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  1. I like the idea of Vella and Shay, because they best represent the game, but that landscape-oriented image of them on a primarily portrait-oriented shirt just does not work. I would vote for a redesign of those two in a way that is less....vertically challenged.
  2. Do it buddy, dream it up. This simple little response pretty much made my week
  3. As someone who follows Adventure Time religiously, I had to wonder when I saw the subject of this game if this is going to relate to the show (perhaps implicitly due to IP issues). In the show there is a mysterious character called a "Scientific Parasite". More info about it here: http://adventuretime.wikia.com/wiki/Scientific_Parasite Anyway, they are these little pink dudes that appear in people's pockets in various episodes but have never really been explained in the show. Is there a chance this game will serve as an origin story for those guys? Secondly, the field that these little pink best buds are running around in during Pendleton's promo video looks conspicuously like the closing credits of Adventure Time with the bee flying around. OK, I know I'm getting ahead of myself and, as I said, I'm sure IP issues will prevent this from being a true tie-in, but as a fanatic of the show I can still dream. Here are some samples of these scientific parasites: And finally, and image of the closing credits:
  4. So apparently Dear Leader, Mnemonic and Steed won and, as far as Pendleton Ward's game, Little Pink Best Buds won. Those are the ones that are now showing near the top of the page at https://www.humblebundle.com/double-fine
  5. I'm going to agree with MusicallyInspired on this one. Though, in my opinion, the puzzles were way, way too easy and did not live up to the promise Tim made to all of us of making an "old school point and click adventure" in terms of difficulty, the very best thing about it was the way the story tied together at the end. In the scenario RekoOne created, this revelation at the end would not have been possible. Besides that, we still have half a game to go in which, now that we have a unified story, those types of interactions perhaps can occur (not sure if they will, but we can hope). I just pray that we are given some more difficult puzzles like in the old days. This game was easier than the early TellTale games (ToMI, Sam and Max).
  6. I think the answers to both questions are actually related and, perhaps, very easy to explain. Think where Mog Chotra comes from when he first appears. He emerges from under the water. Under water Shay would have both had some sense of "low gravity" and he also would have been unable to breathe. I believe this may be the explanation.
  7. It's difficult for me to fathom how the combined creative genius of Tim and Pendleton coming together in the same place at the same time didn't create some sort of creativity black whole, sucking ideas from the rest of existence and collapsing the space-time continuum. The very thought of the creator of my favorite game of all time (Grim Fandango) and the creator of my favorite show of all time (Adventure Time) combining forces is enough to make me wet myself.
  8. A Dia de los Muertos celebration, only...(wait for it)...celebrated in the Land of the Dead! Throw some art deco-style architecture in there while you're at it.
  9. Once again, to play devil's advocate, and to borrow a quote from someone earlier, this style really does strike me as being too "artsy fartsy". It seems like the art style is not being done in a style to make the game attractive or to envelop the player, but rather to be "unique". It reminds me somewhat of a show I watched recently where interior designers had to decorate a plain room, and one chose to hang the couch on the wall as a form of decoration. Great, unique, but not a place I want to be. To demonstrate what I'm talking about, look at the following screen shots vs. another "old school" (albeit not 2d) adventure game by Tim Schafer. Which of these screen shots truly creates a new world, pulls you in, and makes you say "I can't wait to find out what's in the next room"? vs. or... vs.
  10. Gotta admit, I'm not the biggest fan of this art style. It reminds me a little bit of that nightmare, "land of the living" scene from Grim Fandango for some reason. It might be interesting to look at briefly, but not sure I want to play through an entire game based in that world.
  11. No, I absolutely do not mind. I would still LOVE to see these outtakes, even if they are in a raw, unfinished format that 2PP may not typically release. Perhaps they could come with a disclaimer that while they are not up to typical 2PP standards, they are only being released at the request of the adoring backers who just can't get enough Tim.
  12. Obviously, companies such as Double Fine are FOR PROFIT companies, which is great and is what motivates them to make the great games they make. From what I've seen from the game budget, it appears that the entire amount received from Kickstarter is going to go into the game budget. I have a few questions regarding Double Fine's profit from this game: 1) Is there any profit built into the budget? In other words, will Double Fine actually make any money from the game off the money the backers (and only the backers) contributed? 2) If not, does that mean that the only actual source of profit for this game will be the money made off sales of the game to non-backers? 3) Does this worry Double Fine (or anyone else for that matter) at all since those who are most likely to purchase this game have already given their money and thus will not be buying it and thus not be contributing to the profit of the game? 4) How many copies of the game (outside of the backers) would need to be sold in order for Double Fine to feel as though this whole venture was worth while? After all, while it may be great to make the games Tim and Ron want to make, if at the end of the day the game just breaks even or makes very little profit does that not, for all intents and purposes, amount to a failure?
  13. Below the video, one of the entries is this: 06:24 // The alternate takes to Kickstarter update #2 were actually filmed the day after we shot the pitch video, before the project was even launched. In case we couldn’t make it back to the office soon enough after the launch, we had Tim record three messages for how the campaign could potentially go. Am I the only one who would LOVE to see the alternative versions they filmed had the Kickstarter response gone some other way? I realize in the video they show short snippets, but those were all one take and Tim was not being serious so they hardly count.
  14. I wonder if that's going to be possible, and if so, would enough beta testing have been done to ensure game stability? I wonder how much Double Fine will try to balance saving something for release and showing us what really does happen behind the curtain.
  15. You aren't considering, of course, that any money given through Kickstarter is going towards the budget and, thus, towards a better game. That is not the case on money spent after the game is released.
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