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  1. Hi everybody. I know that we can download the first batch of documentary episodes via our Humble Bundle page. However, I can't see any subtitles available there. Now I've found THIS SITE which seems to offer the Double Fine Adventure episodes and the FAQs state that you can also download SRT-subtitles for them. If so, how can we backers access these subtitle files?
  2. What a great panel. Peter McConnell shared some great stories about the development of GF - especially his sound file of the jam session with the audio team and Tim was nice. And of course his announcement that a lot of the synthesized tracks from the soundtrack will be re-recorded with a live orchestra! What really stood out though was Peter Chan’s enthusiasm for both the original game and the remaster. From how he was talking about it you could get the feeling that he would love to spend more time in this universe. He talked about a short film and even about offering to draw more rooms based on the original concept art. One small point from the 2PP video at the beginning of the panel that nobody came back to was the aspect ratio thing. Tim mentioned that he wants to keep the original aspect ratio and all the footage that you saw on screen had two big black bars left and right. I can understand that keeping the aspect ratio makes it easier to remaster the game because you don’t have to think about the composition of each shot and probably have to change the placement of objects because they’re out of the shot. However, I wonder if it’s such a good idea if you want to market the game to a modern audience who are used to widescreen HD gaming. Nevertheless the panel was great and everybody seemed really excited to work on the project (again). Tim was also optimistic that this might open the door to other remasters of his old LucasArts games.
  3. The reveal of GF:Remastered was the only moment during all of the press conferences that I cheered out loud in front of my PC. This is fantastic news! Regardless of the platforms this will be available on I'm so happy that this awesome story is brought to a new generation of gamers. It's great to hear that Double Fine are involved in the project. I'm really looking forward to this!
  4. 1) Great to see a new episode and kudos for being so transparent about the sales figures. 2) I was surprised to find that the design of Act II hasn't been finalized, yet. 3) I really think that the time delay between the reviews appearing on the web and the game actually being downloadable for the public hurt sales. 4) I'm very optimistic about sales on iOS. The game seems to be perfect for that platform. 5) I also believe that there will be another jump in sales as soon as the complete game is available. Hopefully the reviews will be better timed then.
  5. I too was one of the people who hoped for a DRM-free Act 1. Thank you very much for releasing this version so that people like us are not left behind. I'm really looking forward to the remainder of your/our journey.
  6. Just an update for the people in the Steam/DRM debate: the Email with the Humble Bundle link includes a message which contains the following sentence: "Please note that the DRM-free builds as well as Act 2 will be made available on your download page upon completion." The way this is worded keeps the door open for a DRM-free Act 1 before Act 2 is released. Let's wait and see. Apart from that: happy gaming to the rest of you. Please don't spoil.
  7. I try to keep calm about the Steam issue but I still think that DF should clear things up a bit. For the time the game is in beta or in early-access I understand that it is not DRM-free. This is what the Kickstarter campaign said and I've always known that. However, if the press release today gives an exact release date for "Act I" then I find it unfortunate if the backers don't receive a DRM-free copy (when beta is over) because then the game is officially released to the public. I can only imagine that there are some techincal issues which prevent DF from releasing a DRM-free "Act I" ... like the fact that it would be too cumbersome to remove some DRM-code in the game when they know that they still have to add "Act II" in. I could also understand if their motivation is sales figures and wanting to make sure that most people buy it now over Steam so that their studio can profit from the release as much as possible. But their silence about this situation (and possible reasons for it) is not helping the debate.
  8. Well, let's face it: this IS the release of the game - considering DFGreg's statements about it being a full-fledged experience and that everybody should play it. In summer part two of the game will be released.
  9. I think nobody is screaming betrail yet. My point is that I had hoped to join the fun when the game is released and everybody is unlocking its secrets and talking about it on the forums and so on. Now I have to sit in a corner for the next 4 to 5 months and can't participate in any discussions. I have to make sure that I don't stumble across a review or read a spoiler somewhere. That's no fun at all. On top of that I can't watch the next episodes of the documentary which have been the highlights of my recent months.
  10. I also have to back that request. I really would like to play the game I've waited for all this time but I won't install Steam for it.
  11. Fantastic episode! This was by far the most all-encompassing episode yet, with a lot of insight into animation, foley, dialog, music, gameplay and how everything comes together. Thank you for the Christmas present.
  12. I am watching the VGX for the first time - just to catch Tim's demo of Broken Age (which was awesome by the way) ... and I have no idea what I'm watching! The three people clapping when an award is announced - is that supposed to be as sarcastic as it seems? Plus all the cynical remarks of the hosts at how stupid everything around them is. Very strange...
  13. Of course you're right in saying that as an outsider to the company I cannot state any facts about the financial situation of the studio. I was simply basing my assumption on a quote from the latest episode where Greg Rice during one of the financial planning meetings says "I feel like we've been in this cycle for years of jumping from contract to contract and game to game and now we have to take a bet on a game that has the best chance of anything that we've worked on of making us money and getting us out of that cycle."
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