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  1. I'd email humblebundle and ask them about that Android bundle, shayne.oneill - they could probably tell you more details about when it was purchased, and how, etc.. They've always been good at responding to my questions.
  2. Oh shoot! Now how am I going to concentrate on work for the rest of the day?
  3. I'm sitting here with a goofy smile on my face thinking about downloading the release tomorrow. Very exciting! Congratulations, everyone at Double-Fine. What a huge accomplishment!
  4. This episode was fantastic. Thank you DF and 2PP, for putting a smile on my face and renewing my enthusiasm for Broken Age.
  5. Another World is available on the Google Play store for Android as well. I've been playing it on a tablet lately. The controls are a bit awkward at times, but it is a great play option.
  6. Thank you for the excellent wallpapers! I am set up on both screens now.
  7. I love that you posted this for Backers early. You guys rock. This is getting me very excited for the game.
  8. I like J and the *first* N (why are there 2 N's?) E & C are pretty good too. I assume "R" is kind of intended as a homurous, "oh why am I wearing this" kind of thing, in which case I like that one too. I like the sketches that exude confidence and attitude, but you need to show some insecurity/vulnerability as well, to be likeable, relate-able. Hey, wouldn't it be cool to have a part of the game where all the graphics are done in sketch or line art form...
  9. FYI, in prep for Sept 22: I see there is an indie bundle including The Journey Down: http://indiebundle.org
  10. This was extremely well written and educational. Thank you for writing this up.
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