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  1. Definitely agreed there. This remains my favorite in the tower defense 3rd person shooter genre and honestly we could use some more of it.
  2. Did you get the PC version installed ever? I'm Ngerstenlauer in steam, and my Windows Live GT is BogusSuperQuack if so! I'd love to play together with anyone My life's been a mess with 'responsibility' and 'figuring out how I'll go from being an app developer to a game developer'. So not really yet. Have it bought and the like but this wonderful diamond of a game has aged to inactivity sadly. Might be worth gathering people for return runs on console and PC though Hope you find people soon!
  3. Dang do I wish you luck on this thing. I've really lost my touch, need to play more heh
  4. I have a suggestion. They need us to make several new weapon designs and we post them to HQ where they will have new ideas for IRON BRIGADE 2 (which should be set in 1939-1945) http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5943/ Got ya covered
  5. It's simply proof that gamers from all sides of the spectrum play IB, and not all of them are nice
  6. I haven't bought either system as I'm playing retro right now. Aiming at PS4, but if some exclusive that I just HAVE TO HAVE comes out I'll buy an Xbone. I just doubt any major game that I want is worth getting an ad machine And any exclusives I'll play through on my cousin's xbone anyway Much respect to both, could care less which people get other than finding "who I can play with" vs "who I can only play with if I buy the other console" lol
  7. In short, yes. While running through the game with some other forum regulars we found that we could get out of almost every map. I stopped playing regularly before finding if EVERY map was escape-able. Sorry for that But just know that YES you can exit pretty much any map. Some maps include some nice things, like ancient drive thru like structures (The Port, exit map and then head to the side of the map where the artillery cannon is dropped) Though many are just wasted space and fun (getting out of the Sphinx map) Tips include using 2 players during each of these runs (minimum) so that you can find an exit point and push yourself out by having the partner drop a dampener on you. I suggest practicing on Sphinx and Port because I enjoyed getting out of those the most! Oasis is also pretty fun but it is mostly getting on top of the map and then falling to a teleport point back to base x3
  8. I signed in to 10 messages. I decided to go play with some randoms for a couple hours and all that happened was lasers/barrels and rudeness Not bad, but the people I met through random were just rude I was dropping the volt dropper when everyone else is using hyper snipers and shooting the ground and they took credit and said I couldn't possibly hit it because I was using shotguns (Fiestas~ <3) I think I'll play some more tomorrow too. Just sucks that I go back on randomly and only run into jerks heh
  9. Bah, who cares about the leaderboards anyway. I hear the tubes have control over that darn thing as is, and supporting the leaderboards is supporting the tubes!
  10. I'm sure no-one wants to see that! Someone is lacking a sense of adventure! Come forth! Naked-stallion-riding-sunset-runs for all of us! / in the event of something happening.
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