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  1. Amnesia Fortnight Documentary Series

    They did post mortem interviews based on a tweet or two I saw, so there should be maybe 1-2 final episodes.... this edited and those interviews?
  2. The construction next door to the Doublefine offices caused their entire internet line to get killed. It could be days or maybe just hours... one never knows with those things till their internet is restored. In my area when this happened it has taken anywhere from 7-36 hours to be repaired. Just a heads up in terms of waiting for Steam keys, Edgie, Blowin Up and more documentary episodes that it MIGHT be a second. I felt one of us needed to report on this since I'm guessing it's not easy or fun to do so from a phone from one of the DF staff. It's not like twitter or anything.
  3. Steam handle/user id/ tag share thread

    This is me: I have a bunch of Humble keys I haven't activated out of laziness. http://steamcommunity.com/id/reidhcooper/ Would welcome friends cause I got none really on Steam.
  4. Daily Documentary Delays

    You have no clue how much I wish I had the capabilities to fly out to you and just give you and everyone a huge hug @Levering_2pp. Keep kicking ass and doing what you're doing. I wait with anticipation... and patience.
  5. Amnesia Adventure Side Project Demo Is Out Now :D

    Awesome Jenni... going to redownload right now!
  6. Amnesia Adventure Side Project Demo Is Out Now :D

    I had the same issues with the PC build. Boot screen opened up in an MSDOS screen... then closed... no game.
  7. Daily Documentary Delays

    In terms of lack of forum interaction. Social Networking has changed A LOT since 2014-2017. Almost everyone was on the twittah machines with amazing updates daily and interacting with any fans that made the extra effort to be out there. Just a note I thought I'd make to the delays. Also loving Paul L.'s update here and sorry your editing replacement didn't work out.
  8. Paddle Controls & Gameplay

    @Cheeseness Z and Left Alt seem to giving the powers to Player 2...when in 2 player mode. while Player 1 is Y & H and the controller is being ignored...the arrow keys controlling Player 2. So I think the main issue is for whatever reason the game is not recognizing my XBox 360 wireless controller (I know it works... I just finished Edith Finch and found a bunch of things in Everything with it). In terms of the AI... the ball got stuck and the opponent just stood there hitting it back to himself off the stuck space, creating a stalemate. One thing I'm noticing is without even pressing anything a HUGE black box just pops on the screen. Also sometimes when I trigger a power to the specified key in 1 player mode it triggers on the opponent. This could be again a lack of me fully understanding how to play though. Alot of that is covered in the current notes though... so yeah.
  9. Paddle Controls & Gameplay

    I just figured out the games keyboard controls are Y & H? and I can't figure out what keys like T or J do but they do something. Usually dropping a grey box or creating a huge BLACK box. The AI seems to be pretty broken? Visually it's amazing, but I feel like I'm doing something wrong? I have an wireless XBox 360 and the most recent build isn't responding to it existing...
  10. Team photo!

    @kednar: That is freaking awesome.
  11. The Daily Screenshot Thread

    Wait, the fountain looks like spirits... did Spirits make that years ago per the dialogue @Miyuki Richardson was recording about the skull getting bored and wanting something NEW?
  12. Art assets

    I had no problem before with Github in terms of adding the assets. Also, I honestly didn't think I'd need to worry about using the AF logo. If it makes it into the game, sweet, if it doesn't... I had fun making it.
  13. Art assets

    Yes. I just made the request but I'm not sure if I did it correctly. https://github.com/reidhcooper/pongball-assets
  14. Art assets

    so I'm pretty dang excited by this final logo I made here. If someone @Cheeseness or @lightsoda who really understands how to plugin to github without having to upload to my own repository then make the pull request without accidentally making the pull request in the wrong place could get this in there for me, that'd be awesome. I have the PSD file too if someone wants that to mess around with it. I don't know what the build could handle. If we had more time I'd want those panels on the side changing light and for the Amnesia head to be spinning.
  15. Team photo!

    Here's me in the Headlander helmet that I made back when which I use as my avatar.