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  1. Oh yeah, a few friends and I would do this before we played every weekend. I eventually figured out the requests were probably going to the blackhole known as MS support...
  2. Yeah, I have also noticed issues with the leader boards. They used to have a LOT of problems back in the day... DF says the boards are on Microsoft xbl servers. The gobal permanent boards would sporadically reset and erase all entries, or just rearrange everyone without rhyme or reason. Very frustrating especially when you're 1st for a year. I have also noticed the timing issue with the weekly board resets. Sometimes it was well into Sunday before they reset, and other times it's right on time. It stinks that this game is essentially dead in terms of updates and fixes, let alone more expansions My buddy and I are going to start a new save and play from the beginning again. You know, like the good ole days when people didn't want to play volcano because, "...it takes too long and is too hard." lol...
  3. How about an old map refresh with new/more tubes? I know you would have to keep them the same for new players, but maybe an option in the mission selection where you could beef up the difficulty? - Well, except for beach, I still can't gold medal that one...
  4. I totally, like, had the same problem! If you press “Y" it drops the bomb! Then all your base belong to us!
  5. Sounds like we need to start making some videos...
  6. Yeah, so I think I didn't explain my point really. All I want to prove was that rippers > razors, and have the actual numbers. I have played and beaten all levels, and having been the first person to get to level 100, I understand about the scaling hit points. I know thus not applicable to all scenaerios, and i definately wasn't trying to set a standard. I just like throwing out numbers to prove something when someone doesn't beloved me...
  7. Swamp - I was on the outside/water of the map and a noob asked how I got down there. I had him convinced that you just stand on the edge/cliff and hold down the "B" button - that will make you jump off. He was trying that for a good 10 waves or so... lol
  8. Oops... Thanks for the font tip though - didn't know that one!
  9. Lol, yeah, they don't line up exactly in the post even though they did when I typed them in... I can send you my excel spreadsheet if you want? lol...
  10. Ok, ok, you made me go find my numbers... Here's what I did for the rippers vs razors. I played Beach 6 times. Three times with 4 rippers, 3 times with 4 razors. After each group of tubes, I recorded the numbers. That way I was able to figure out scrap per tube. The Beach has the same amount of tubes each game, and they all spawn from the same locations. The blitzers were tricky, and they would blow each other up, so those numbers were about the same average scrap per blitzer. I think the inconsistencies come in when I may have not been hitting each tube with all 4 guns every shot. But overall, the numbers averaged out pretty nicely. I dumped all the numbers into MS Excel, so the it didn't take too long. I had probably spent 3 or 4 hours total for game time, recording numbers, and entering them into the spreadsheets. Yes, I was bored... Averaging all of the numbers, here's what I found out: Ri ppers: 8.6 scrap per resistor 7.6 scrap per tommy 7.2 scrap per blitzer 157.0 scrap per Big Bill 860 scrap per game Razors: 5.9 scrap per resistor 3.2 scrap per tommy 7.1 scrap per blitzer 116.0 scrap per Big Bill 617 scrap per game So basically, that averages out to about 29% more scrap with rippers. I know that's not exactly what you were talking about, but I think you get it...
  11. Lol, yeah, if I remember right, I play 3 full rounds of Beach with each and I think the rippers gave about 30% more scrizzle. Another one we already know the answer to is speedy vs hotpants. Maybe I'll just go back to leading people awry - "Noooo, don't get that loot box, that one is a trap loot box - it will take you down and you can't be revived!"
  12. Ya, exactly... Anyone that plays with both realizes that, but sometimes you just need to smack a noob over the head with numbers. I did a similar test with the whole rippers vs razors. I'll have to see if I can find that and I'll post that too...
  13. So the few time that I decide to take tripod legs, I'm tired of people telling me that Advanced Tripod Legs reload faster than Defensive Tripod Legs. Defensive Tripod Legs have Fortify++ & Quickload - Yes, I know it doesn't say quickload in the description. Advanced Tripod Legs only have Fortify+ & Quickload. I take DTLs for the extra Fortify. I'm not sure of reason to take ATLs instead of DTLs, so if there is one, someone please enlighten me. (I do think ATLs look better though...) I decided to test the reload times... Long story short, their reloads speeds are the same. Here's how I figured it out: I ran the same tests with the Karlson Mk V and the Honeychurch Mk IV. Both had the same weapons - Hyper Snipers. I timed 4 sets of reloads with each chassis. Set 1 - Legs not engaged. Reloaded manually by pressing X. Started a stopwatch when I pressed X. Set 2 - Legs not engaged. Fired all rounds until the magazine emptied. Started a stopwatch when the last round was fired. Set 3 - Legs engaged. Reloaded manually by pressing X. Started a stopwatch when I pressed X. Set 4 - Legs engaged. Fired all rounds until the magazine emptied. Started a stopwatch when the last round was fired. Karlson Mk V Reload Times - Defensive Tripod Legs: Legs Not Engaged: Set 1 - Manual Reload: 3.049s, 3.068s, 2.987s Average = 3.035 Seconds Set 2 - Empty the Mag Reload: 3.512s, 3.411s, 3.499s Average = 3.474 Seconds Legs Engaged[/size] Set 3 - Manual Reload: 1.457s, 1.599s, 1.552s Average = 1.536 Seconds Set 4 - Empty the Mag Reload: 1.892s, 1.973s, 2.112s Average = 1.992 Seconds Karlson Mk V Reload Times - Advanced Tripod Legs: Legs Not Engaged:[/size] Set 1 - Manual Reload: 3.152s, 2.996s, 2.972s Average = 3.040 Seconds Set 2 - Empty the Mag Reload: 3.402s, 3.416s, 3.515s Average = 3.444 Seconds Legs Engaged[/size] Set 3 - Manual Reload: 1.447s, 1.471s, 1.520s Average = 1.479 Seconds Set 4 - Empty the Mag Reload: 1.930s, 1.948s, 2.124s Average = 2.000 Seconds So compare the sets and you'll see they are darn close. Since I was doing this manually, I figure there's a bit of error in my readings. I also did the same for the Honeychurch Mk IV and I had similar results - the times were very similar. I'm just too lazy to post... If you don't believe me, try it yourself. That's all that I've tested, so I could be wrong - maybe some other combo is different. So basically, the Defensive Tripod Legs are the Dos Equis of legs: "I don't always take tripod legs, but when I do, I prefer Defensive Tripod Legs."
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