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  1. ...Or you could unplug the chassis lights if it doesn't have a button to do so. I don't think a light is going to stop most people from buying a what? $1800 PC? There's always my best friend, electrical tape. That doesn't sound creepy at all. Thank you that is so kind. I will probably, when I save up enough money, find that there's a replacement bit, and R290 is now the R340... Something to look forward to when I win the lottery...
  2. Please send more detailed information about your issue to support@doublefine.com. It says on the iTunes page that iPad 3 is not supported.
  3. A lot of great and obviously passionate advice here, especially about building it myself. It has always been so intimidating the idea of building a PC yourself. When I was a kid I was told that if you had static on anything then the whole thing will blow, and its affected me ever since...
  4. We do regret the 3.3 requirement. It was an oversight that's difficult to change now. If we could do it over, we wouldn't require it. What about the iPad version? My iPad is three years old and it can't play it. Why?
  5. It will ONLY be used for gaming, if one day I could afford it. It just really ticked me off me when people were saying how great that GTA5 was 1080p on PS4 when it's 4K on PC. Yes, the PC will be in the same room as the TV, I would plug it into that. A social life is over rated.
  6. A while ago I started a thread about creating the ultimate gaming PC, but I think I found it. What do you guys think of this one - http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/desktop-pc-monitors/desktop-pcs/gaming-pcs/lenovo-erazer-x510-gaming-desktop-10108866-pdt.html#cat-0 I will have to take on three extra jobs to buy it, but what's your opinion?
  7. I have an iPad 3, or as it was called at the time - "New iPad." I Bought it in 2012, and after a full three years on the market, a 15 year old game can't play on it. Sale DENIED.
  8. I don't mean to brag but I walked through this puzzle and was disappointed that it was over so quickly. It reminded me of the insult sword fighting mechanic and it could have been used more, maybe for the sequel! But I had hair pulling tension from the wire puzzles! AAAAArrrrgggghhhh!!!!
  9. I would love a sequel to see more cities and towns beyond the plague dam. And also more of those freaky creatures and to see if there are some hidden in these locations and a wider lore.
  10. There's no point reasoning with him. He's obviously a very insecure man.
  11. I am convinced that the RPS review was based on this - The game can be brutally difficult, and it made him look stupid because he couldn't solve it. So it's not his fault, so it must be the game...
  12. I was playing through again from the beginning, and the cute blue, yellow and red friends on Shay's ship sound different from act 1. It's like the blue one's voice is now in the red one and vice versa. Has anyone else noticed this?
  13. Alright I've done it but it took almost a full hour. Shame on you Double Fine.
  14. SPOILERS I can't do the fucking wire sequence with Shay, I am looking at the picture, I have even looked at how ign did it, and it doesn't fucking work. How the fuck do you do this fucking thing?
  15. I just think the message they give out if they crowd fund again is that they are desperate for money and can't secure a deal, or that their games aren't selling enough. That's the message I think they'll give if they use crowd funding again. Besides, apart from Ron Gilbert's project, there doesn't seem to be a lot of devs going down the KS route anymore, the moment has passed as most devs are asking for less than 25k. If I was them I would tell them to make a cool tablet game that is so weird and out there and designed specifically for tablet, something like Year Walk or Monument Valley. Cheap, cheerful and extremely profitable.
  16. I would tell them to not touch Kickstarter or crowd funding again with a ten foot poll. Crowd funding is no longer in vogue, the hoo hah has died down and a lot of people have been disappointed due to the long waiting times to actually make the game, and when the game comes out it doesn't hit the high note of when the KS started. It actually, also, looks desperate if they do this again. So I would suggest, instead of crowd funding, that not every one at DF needs two kidneys or that much plasma.... (JOKING!) But in regard to the video documentary, I would love to see them do a monthly video diary of what's going on at the studio, just like Nintendo are doing with their directs, but be more personal and show off the work of the staff with their games and outside of the workplace. Maybe make it an annual subscription... Justin take note!
  17. Thank you Victorferret and CorruptBiggins, but I have downloaded it again on steam just to get the achievements. I am weak.
  18. Hopefully it launches on gog at the same time. One other question - I deleted it on steam to play it on gog. I'm re downloading it on steam now. Do I have to replay act 1 again or will there be an option to jump straight to act 2?
  19. Sorry I don't understand. What do you mean that they've given away all of the keys? Wouldn't it be an update as well instead of a key? I think he means, on Steam, distinguishing between "Backers" from kickstarter vs people who purchased the game through some other means and weren't backers. Pushing an update to just a select group of players sounds hard if possible at all. Smiles Oh, I get it now. I'm not getting my hopes up for an early release, even a day earlier for backers, I'm just thankful to be able to play the game.
  20. Sorry I don't understand. What do you mean that they've given away all of the keys? Wouldn't it be an update as well instead of a key?
  21. I would be a great surprise if the backers get it a day early with the last episode of the doc... just to prove how amazing they are.... to say thank you... pleeeaaassseee..... alright I tried.
  22. I am 8 hours behind Double Fine in SF, and was wondering if there was a certain time on the 28th when Greg Rice will press that magic button? Does anyone know what time Act 1 went live?
  23. I think the problem with your request is that it is entirely subjective. For your money (I don't know how much you pledged, I'll presume it's $15) you get the documentary and a game (half now, half later for free). There was a lot of backlash when the game was released, mainly due to the misconception on why it was split in two, so maybe your request got lost in all of the shouting.
  24. They made a Discworld 3, it was called - Discworld Noir. Very dark game.
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