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  1. I still love you

    Is this real life?
  2. Re-played from act 1. The game is awesome! Thank you double fine
  3. Stuck in tower with clock

    I solved the problem going back in time and re-cracking the gate portal. Thank you guys!
  4. Stuck in tower with clock

    Lol idk, i don't even have this artifact! So, I guess I found a bug, or something.
  5. Stuck in tower with clock

    I'm stuck in this room. I can't hack the portal 'cause all the scripts are protected.
  6. What prototypes did you vote for?

    project xing-mnemonic-great spirits very hard choiche, 'couse almost all pitches were intriguing
  7. Pimp-up act 1 kickstarter

    Negative publicity? Why? It's just an idea for improving the weak side of a game, that'll be positive publicity! I, as a baker (15$ tier), would be happy to pay for a pimped-up version, now that I saw the magnificent art/storywork that dobule fine has made. Maybe 100$ tier bakers would never pay more money, but I think that some low tiers would!
  8. Imho Broken Age art and story are supreme, but the puzzle are too easy. I was thinking about the possibility of making a kickstarter for adding a "hard mode" to act 1 (and 2 obv), using the locations that already exists that are magnificent, adding objects and (voice) lines and cutting hints. How does it sounds?
  9. Isn't possible to start a kickstarter for adding a monkey-2-style "hard mode" to act 1 and 2? The art and the story of act 1 are supreme, it's a bit of waste that the puzzles are so easy
  10. Not bad! I prefer blonde hairs because of the contrast with dark skin, but the shape is interesting!
  11. Young girls with dark skin and long dark hair look like other young girls with dark skin and long dark hair? All these suicide girls look too much like every Bollywood actress ever. =P Look at the shape of the face and the hairs... #2 & #5 are almost-exact copies of jasmine with a different drawing style and Pocahontas attitude... #4 is totally original and imho way closer to miyzaki's spirit.
  12. imho n°4 is astonishing, n°1 is good too 2,3 & 5 are too "classical". dark skin & blond hairs=visually amazing, the girl has a sacral aura around her, something unusual, who calls attention.
  13. I'm partial to the doodles! I like the islam look very much.