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  1. Linux Support/Port/Export?

    Their latest couple of games (Headlander and RAD) were not released for Linux, and they were acquired by Microsoft in June, so I wouldn't count on it. They're still committed to releasing Psychonauts 2 for Linux though, but apart from that, I don't think we'll see another Linux release from Double Fine.
  2. Can't select/cancel items iOS

    Sorry to hear that you're having issues. Have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com?
  3. For score based games, Spelunky might be a good pick. You can find lists of best runs at https://mossranking.com/. Speed running is also a good way to measure your skills up against other top players in a specific game, and you can find lists with different sort criteria for different platforms at https://www.speedrun.com/games. Beating records for one of the more popular games definitely won't be easy though, and will likely require months of practice.
  4. Do you think we'll ever get a sequel?

    I also really enjoyed The Cave. I don't think it's very likely that it will get a sequel though, since Ron Gilbert is off doing other things now.
  5. Nice. I backed it on Kickstarter and look forward to playing it.
  6. The game is dead ?

    @Xenogears666 You're welcome to your opinion about the game, but please refrain from slamming the developers who put a lot of hard work into the game by calling them lazy. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate someone else calling you lazy for doing work that wasn't to their taste or standards, whatever it is you do for a living. Also keep in mind, that game development is an extremely competitive business, and if Double Fine wasn't exceptionally talented at doing what they do, they would have gone out of business long before the almost two decades they've been able to keep doing what they do.
  7. Grim Fandango Collection

    That's a nice collection. I only have a boxed copy of the game that I bought on eBay many years ago. Where did you find the items in your collection?
  8. I remember playing and enjoying the two first games. I hope they make Linux a stretch goal, now that they've reached the base goal.
  9. hey guys post more im bored

    I'm switching jobs again in January. I've enjoyed my current job and the project I've been contracted to work on, but for various reasons, this felt like a good time to seek new challenges.
  10. Maybe they can be convinced to post them on GitLab or something? Seems like an infinitely better home for creative works than Facebook.
  11. Maybe TTG finally realized how much $80 is and decided to un-close the threads, or maybe it happened during the forum software migration.
  12. Hi, that_guy. I vaguely remember your name from when I joined DFAF at the beginning of the DFA Kickstarter (Broken Age). I'm glad you have fond memories of this place, and I don't think you should worry about your past self. Most of us did or said things in our teens that we are not so proud of today. The IRC channel you used to connect to with Mibbit was probably #DFAF at Foonetic.net, which still exists, but is much less active today. Most of the people you mentioned are still active on the previously unofficial, now official, Discord server, which is mentioned in this thread: I hope to see you there as well.
  13. It's the first hit for "site:telltalegames.com 80 how much".
  14. VR

    No, it will be a traditional 3D platformer like the original Psychonauts. I don't think VR support has been confirmed, but even if it will have it, it will be optional.
  15. There probably won't be a forum with threads to necro once Telltale shuts down their servers and/or stops paying for hosting though. That's a little piece of history that will be lost forever.