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  1. Yeah, and it reached 1.5 mil which is pretty freaking fantastic. Would've liked to have had it it the 2 mil mark to guarantee The Longest Journey Home, but the way they seem to put it, this is going to be a game that will be made "eventually" regardless and probably based on sales of TLJ Chapters among other things.
  2. Qilin. Chinese Unicorn. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qilin Coyote, the classic mythological trickster figure in native mythology. Cù Sìth, Scottish Dog of the underworld. Jackalope! Jackalope! Jackalope! The name says it all. Sphinx Manticore Poor little Ouroboros Mishipeshu, Water Panther http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underwater_panther Yatagarasu, the Three Legged Crow.
  3. Cloud Prix: Seems like a great idea for a game that appears problematic to start with regards to mechanics, but I'm sure would be refined to awesome lengths in production. Just seems like the kind of game I'd want to play. The Flock: An Art Game coming out of Double Fine? Say whaaaat?! Seems like a pretty fun time to be honest just soaring around as a bird, avoiding jet engines and wind storms and keeping it all together. In my mind it seems like a very atmospheric game so the idea has great potential. Kaiju Piledriver: Oh man, I love Rampage, don't you? Seriously it's been so long since we had a really good and fun monster-stompin' rompin' game. For sure a "genre" that needs more entries and something I know the team at Double Fine would be able to do justice with their awesome sense of humour. Black Lake: DUUUDE! This project seems so ambitious it'd be a crime NOT to vote for it. Honestly I can't say I've heard of anything like it and it seems to jive well with most everything I like so I'm actually sad it didn't make the top 4 I hope you guys consider how close it came. I mean, Dreams! Animals! Native folklore artwork! I mean, maaaaan. Seriously, what's with all these space-aged games? The White Birch: Andy Wood's beard-accent told me to. Nah seriously, just like Black Lake and The Flock the idea just jived with me and as a 30 second pitch it's easy to see exactly what the vision of the game is. Climbing a tower is a tried and true game mechanic that just works and throwing a more atmospheric twist on it seems like a no brainer. I mean look at Tower of Heaven, that worked out great! Spacebase DF-9: Okay, okay, I DO like this Space Game It sounds a lot like Sim Tower meets Star Control in my mind so I'd really like to see it executed. Things I purposely didn't vote on- Hack 'n Slash: Just seems like too much work to play and too easy to break, so where's the challenge? Looking up stuff on Wikipedia? It'll be interesting to see where it goes. Bad Golf: The name is great, but the pitch sounds like two games in one, which makes a long game of golf even longer. Honestly, I hear Bad Golf, I think just a bad golf game in which you start up the shot, and then crazy things happen like a bear steals your golfball after it hits the fairway, and then you have to chase the bear and hit it with your golf club, but making sure it drops the ball close enough to the green for you to putt with a frozen tuna because you lost your putter to a rogue Scottsman. Also complete with golf announcers who understate everything. *shrug* It's an idea worth exploring, but in a different direction because the current pitch just sounds like a "you had to have been there" story.
  4. Yeah, as the game comes closer and closer to an official release, being a backer this late is becoming more and more like a pre-order, but by giving people a discount while the game is still in production is still fair.
  5. Citizens rejoice: "Yep, it’s finally official. The sequel to #Dreamfall is on its way from my new development studio Red Thread Games. More information soon!" - Ragnar Tornquist https://twitter.com/RagnarTornquist http://updates.kotaku.com/post/34758374456/dreamfall-chapters-is-real-actually-happening-ragnar Well it's about damn time. Now everyone go replay TLJ and Dreamfall and get hyped!
  6. I'm not familiar with the Persona games - how are they? Persona is a Japanese RPG game in which the game is divided into both the dungeon-delving exploring section at night, and the during school socializing section during the day. Doing the day stuff helps a ton with characterization of all the side and party characters that aren't "in your face story" moments and are a lot more personal and allow for a lot of dialogue choices that battle might not allow for aside from simple strategy. In addition, ranking up your daytime classroom missions helps your nighttime battles after you successfully spend enough time to get to the next plot point with a certain character in school. In the case of HeroU, I see it as being a way to allow for choice to matter with regards to how individual characters react to your actions without having a pesky karma meter or other such bs, in addition to the enhanced personal story elements and possibly allowing for party members to gain certain "loyalty" abilities, if my assumptions are correct. Again, none of these features have been announced, I'm just saying that if you list Persona as being an influence, you're bound to notice what these mechanics can offer a game from a story perspective rather than say "Oh yeah, it's just a grindfest set in a school." because otherwise you'd say "Harry Potter" or something of the like. ~~~~~~~ALSO~~~~~ With regards to the people who might be looking at the HeroU Kickstarter page and judging the game based solely on the current rough concept art, this update was just issued that will hopefully get those ideas out of your mind. "Most of you understand that games are developed using "placeholder art", but I am adding this since we've seen some complaints about the "test dungeon" art in the video. In previous games, we sometimes represented a character with a grey box or a red "X". The "game images" you see in this Kickstarter project are all placeholders. Some of them are really beautiful placeholders, but they may or may not be representative of final game art. In particular, the 2D top-down image included in the video is a concept piece. That is the point of view you will have in the game, but the actual image is a placeholder. The actual Hero-U game will give you the freedom of movement and tactical actions that the top down view allows, but it will be carefully crafted to look Really Nice in the game. As it is, our prototype is way nicer than boxes and X's." Those of you who have made games before know what placeholder art is and have done the "Red Box" games before to test the engine before the art assets have been solidified. This is just a step above the most basic of basic concept art so don't judge it by its cover and instead based on the deeper concepts and ideas. Like I said before, bad concept art does not equal a bad game, just that maybe they should've spent another month working on the pitch, but it's not a good reason to judge a game pitch. It's okay not to like that if you're just not into the idea of a school based fantasy-adventure RPG, or into the core aesthetics that it's presenting. Personally it sounds like a pretty sweet time.
  7. All of the artwork thus far is very rough concept art. I actually think they could've used another month to work out the actual campaign but I think they just felt they had waited too long already. As said in the FAQ: I see several different art styles in the video and project page. What will this game actually look like? "Hero-U will be a top-down, 2D, tiled game. The overhead view you can see for a few seconds in the video represents the perspective, but *not* the look of the final art. It is a first concept drawing. Key game scenes will also be represented by full painted backgrounds such as you see in the video and in the project description. Conversations and combat will use large animated characters on each side of the screen. We are using this approach because it will let us include the best story and game play, while staying within our budget limitations. If we meet stretch goals, we will increase the art budget and have more painted background scenes as well as more tile variations." They have my attention enough and have a decent small team of people that, if I'm not excited about, I'm at least curious to see what they make. Also, they said they're being inspired by both Quest For Glory and the Persona series of games so that actually sounds pretty kick-ass. I'll pledge $20 and maybe pull my funding or add more depending on further updates but I trust them enough to give them a bit for now.
  8. If you play this game, bring tissues. LOTS of tissues ;_; Highly recommended. Also when you've finished drying your eyes go play 999 and have your mind blown and maybe cry again too.
  9. I just TOLD ya! The two geeks from Andromeda are in there signing copies of their latest release!
  10. Because I played so many Sierra adventure games, I used to carry as much random crap on my person as possible because I never knew when it could come in handy. I still do to be honest, but nothing like oddly specific rocks and strange flowers. More like coupons and receipts and stuff just in case I bought some spoiled milk or something. I'd also wonder if my life was just someone else's point and click adventure game. I think I was controlled by anthropomorphic turtles like Franklin from the old kids books. I was a strange kid.
  11. Really upset nobody has mentioned "To The Moon" yet and that it didn't appear on this extensive poll. I know it's an underdog but it's one with a big heart. There's even a really wicked demo for those who are curious why I'd even bother to bring it up, but don't want to waste any money.
  12. Descriptions coming soon as to why these games are awesome and more will be added. I just needed to get these ones out there. -To The Moon -The Blackwell Series -Sword and Sworcery -Hotel Dusk -The Mirror Lied Other Mentions: -Dreamfall/ The Longest Journey (I don't care if Dreamfall isn't Point+Click and if TLJ is just short of being too old, it deserves its spot) -I don't know if 999 counts because it's a series of Escape The Room games set to a narrative, but it borrows heavily from Point+Click Adventures as well as the Visual Novel genre. Dubious Mentions: -LIMBO OF THE LOST!
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