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  1. Bone/ps4 port, at the least? Come on! And come on withe the "ms owns the rights to IB". We all know deals can be made to make it happen if DF wanted. Its not like IB is locked in a metaphorical dungeon deep under MS HQ.
  2. Wow guys. Three years since I created this topic and I feel the same way. I'm sure that if IB wanted to, they could get DLC or even IB2 going. I mean, come on, Undead Labs are putting out DLC for State of Decay years after that XBL game was released; I'll keep buying them. I've never played one game, with the same repetitive worlds, so much as IB. Maybe DF just doesn't think our category of gamers are appealing for business? haven't purchased any of DF's other releases because none appeal to me. I really hope fandango and broken age are successful, but I wonder if any of DF's other games have as much a following as IB? Stacking? Costume Quest? Sesame street? Happy Theater? Kinect party? Yawn...
  3. Please, oh please release IB2 or some spin off. I get it, ms owns the IP, but please just buy it or make a legal spin off. It amazes me when some companies sit on a potential gold mine for themselves and don't act on it for reasons that are easily arbitrated.
  4. Please make sure to read the topic heading before nerd-gasming. My topic heading was asking the question. More of a rhetorical question, but a question nonetheless. If I had said something like "Iron Brigade 2 announced!", then yeah, that would be trolling for sure. Also, don't assume you aren't talking to a veteran yourself. You might be surprised. As for everyone else, yes! Please keep this alive. This little gem of a game is one of the best games of the last ten years, and we all know it. We want it to continue, period. We are willing to help DF make it happen too! Double Fine...this game was released two years ago, and we, your most loyal, faithful fans are willing to offer our time and assistance in any way we can to get this project on track NOW! Tell us! ALL IB FAITHFUL...SIGN BELOW IF YOU AGREE!
  5. When will it happen? DF admins, please tell us it's only a matter of time until a sequel release
  6. How about some new weapons emplacents chassis or marine items at least? Come on double fine!
  7. I have been addicted to this game since it came out last summer. The new DLC is awesome. Give us more! We demand it!
  8. I was online earlier, and some guy told me there is a camo sniper and camo machine gun emplacement. Can anyone confirm this? One other thing, how do I get the heavy laser weapon?
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