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  1. Hello again. It's been a while, but I started playing Psychonauts again. If you only play for about 15 minutes, the audio is pretty much flawless. The graphics are still really buggy. I beat the game and everything played out just fine, aside from all the graphics bugs. I beat the game with a rank of 100 & I have 8 PSI cards. 1 more is needed to get the 101 rank achievement. Was pretty ticked off with that. That part of the game upsets me. Not being able to go back into the campground, or other areas. Especially when there is no warning before hand. It just saves your game and says point of no return, with no pop up asking if you wish to continue or wait. Any news regarding a graphics bugs patch to be released soon? I'd like to play the game again, but without the hassle of shutting it down every 15 minutes & not being able to see 30% of the details. Thanks.
  2. @Nickey. The bugs I encounter don't prevent gameplay from progressing. I am able to finish the game if I want. The bugs are more of a (major) nuisance. My recommendation, buy it now if you'd like, but I would hold off on playing it until a patch is released. If this will be your first time playing Psychonauts, definitely wait until it has been patched. With the amount of audio bugs that occur, you will miss out on the entire story. There is a patch mentioned above with a rumored release coming next week. When the game is updated, I will play it again and see if things have improved. I'll make a little note if I think you could start playing it. The graphics bugs are tolerable. But the audio bugs are what kept me from playing the game. For the missing dialog I just enabled subtitles. But the sound effects that would get stuck in a endless loop, I had to mute the game in order to play. If you aren't in a rush, wait just a little longer and hopefully you'll be able to play it with no issues.
  3. I am so excited for this update. I stopped playing a while back because it just became too frustrating with all the bugs. I really hope this update has me running back into the arms of Raz. I miss him dearly.
  4. Thank you, guys! Love the update. It fixed many audio bugs. I played it for a while to test it out. The first 15 minutes or so of gameplay (I'm in Waterloo world) were next to flawless. Only audio bug I noticed was that Emotional Baggage scenes still have no music, just the sound effect for when they are pulled off screen by the tag. I was able to skip through cut scenes & rush through dialog & no hiccups in audio. But then without reason, maybe 20 minutes in, everything went back to the way it was. Endless loops of sound effects. Cutscenes had no sound & dialog had no sound. The specs of my computer: 27" iMac. OSX: 10.6.8. Processor: 3.2GHZ Intel Core i3. Memory: 4GB 1333MHz DDR3. Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5670. Hope that helps.
  5. @David C, Well shoot... I didn't know/forgot, that the game had nice subtitles until I saw your screenshot. That would have been so nice to have had that enabled this whole time. I just tested & the subtitles do work for me. Although, after watching another video of gameplay, I found more things broken with the game. I'm really bummed that I'm playing this much with an extremely buggy version of the game. Because I know that when I'm done, even if/when they patch & fix it, I'm probably not going to replay it. I have other games I want to get through. I just beat the MilkMan boss & all previous levels are completed 100%, along with all scavenger hunt items. Kinda sucks. I want to enjoy this game without all the bugs, but it is so hard to put down.
  6. The game finally crashed on me. The more I play, the worse the bugs get. Bugs keep stacking upon bugs. All audio for music/dialog/and most sound effects are now gone. Sound effects like foot steps, or that sound when you collect a mental image, constantly get stuck in an endless loop & I have to mute the game because it is unbearable. Health status never changes. All particle effects are those thin lines and/or missing. I didn't even know how much I was missing until I just watched a video of the level I'm on. Things like a camera flash during milkman level, I didn't even know there was camera flash. Cobwebs have a sparkle/shimmer to them. Baggage has tears. I see none of that & didn't even know it. It's been a while since I played this game back on ps2, so I don't remember exactly how it should look. I may take a break & wait for the patch to come out in a couple weeks, because it has become near impossible to play.
  7. @David C. I have seen that only a few times. I see it when I enter a new level or after a cutscene, but it goes away almost instantly. I'm jealous that you get to look at fireflies & nice pretty floaty things around the campground. All I see are tiny green lines that flicker.
  8. @CrazyChucky. Yes, I first noticed my health meter not changing in Lungfishopolis. After that level, it has been buggy ever since.
  9. @David C, I changed the resolution a couple times while playing & I never got the glowing line. I'll try it again later, just in case. During that quick gameplay I did notice a couple more bugs, so I updated the list again.
  10. @Sonintega I know how frustrating it is when you encounter bugs in a game & don't know if it's just you or everyone that gets them. Hopefully this list will help with that. I have yet to have the game crash on me though. I just updated the list with a large batch of bugs. Lungfishopolis is definitely the most buggy level in the game so far. The most frustrating being the severe drop in frame rate for this level.
  11. @DF Nathan Thank you for the reply. I went to the support.humblebundle link you provided, but I don't see where/how I can post my information. Could you be more specific with what I have to do? Did you want me to send them an email through their 'Contact Us' link?
  12. :::I will be updating this list as I continue to play::: Bought & installed through Steam. Noticed several bugs. Hopefully some fine folks here at the forums can help. Thanks. Game Crashes (in which only the game crashes, not Steam) -MilkMan level - Soon after picking up Rolling Pin. -MilkMan level - Den Mother battle, after falling off the edge of the map when out of lives. -Right as I earned the, Deliver The Milk achievement. -Gloria's Theatre. Using cobweb duster on the web that protects the little emotional baggage. -Gloria's Theatre. After being set on fire during boss battle with the Phantom. Audio Bugs: -The birds chirping (while at campground) were stuck in an endless loop. -Dialog during the first few cutscenes of the game were missing. -No music during the emotional baggage cutscenes (when bag and tag meet). Which makes me very sad, because I love that music. -Audio from the campground P.A system would cut in & out. -When sliding/grinding, there was a weird beeping instead of the grinding noise. The beep sound is the same sound you hear when you select an item to use (bacon, dowsing rod, etc) -Randomly, sound effects will get caught in a loop. Bird chirps, footsteps, etc, & continue until you leave level. -The dowsing rod for arrowheads does not change pitch/sound when nearing arrowheads. -Audio in cutscene after earning marksmanship badge cuts in & out. -At the campground lake - after drowning - as you crawl back up to shore, there is no audio. (should there be?) -Lungfishopolis, almost all cutscenes have broken audio. -I've noticed that when I skip through a cutscene, that triggers a ton of audio bugs through out the game & doesn't stop unless you shutdown/restart. Things like looped sounds (footsteps, birds), no audio during cutscenes, no audio during conversations/dialog trees. Graphics Bugs: (#1, 2) - Textures constantly blink in & out of detail. From a near solid color smooth, to the proper details. (#3) - The fire/flames are very thin, hard to see, orange lines. -With the pyro psi power, setting things on fire results in same glitch. (#4) - The purple glow that rises from the ground (arrowheads) are purple outlines of squares. -Beehives. The bees are a single yellow line. -No audio/video of slideshow for the basic braining. (before you punch wall to begin) (#5) - After using bacon, when you put it away, the entire screen goes blurry. Remains that way until you leave/load another level. (#5) - When you try to use smelling salt in campground (not in a level) the entire screen goes blurry, just like the glitch with bacon. (#6) - Dowsing rod sfx are displayed behind you & blur your point of view. The purple arrowhead front doesn't glow. (#7) - The effects when censors are shot from spawn cannon are like other particle effects, square outlines. -Attacks from enemies that use particle effects, show up as square outlines. (example:censor's attack) -The particles that float around while at campground (dust & such) are green lines. (#8) - Aiming Guide for telekinesis isn't normal. (#9) - A lot of baggage cut scenes feature a bag with 1 or both eyes all white. (creepy) (#10) - During race with levitation ball, too many elements in the HUD are overlapped in top corner. Health/Lives/race standings. (#11) - The Fan Room of Milla's level - the bubbles emitted from fans are blue lines. (#12) - Milla's Race - when you pass through a speed burst, a bunch of white lines surround you instead of the correct particles. -LUNGFISHOPOLIS is a very buggy level. The framerate for this entire level is significantly lower than all the others. - Lungfishopolis - health status sometimes never changes after being attacked. Remains full so you don't know how close to death you are. (#13) Lungfishopolis - Smash tanks - orange lines. (#14) Lungfishopolis - The tunnel with electric wire - there is no animation at all. You don't know when it will shock you. (#15) Lungfishopolis - Smash buildings - brown lines. (#16) Lungfishopolis - The tank with laser beam - the beam is hard to see blue lines. (#17) Lungfishopolis - Kochamara's triangle beam attack is near invisible. (#18) When running on levitation ball, weird starburst glitch instead of green rings. (#19) When setting something on fire, black panels surround item & there is no thermometer gauge. -The water in the rivers, when it collides with rocks or other objects, the splash is a bunch of blue lines. (#20) When using cobweb weaver, there appears to be a particle effects that isn't showing up. Just lines. (#21) Load screen for Crullers lab, there are a bunch of little green lines floating around. (#22) Smelling salts animation. Someone will need to confirm this one. I couldn't find video of it & I've forgotten how it should look. To me, it doesn't look right. (#23) When you grind on rails or slide down slides, lines appear around feet instead of proper particle effect. (#23) MilkMan level - The tops of power line posts, the electricity isn't seen. (#24) MilkMan level - Just about everything in this battle is bugged. All audio is missing. Flames that surround level & the boss attacks are invisible. -MilkMan level - No camera flash from those tiny cameras. -MilkMan level - when in the pitch black room (to get plunger), you can't see the footprints that should be left behind. -Emotional Baggage, their tears are missing. -Cobwebs, the sparkle/shimmer is missing. (#25, 26) The green outline/cloud that spins around the item select screen & other cases where the camera changes point of view, is not there. (#27) Asylum, Milkman's molotov. Just like all other fire animation. (#28) Any place with water, the surface is constantly flickering with a black shading that covers the entire surface. -In the Asylum, EVERY time you hit a jar with a brain, the screen goes blurry, just like the bacon/salt glitch (#5) After every brain I have to leave level or quit the game so it can reset. Very, very frustrating. (#29) Figments Album - when looking through the album of figments for a level, the figments flash onscreen for just a second & disappear. Screencaps: (#1) Level Textures - http://i.imgur.com/cAB5W.jpg (#2) Level Textures 2 - http://i.imgur.com/OGyIH.jpg (#3) Fire/flames - http://i.imgur.com/yrHlD.jpg (#4) Arrowhead glow - http://i.imgur.com/nX0Ry.jpg (#5) Bacon & Salt - http://i.imgur.com/LI5EF.jpg (#6) Dowsing Rod Effect - http://i.imgur.com/Gbqj7.jpg (screencap didn't capture how it really looked. It looks a lot worse.) (#7) Censor Spawn Effect - http://i.imgur.com/gYMTJ.jpg (#8) Aiming Guide - http://i.imgur.com/Dys1n.jpg (#9) Baggage Eye - http://i.imgur.com/tqLTO.jpg (#10) Race HUD - http://i.imgur.com/OXVVV.jpg (#11) Milla's Fan Room - http://i.imgur.com/REi2k.jpg (#12) Race Speed Burst - http://i.imgur.com/UzHp0.jpg (#13) Tank Smash - http://i.imgur.com/araf2.jpg (#14) Electric Tunnel - http://i.imgur.com/QlEFY.jpg (#15) Building Smash - http://i.imgur.com/1g3Tu.jpg (#16) Tank Laser Beam - http://i.imgur.com/RToMG.jpg (#17) Kochamara Beam Attack - http://i.imgur.com/1xOJI.jpg (#18) Running On Levitation Ball - http://i.imgur.com/eM4vZ.jpg (#19) Set Fire to Objects - http://i.imgur.com/nfBEB.jpg (#20) Cobweb Weaver - http://i.imgur.com/Ah476.jpg (#21) Cruller Load Screen - http://i.imgur.com/Pxf6n.jpg (#22) Smelling Salts animation - http://i.imgur.com/qJnrd.jpg (#23) Power Line Posts / Grinding - http://i.imgur.com/5Yli6.jpg (#24) Nightmare (underground) Boss - http://i.imgur.com/yDg53.jpg (#25) Green outline/cloud on item select menu - http://i.imgur.com/y98NA.jpg (#26) Green outline/cloud on camera view change - http://i.imgur.com/wxKKN.jpg (#27) Milkman's Molotov - http://i.imgur.com/h4NM0.jpg (#28) Water Surface - http://i.imgur.com/YQaTl.jpg (#29) Figments Album - http://i.imgur.com/iMp9G.jpg
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