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  1. Hi, Maybe it's me, but what is the scope and budget now of the game? The last episode and update talks about a lot of things, but for me they only raised more questions than answers. In the beginning it's all horror with the schedule going all the way to July 2015, the game having to be cut by 75% and being much smaller in scope than Grim Fandango or even Full Throttle. At the end it is decided to release the game in two parts, but never answers the questions how big the game will be. It may not be cut 75%, but is it now cut 50%, 25%? And what about the scope? Is it a game like Grim Fandango, or the smaller Full Throttle, or is it still smaller than Full Throttle? I honestly haven't got a clue after reading the last update and watching the last episode. All I can do is guess an interpretation. It's quite frustrating that we are told some guestimate horrors about schedule, money and scope, and then in the end only hear what your solution means in terms of schedule. You almost completely lack to tell what the solution means in terms of money and scope, which in my opinion are far more important than schedule. Ok, if the game is delayed until mid-2015 I'm not going to be happy, but whether it's late-2013 or mid-2014, I honestly do not care. It just means a longer documentary . What I do care about is what's happening with the funds (what is the budget of the game now, how much is spend, how much is spend by the time you release part 1, and how much do you still need to raise to finish part 2), and what kind of game we can expect in terms of scope when you release it. Regards, Marijn.
  2. Hi, MMOJ is a fun game, but I ran into a small oops. I didn't realise until a few days ago that once you complete a todo you have to click it to have a new one pop up, so I've pretty much gone through the whole game without picking up the todo's and now it seems I can't complete (some) anymore. It now shows up a todo to manage a hero to level 10 while I already have done that with two heroes, or a todo to buy a costume but I've already bought all the costumes so I can't buy any more. Is there any way to get these todo's? Regards, Marijn.
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