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  1. Thanks for this post. Really great work and sets a great mood. These sounds will be nostalgic just like the ocean sounds in Cyan's original Myst game have a grip on my ears after all these years.
  2. I just want to be as vocal to you guys as if I were making a negative comment on the game. This game is a gem and everyone at Double Fine should be proud of a new era of adventure gaming taking the hearts of gamers across the nation. Thank you so much for putting yourselves into this project and sharing it with us. I know, we backed you, but without every one of you it wouldn't be on our PC's today. The ending of Act 1 was such a rewarding reveal. I appreciate everything in it and cannot wait for Act 2. I believe more people need to be vocal about the positives. Do not let the negative people grab that megaphone out of your hands. Rip it right back and scream louder about the good things that Double Fine is doing in the industry today. Keep up the amazing work! Love it all so much!
  3. Thanks Tim for this insightful post. You took time out of your day to help us. I appreciate that. I have used this for one of my characters and it works so well to draw off your own life. Thanks again!
  4. Every time I watch one of these docs, they make me fall in love with the studio more and more. Keep up the wonderful work guys. I appreciate all that you've done and are still doing for the industry and us.
  5. What an honor to see these guys work and what inspires them. As an artist, I find my motivation to draw and create worlds has been upgraded several levels by this video. Thank you guys for sharing and I wish there were videos as this one for the previous games. Keep up the perfect work, you're all doing great!!!!
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