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  1. @rheberling Run to the voting stand and don't let anything stop you!
  2. Hadn't heard of it before but Haunt the House was a fun game. Anybody played any of the Deception games? They really let your imagination run free regarding traps.
  3. The idea of possessing different dolls with different abilities crossed my mind as well. Although that might take away the aspect of danger when the victims tries to kill you or diminish the players attachment to its avatar.
  4. Reminds me of Master of Dimensions. Being a community effort is both brilliant and insane at the same time.
  5. This is an awesome idea. Are you planning on depicting real historic murders?
  6. Sounds fun. Do you already have any specific traps in mind?
  7. Fate Of Atlantis is one of my favourite games of all time. The other Indy games doesn't even come close according to me.
  8. Shattered Memories is one of my favourite games of all time. One of the best adventure games with a horror theme. I highly recommend checking it out if you have a Wii or a PS2.
  9. Vortex, the singer in Arcturus. The only band I know where the band members actually have aviator goggles.
  10. Definitely check out The Dream Machine. An awesome adventure game where you get to enter and explore your neighbours minds. Nevermind is a game that supposedly lets you enter the minds of trauma victims and experience their fears first hand (haven't played it myself yet).
  11. How could I forget Okami, that game was awesome. On second thought, Valiant Hearts was also a good game that should probably be on the list as well.
  12. Game-series like Mario, Castlevania, Metroid, Mega Man and Prince Of Persia are obviously among the best platformers ever made (Alice Madness Returns are my favourite). But the new Devs Play made me started to think about which games that have blended platforming with other genres (besides just shooting) are the most interesting ones? To me, Psychonauts is easily number one together with Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons. Papo & Yo and Catherine are probably at a strong second place followed by Stick It To The Man. After that the list gets pretty thin. Limbo, ICO/Shadow Of The Colossus, Beyond Good and Evil, The Cave and The Trine-games are all good but are not really as interesting as the five games mentioned above according to me. The game Montezuma's Return should at least get an honourable mention. It was a sequel to a pretty standard 2D platformer called Montezuma's Revenge (obviously). The sequel was not only in 3D but also in first-person. That wasn't the only weird thing since it felt like they tried to base the entire gameplay around the most wild moments from the Indy-movies. Fun as it sometimes was it's not suprising that nobody has tried anything similair as far as I know. Which ones are your favourites?
  13. Great news indeed! Stick It To The Man was awesome and Zombie Vikings looks great.
  14. Since it's suppose to be a new IP it could be literally anything. Although since the added explanation was that it's not a sequel to a previous game and so much weight is put into the publishers name the first thing that comes to mind is that it'll be based on a TV-series from Adult Swim. If that's the case then I would be blown away if it turned out to be an adventure game based on Rick and Morty (even if it has technically already been done).
  15. Really good, especially concept wise.
  16. I also dressed up as Manny on a recent cosplay party. Although I went for a more high poly/remake look. ;-)
  17. 1. Psychonauts 2. Stacking 3. Broken Age Part 1 4. The Cave 5. BrĂ¼tal Legend 6. Costume Quest Haven't played the others. This obviously excludes all the prototypes from the Amnesia Fortnights since they aren't finished games. Broken Age can definitely climb the ladder after the second part is released.
  18. Been ages since I played the demo but it was indeed extremely awesome if I remember correctly.
  19. I also stood in the alley a long time cursing the puzzle that I thought I had solved but wasn't able to complete because as it turned out I was standing to close. The other puzzles just flew by though so I can't decide if that was a good or a bad thing. The prototype definitely showed some potential. Especially the car scene used the fact that it's set in first person really well. I agree with those that have said that it felt like the notes didn't have any function in the prototype but can obviously be a great feature in a full length game.
  20. I'm thinking there could be some time travel involved here. That means we might get an explanation why Vellas and Shays circumstances are the way they are in the beginning of the game.
  21. If you examine the game dramaturgical I think it has an adequate length. It presents the plot points and its outcomes with a suitable amount of obstacles in between. Traditionally there should be a key point in the middle of a story which nobody can deny really hit the mark in this case. I get where most people are coming from though. But that has more or less nothing to do with the games actual duration according to me. By the time I finished the game it felt like I had played maybe an hour or two when in fact 5 hours had passed. That is simply because the game is so damn good. Time flies when you're having fun.
  22. It's a great game and has often been referred to as a "Lucasarts adventure gone platforming". I really recommend it.
  23. If you look around this forum many people kept asking "How long will the game be?", "Will the game be long?" ect. This was for some reason a very hot issue so I think they without a doubt made the right decision. Full Throttle has always been accused of being to short which seems to more or less have been in Schafers mind in some way ever since (as I intepreted it based on the documentary).
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