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  1. @lugubrious What sort of issues were you having on Linux? I'm also on Linux, and I didn't experience any trouble with Broken Age, though I believe the game is only available as a 32 bit download, so that might cause issues if you're on a 64 bit system and are lacking some of the 32 bit dependencies.
  2. How about a story where someone close to the protagonist, a spouse maybe, is possessed, but it's a lot more subtle than in The Exorcist. The idea is that they're doing some very evil, but not so obvious stuff to mess up their loved one's life. At first there's just some minor hints, and you're lead to believe that the protagonist might be suffering from Capgras delusion or something. That could be pretty chilling, I think. I'm not sure how you'd make that interesting from the start though. Maybe it'd be more of a drama and focus on the emotional distress at first, then shift more towards psychological horror?
  3. As much as I'd love to play another Monkey Island game, I don't think that poll is going to change anything, one way or the other, unfortunately.
  4. Fig Update 5 - First Playable Milestone

    Wow, that looks really great! Can't wait to explore that hub area. Looking forward to seeing new characters in the next update too.
  5. Draw Your Own Creepy Treats!

    I responded to your post in the Doug the Ogre thread as well. Is the problem that you're not able to find your images after you've saved them? If so, try to give your files names that make them easy to identify, and make sure you save them to an easy to find directory on your disk, like your desktop for instance.
  6. You can either upload your comic to an image hosting service like Lutim orImgur, or just attach an image to your post by clicking the "choose files..." link at the bottom of the text area where you write. EDIT: See this post too.
  7. 10

    You and the other regular contributors deserve lots and lots of creds for that. That sure is amazing.
  8. 10

    I had no idea Spaff founded that. That gives him a lot of adventure game creds.
  9. Spanish not available

    This isn't an official statement, but in my understanding, the remaster should have the same localization options as the original game, which unfortunately didn't include Spanish voice acting. I don't think any of the LucasArts remasters up until now have been released with additional voice acting, and it stands to reason that it might be because of technical difficulties, limited budgets, or, most likely, a combination of both factors. I don't think Double Fine is purposefully ignoring messages, but keep in mind that your first messages are only a couple of days old, and Double Fine is a relatively small company with only one community manager, who is responsible for organizing everything from public relations and press requests to events and community interactions (and probably a bunch more).
  10. Don't worry about it. I've backed the campaign, so if a Linux demo is announced in an update, I'll check it out as soon as I can.
  11. I started in a new job on Tuesday. Feels a bit weird going straight from a job where I constantly had too much to do to a new one where I haven't really done anything yet, but get paid more. I didn't switch jobs for the money though, but because I needed a change of environment and because there's been so much outsourcing in IT here the past few years that I felt I needed it to stay competitive. The job market has also been pretty tough in general because there's fewer jobs in offshore now, which has lead to ripple effects through both high and lower education professions. I've seen lots of very talented people struggle to find jobs, so just being good isn't good enough. It takes a good chunk of luck too. And I feel lucky to have gotten this opportunity, even though it's probably not my dream job. I'm surrounded by lots of talented people though, and I'm hopefully in a place to get more interesting job opportunities now. One good thing in particular happened in my old job though. The company I worked for was bought by a person who shares my passions for FOSS (free and open-source software) and GNU/Linux. Unfortunately it happened after I'd already had more than enough of the job and management there, and several of the people I need a break from still work there. He has told me that he understands that leaving was the right thing for me to do now though, and that he hopes that he can convince me to come work for him again in the future. So I hope that's something that will sort itself out in maybe a few years. I've also gotten to know several of the people who work for him, and they're very skillful people who I know I'd enjoy working with. For the time being though, I'm happy to be where I am, and I'm hopeful that I'll get some interesting challenges to tackle in the near future.
  12. Are you thinking of this? It starts out with discussion abuot Grim Fandango and then continues with Broken Age after that tweet. EDIT: You're right, KestrelPi storified some of that: https://storify.com/KestrelPi/tim-schafer-responds
  13. I've finally gotten around to playing Stephen's Sausage Roll, and I'm loving it. It's sort of a sokoban, where instead of pushing crates around you roll sausages onto grills, but you have to make sure you only grill each square once, or you have to rewind or restart. It sounds simple but it gets very difficult fast, and you discover new gameplay mechanics for every world, such as moving sausage stacks, hooking+unhooking sausages with your fork, walk-rolling sausages, turning sausages on your head, unhooking your fork, etc. Initially each level is completely separate and navigated between on an overworld where you solve each puzzle in the order you choose, and once you're done, you unlock a sausage which can be pushed in place to open up the path to the next world. When you get closer to the end of the game though, there's puzzling to be done in the overworld too, and the game gets very tricky, so it's a true delight for fans of difficult puzzlers like Snakebird and DROD.
  14. Have you checked out Rakuen? It's made by Laura Shigihara, who is probably most known for contributing to the score of To The Moon, and it's somewhat similar, but quite a bit longer and it has several puzzles. It's unfortunately only available on Steam though.
  15. That looks very interesting, WavingPeople, and I'm glad to see a Linux version is planned.