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  1. You should be able to edit your own posts, I think. Is there not an "Edit" link at the bottom of your post?
  2. Since juyi hasn't visited the forums in well over a year and only ever made that one post, I've taken the liberty of updating their post to include the image, which luckily had been saved by Wayback Machine.
  3. I'm not aware of anything like that, other than the merchandise available from the Action Shop on this site. If you know of other licenced merchandise, I'd love to see a list of that.
  4. I don't like Sony or Microsoft, so that helps; or more specifically, I don't like platform lock-ins. That should extend to Nintendo too, of course, but because of nostalgia and because I'm a hypocrite, I have warmer feelings towards them.
  5. Not all about big names, but 95% about big names for sure. I'm most interested in that 5% though.
  6. Not particularly interested in any of the big names, but I'm looking forward to Devolver Digital's announcements. I also got a newsletter about the game code-named Secret Legend, which is going to have some kind of reveal at E3 that I'm looking forward to. (No idea if it will release on a platform I have though.)
  7. Use a tool like the Quick n' Dirty Linux Compatibility Checker For Steam, which will give you a nice grid view of your Steam library with banner images and review scores (no Steam login required): 1) Find a banner that looks interesting, click on it and check the Steam page (opens in a new window). 2) If you want to play the after looking at the description, go to #3; if not, go to #1 3) Install the game and play
  8. We've been avoiding downtown Oslo on the national day ever since we got kids, since it's much too crowded to be a pleasant place to look after children, in our opinions. Instead we spent the day at my wife's mother's place, mostly relaxing. The kids got plenty of cake and ice cream to eat and ran around and played at a nearby school, where they had arranged activities for the kids, until they were completely exhausted. In two years, my son is in third grade and will have to participate in the parade with his school, so we're enjoying the freedom while it lasts.
  9. Wow, you nailed it, and those cloud shoes are adorable.
  10. Thanks, Jenni. It's working for me now!
  11. I forgot to mention that I wasn't able to play the second version either, because of some missing dependencies. I'll give this new update a try tonight (hopefully).
  12. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the Steam keys:
  13. Yay! I look forward to that!
  14. There's a problem with the way the Steam keys were configured, which prevents them from working: Have you tried playing the DRM free version from Humble?