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  1. I am absolutely in favour of you releasing the documentary to the general public.
  2. I'm so glad you chose to show the reality of the situation, it makes for a much more interesting documentary. And after following Amnesia Fortnight I feel like I know the team more, so now I care even more about the project. It's a great time to be a Double Fine fan
  3. Maybe you could do a monthly or even bi-monthly livestream where we get to interact with you guys.
  4. This has been a fantastic experience and I feel like I got to know so much about Double Fine and game development in general. I really hope you will consider doing similar live streams in the future, but for now I hope you will get some well-deserved rest! Thank you to everyone!
  5. Fantastic work, Conrad! I think you really captured the spirit of the game.
  6. This looks amazing. I was thinking this wasn't going to be my thing, but you have won me over and then some.
  7. The art is gorgeous. Just voted, and I think we still have a shot at catching up!
  8. Voted for your game! It seems like it would have a great atmosphere.
  9. My favorites are O and S. I also like J. I don't think P would work very well, it has too much of an anime feel to it.
  10. This was very interesting and illuminating. Good job!
  11. I think it's more due to the fact that most modern adventure games have sub par dialogue. An example: I tried playing the first episode of the Telltale Monkey Island game, and I just did not find it entertaining. Then I went back and played Monkey 2 and still found it hilarious. But I will say that some things that were accepted back in the day won't be accepted in 2012. And I think that's fine, games should evolve, and that doesn't mean they have to be dumbed down.
  12. It really has to be done exceptionally well in order to not get tedious. When I've played some of the newer adventure games I've really been struck by how I find the conversations to be dull blocks ("oh no, not another person I have to talk to"). But then every once in a while, when the dialogue is great, it can add so much to a game. It almost has to be like poetry; every single word has to feel like it needs to be there.
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