right now. Similarly, I'll tweet stuff when I can so you can follow me @asifsiddiky if that's your preferred format.
  9. Thanks everyone. Really appreciate the support. As someone who had to cast his own studio votes, I know there was a ton of amazing projects to choose from.
  10. Oh man, tying it into other DF-owned franchises would be amazing! If it gets picked, there would have to at least be a nod to this somewhere...
  11. Was not expecting that to be the payoff line in this video. Hilarious. Might need to keep that phrase in my back pocket ITGGM (If the game gets made) Yeah! Some competition between different tribes/villages/countries was definitely part of the original idea (this was initially a comic book I had wanted to make long ago). One way I saw that translating into this game is that some of them might invade your arena and try to sabotage your cooking; insisting that their ingredient or method was the "proper" way to make [x item] and you had to fight them off and/or somehow undo the damage they'd done to the dish. I like the idea of losers being worried that they'd be the ones eaten as a motivation though. Yep! There was only so much I could get across in the 30 second video, but one aspect of that gathering phase where you're running through town is that the better ingredients would be in the harder to reach places. Ideally, I like the idea of revisiting places with better weapons / new abilities so that you can cook higher ranking dishes (thus opening up new bonus levels). No matter what though, the arena would always have the bare essentials so you could just run straight there and cook if you want. It just would yield you the lowest possible score and limit how much you'd progress in the world. Similar idea for the arena: The majority of the platforming required while cooking wouldn't be_too_intensive to do what you need to do, but if you really wanted to be pro and cut your time down as much as possible, there'd be harder platforming challenges that would act as shortcuts of sorts. I'd want to make sure the average player could play through the core set of levels with a decent score, but reward the really skilled players with better achievements / additional levels / perks / etc. Terrifying. I'll be billing you for whatever sleep I lose tonight.
  12. You. Monster. Seriously though, yes! Part of the challenge is that the show runners will occasionally throw you some curveballs. Not sure how much this will be reflected in the prototype because there are so many other things to work out before that, but that's definitely part of the If There's Ever A Full Game... dream
  13. A few people have brought this game up (with good reason; the general concept is similar), but you're right; the fact that this is meant to be a more action-oriented 3D game will result in a very different player experience than a 2D game based on puzzles/minigames. BCB looks cool though! I'll definitely be keeping on eye on its eventual release date.
  14. Thanks, you guys! I'm going to Pin this comment because it addresses a issue I've heard a few times now. Totally fair! I've heard this concern from a few folks who don't feel they're very good at platforming games. I definitely want that element to be more fun than punishing. It's less about executing super precise triple jumps and landing on a dime just to reach a cutting board and more about hopping around giant skillets, dodging blasts from bamboo steamers, and scaling huge blenders to drop stuff in before jumping down on to power button to get it going. The cooking tasks will still take priority, but there's no reason* you shouldn't be able to launch breaded shrimp into a deep fryer on the other side of the arena while you wait for something else to finish under the broiler next to you. *said with the understanding that prototyping this is meant to prove whether or not this is fun/engaging. I'll have you know I've been building towards a project like this my whole life
  15. Thanks! Yeah, the commentator/panel element is definitely something that could go either way. Because it's such an integral part of game shows (especially Japanese ones), I thought it would be a unique way to communicate some of the goals to the player instead of text on screen or some other obtrusive UI element. If this project gets picked, figuring that out will be a priority for sure!
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