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  1. I'd email humblebundle and ask them about that Android bundle, shayne.oneill - they could probably tell you more details about when it was purchased, and how, etc.. They've always been good at responding to my questions.
  2. Oh shoot! Now how am I going to concentrate on work for the rest of the day?
  3. I'm sitting here with a goofy smile on my face thinking about downloading the release tomorrow. Very exciting! Congratulations, everyone at Double-Fine. What a huge accomplishment!
  4. This episode was fantastic. Thank you DF and 2PP, for putting a smile on my face and renewing my enthusiasm for Broken Age.
  5. Another World is available on the Google Play store for Android as well. I've been playing it on a tablet lately. The controls are a bit awkward at times, but it is a great play option.
  6. Thank you for the excellent wallpapers! I am set up on both screens now.
  7. I love that you posted this for Backers early. You guys rock. This is getting me very excited for the game.
  8. I like J and the *first* N (why are there 2 N's?) E & C are pretty good too. I assume "R" is kind of intended as a homurous, "oh why am I wearing this" kind of thing, in which case I like that one too. I like the sketches that exude confidence and attitude, but you need to show some insecurity/vulnerability as well, to be likeable, relate-able. Hey, wouldn't it be cool to have a part of the game where all the graphics are done in sketch or line art form...
  9. FYI, in prep for Sept 22: I see there is an indie bundle including The Journey Down: http://indiebundle.org
  10. This was extremely well written and educational. Thank you for writing this up.
  11. Tim, you are an very interesting and entertaining person. Love to hear the comments about how you visualize the creative process in your mind. Love these Sidequests!
  12. That was awesome. Thank you 2 Player, Tim, Double-Fine, for once more cementing my confidence in backing DFA.
  13. Loved this. I remember growing up in Marin County and dreaming of working at Skywalker Ranch. It is so cool to hear Tim's experience.
  14. I didn't realize that you could pass items to other characters just by dropping them on their icons (as I learned by viewing the gameplay posted earlier). That would have saved some time! I was making coordinated trips to the time toilets (many, many times)!
  15. Looks like Amazon has a few copies available (through resellers) for ~$30. I bought mine for about $30 a couple of months back, I think from eBay in that case. Just double check it's the CD-ROM/PC version (or Mac if that's what you want).
  16. The Maniac Mansion Game within DOTT doesn't work in ScummVM, but the DOTT disk contain the files for Maniac Mansion, so you can just run Maniac Mansion standalone with ScummVM instead.
  17. I think Tim's wise enough not to try to make everyone happy, and just make an awesome adventure game.
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