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  1. I've been busy with work and busy with preparing for university, and a good chunk of my free time has been preparing for the launch of a new expansion for FFXIV that'll be out in less than a week. So, yeah, I've been a bit quiet here lately, but I still check in on things.
  2. I feel like I did pretty well on the job interview I had. Hopefully well enough to get hired. The interviewer seemed to like my answers as well as my questions, and he was a chill dude. I'll find out later this week or early next week if I get it, I guess. Just going off the number of people being interviewed vs. the number they'll hire, I've got a 50/50-ish chance. Sure, it's just a job at a movie theater, but I really need a job right now and it seems like something I wouldn't totally hate doing.
  3. I've successfully escaped my post junior college responsibilities by enrolling in a university as a transfer student, so that gives me another 3-4 years to figure out this whole "functioning adult" thing. I also have a job interview next week that I have basically no confidence in getting but might as well try anyway.
  4. I love basically everything the McElroys touch, which is a lot of things. To add to that, The Adventure Zone. The McElroys, joined by their father Clint, play D&D together. What initially was supposed to be a sort of silly one-off thing has evolved into an engrossing story with great characters and music composed by Griffin McElroy. While you can jump into MBMBAM at basically any point and have a good time, The Adventure Zone is absolutely one of those things you have to start listening to from the beginning. The backlog might look a bit intimidating but you can pretty easily catch up in a week or two of casual listening.
  5. Replace 11:30 with 2PM and pizza with a calzone and that's how my day started.
  6. I try to enjoy the pitches and prototypes for what they are and avoid putting any expectations on them beyond that, and if any become a full game, then it's a nice surprise.
  7. Well, this was a surprise. http://nerdist.com/invader-zim-returns-sequel/
  8. Jim's review is particularly scathing, but from what I'm seeing across the board, one's enjoyment of Yooka-Layle seems to largely hinge on how much they enjoy the mid to late-90's 3D platforming formula and how forgiving they are of the aspects of that formula that didn't age well.
  9. I've been wanting to get into some tabletop roleplaying (trying to get my IRL friends together for D&D is like pulling teeth) and that sounds like it could be fun.
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