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  1. I felt that some of the comments I saw regarding the lack of a DRM release were way out of line, but I'm really happy to see Double Fine taking direct feedback from the community and responding to it. Good stuff.
  2. Any chance backers could get a Bandcamp redeemable code? I'm slowly building up a collection on the site.
  3. That's not what I was getting at whatsoever. I was just offering a light counterpoint. I guess I'll just shut up, though.
  4. I dunno, I think there's something to be said for pacing. At no point did I feel like I was dredging through something that I didn't want to play. I find games frequently add way too much padding that ultimately bring the entire experience down. This is a pretty shitty way to try and rationalize a difference of opinions.
  5. No it's not. If Revolution could produce a quality game with all hand drawn graphics like BA but give us 20 hours of good gameplay all for under a Mill why couldn't DF of done more with 3 Mill? I think the idea that more money should equal more gameplay hours is ridiculous. Money should be spent on making the game be the experience that the developer wants it to be. Personally, I honestly don't think I would have enjoyed 20 hours of BA Act 1.Look at how short Journey is and how many financial troubles they went through. I imagine the development process involved more cutting out chaff than anything else. Yet, the game turned out fantastic.
  6. Equating money spent developing a game with the hours a player gets out of it is a terrible metric. Furthermore, equating length of a game with quality is even worse. I found the pacing of the game to be excellent. At no point was I feeling that something was dragging on. I would have enjoyed some harder puzzles, but I know there are trade-offs associated with that.
  7. I was pretty close, but this thread just tipped me over into buying the game. Good stuff, everyone. I'm looking forward to building my own.
  8. I wonder if anyone will try a SQL injection attack. Speaking of that ... are there any restrictions on what we put in, outside of the 45 characters?
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