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  1. I think it's totally important to be able to pause cutscenes. It sucks when the phone rings or whatever and you miss half the cutscene.
  2. I became stuck here aswell, you think it's a bug because you've completed all the challenges. You've done the trials so when you can't proceed it's confusing. I think it's abit weird and controlling when the game has me do something that isn't tied to the goal of simply proceeding. ANYWAYS In the room with the meditation thing where you get a "broader view" or whatever it was there is a screw to the left that you need to mind-yank.
  3. How, exactly, was it "Mojang patting itself on the back"? Are you saying that 2PP was somehow covering this in a biased manner? I can understand someone not enjoying the documentary, but I don't get the particular complaint. This is coverage of an independent game development success story. I wish there had been documentary crews on-hand at other such occasions for posterity's sake (oh for an as-it-happened Infocom documentary). Minecraft is a success-story. Came from nowhere and sold more than anything like it ever have and got higher rating than AAA-games with huge teams and huge budgets. The doc is documenting a success-story. It is patting-on-back by design. Because it's a huge success inarguably, in almost the most epics proportions. It innovated, it opened new doors, it sold great, it was critically acclaimed, it was audience acclaimed. Yeah, there was alot of back-patting but i'm not sure you could do it any other way.
  4. Good, could have been edited down 40 min without really loosing anything. Maybe try and be more covert with the cameras so people don't feel awkward as much and everything that's meant to be natural feel staged. You kinda get the feeling both with DFA doc and this that there isnt much purpose in it being shot while its happening. It feels almost entirely like a retrospective documentary that could have been made 10 years after it happened. I think that could be because you don't capture much "now" that's interesting because of elaborate camera setups etc to make it look as good as it does. Get spycams and let it be fine if it doesnt look great. There is a bunch of a positive stuff to say aswell but that's not as fun.
  5. This was the fortnight game i was most interested in, and 360 is the only console i don't have, and don't really want. So great news for me.
  6. I'm not a huge Adventure game guy but the first one i played pretty far in was Grim Fandango, although i never finished it, this was like 2004. The first one i finished was Dreamfall. I thought it was great. The puzzles in Grim Fandango was too hard for me atleast then, maybe i would have pulled them off better today when im older. But i loved the world. Dreamfall also has a great world but easy puzzles so you can just kinda enjoy the world and the story. I like that. I don't really care about the puzzles i just want to feel like im in an interesting world and are partaking in an interesting adventure.
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