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  1. IRON BRIGADE on NBC's Parenthood. What? :D!

    How come there's no "Like" button on this forum?
  2. Attention: Julica & BaddestEver

    The BEAST is back!!! Intel and I have been burning up the trenches like mad. Where've you been?
  3. Attention: Julica & BaddestEver

    You know me far too well for a complete stranger. :lol: Actually, I thought if there would ever be an update to IB it would be on the xbox.
  4. Attention: Julica & BaddestEver

    You guys crack me up ) I've only played Ryse so far on the xb1 and it's BOR-ING! Perhaps I missed a side quest? I should spend more time admiring the scenery while British savages pound the snot out of me? Maybe I need to do some faffing about on AC instead? Wait until L4D3 comes out... then we'll see how the xb1 really shines! PS. CrackaLackN, we found your sword in the end.
  5. Quick Question about Rippers

    the 1.6 includes reload time
  6. Attention: Julica & BaddestEver

    You're back!!! :-)
  7. MS no longer charges for patches !!!

    I'm sure no-one wants to see that!
  8. I'm going to be doing lets on Iron Brigade (Trenched)

    Me? A Legend? Wow, I'm flattered! Also tempted, but my trench has been in storage for so long I don't know if it'll even start. I'd have to change the oil and probably put new tires on it. Hopefully the mice haven't eaten all the wiring. I'm going to bet that a new paint job will be in order too.
  9. The noob who sucks at Iron Brigade

    try the mushroom trees on Settlement. the yellow knobby ones are good for snipers and the round "football" ones are good for dampeners.
  10. Simultaneously connected/not connected to LIVE...?

    Had a fun game of 4 last night. Not sure if I would call it a "reunion" game as the others had only been playing for 6 months (or less) but it was still a good time. Another new kid asked me to play this coming Saturday in the afternoon (GMT-5) so we'll be looking for squadmates then.
  11. I want a trench figurine....for my wedding cake.

    See what happens when you go on hiatus? You lose your fan base and the show gets cancelled!
  12. The noob who sucks at Iron Brigade

    RUN! Just kidding. But seriously, that's what the SSMG's and speedy bi-peds are for.
  13. When Will Iron Brigade Two Be Announced?

    It's not so much that Microsoft are jerks and would sue them as it is that the United States enacted copyright laws onto their books many years ago. They also have copyright agreements that span across other countries (remember "Trenched"?) so indie rip-offs just aren't cool, no matter how badly we might want them.
  14. When Will Iron Brigade Two Be Announced?

    Yeah, right -.-They'd only get sued six ways to Sunday.