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  1. What's the point ? You've finished the game (personnaly, I've never finished a game that I didn't like...). You can make more than 100 $ just selling on ebay your special limited edition game box of the game as soon as you receive it (it's an item who is a part of videogame history, a lot of people complain about being to late to back it a this level). You had a product you paid for (and act I costed as much as the money gained on kickstarter). If you don't like it, you shouldn't have paid for it in the first place. Kickstarter works that way, you takes the risk. Plus, you should have left the boat earlier (when they gave refunds after they announced splitting the game in two). It's all your fault, not double fine.
  2. This prototype is awesome, but I think dialogue trees would fit better than the chat system. Plus, I don't think this chat system would appeal to a very large audience. Now I hope we will see the full game one day.
  3. I've accidentally solved the "puzzle" with the guy voiced by pendleton ward before actually talking to him. That's a bit sad, since skipped so many fun dialogues doing so. Any chance to implement a small feature preventing that ? Plus : the game crash during the double fine logo every time I launch it . But if I press escape right after lauching it, I go to the menu and it's ok. since it's still doing it, don't hesitate to contact me if you need info, captures, to eventually fix the bug. (sorry if my english is not perfect)
  4. I'm going to be a dad in may, and me and my wife will know the sex of our baby on wednesday this week. Since it's a very good timing (I can't play the game on tuesday) , I think it'll determine who i'm going to play first ! The other good news is that i'll have the rest of the afternoon to play the game. (ps : sorry if my english is not perfect)
  5. Here is a comment from Ron Carmel on Joystiq : (http://www.joystiq.com/2013/06/13/two-double-fine-projects-being-funded-by-indie-fund/) "roncarmel hi @YellowTube, ron from indie fund here.the money that went to double fine does not come at the expense of funding other games. we actually have money sitting around not invested (even after the double fine investment), because we haven't found enough promising teams that we believe that our investment will help make self sufficient. the problem has always been lack of promising projects, not lack of money".
  6. I think they should make some extra copies and put them in the highests tiers if they make a new kickstarter. It's a good way to easily collect a lot of money, since this book is going to be a priceless collector.
  7. Ouch, I hate "Broken Age" as a title since the first poll. I don't know why, but I feel it like a brutal legend sequel title more than anything "Brutal Legend 2 : Broken age" ... It sounds great, but not for DFA... Since a lot of people voted for "worlds apart", you should maybe make another poll without it, so people can chose between "Broken age", "Small Offerings" and "The divide".
  8. On saturn ring's In a FMV world (like the double fine office, with video cutscenes). In a radiator (trough all the process). In an horrible world were everything is "cute". In a world with acid everywhere, where people need to collect rain water to drink. A world where rainbows are comestible, and people need to catch them to eat. The future like it was imagined in the 80's (like Back to the future, or blade runner) On a planet who exploded (on a small piece of earth, with almost no gravity).
  9. A round table is too hard to organize. I think a good idea would be a sidequest about games revival on Kickstarter, with Brian Fargo, Jane Jensen, Chris Jones, Aaron Connes, Al Lowe, the Two Guys from Andromeda and Bill Tiller. I would like to know what they all think about the succes of Double Fine, and how much it influenced their campaign! And if 2PP can't be there in person, they can all answer question, and send them the video.
  10. The Tex Murphy Kickstarter is up! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/251414413/tex-murphy-project-fedora
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