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  1. I'm choosing the final option actually because I want you guys to make a physical version of this entire forum. Preferably as a series of newspapers. Nah, just kidding, I'm all for making this public or merging it with the public Broken Age forum. Though, might I suggest naming this Team Reds if you do merge?
  2. I went vertical. Though I'm still disappointed. Where's the triangle box option? I think we're entitled to a pyramid!
  3. I don't know if any of the people in charge will read this but I figure I've nothing to really lose by posting my question. I'm currently a student working on a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies looking to work for a mid-range developer like Double Fine and was wondering if my current focuses of Computer Programming, Creative Writing, and Digital Media would make me qualified to eventually become a game designer. Also, do you guys have any advice on getting an internship or service learning experience? Thanks for reading.
  4. Did you try out The Lost Hobo King expansion? It takes place directly after the events of Stacking as it a sequel, of sorts, to the main game that does, in some ways, improve on its predecessor.
  5. For my edification Necrotron what do you mean by "simply fun"? This isn't a criticism as I agree with your more concrete points about DF but I'm not wholly sure what you mean by that phrase as Tetris, Plants Vs. Zombies, and Flower could also be called simply fun games but are so different from anything Double Fine produces that trying to make the category stick causes problems of its own. Could you clarify please?
  6. Only thing better? Bring The Lumber Jack Song to the new game and set it to the Hipster Lumberjack. Then have a boss battle where he meets Metal Hipster Lumberjack!!!! FLYING V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Dang, based on your "student teaching the teacher" response I really hope my deductive reasoning doesn't land me in similar hot water. Then again haters have got to hate and we're all just better off ignoring whatever unconstructive criticisms or suggestions they may have.
  8. It's true but, when you consider the characters' purpose of defying cultural expectations and centuries of tradition in favor of her survival, how can bravery through independence not be a major element? Unless of course she's actually someone trying to be sacrificed but every attempt she does leads her further from that goal. I mean sure he doesn't come out and speak about the independence of this character but its really the next logical step as that would give both the motivation she needs to persevere in the face of such a wall that her society is and the emotional and intellectual tools necessary for her to have a chance.
  9. First off thanks for this opportunity to add to the game. I hope my views can be of some help to you. The following seem to me to be the best examples of a spirited and brave young girl without her becoming a caricature too comical in her bravery to be taken seriously. D, N, Q From what I understand of the concept this is a girl who's trying to defy social conventions in her society, that is choose an alternative to the "be eaten alive" option that's been practiced for centuries previous. Under this guiding point: N seems to be the best option. D at first seems appealing, she seems a bright and cheerful sort of girl who you could easily see choosing her own life over the social customs and religion of her people. But her wardrobe and cheerful demeanor detract too much from the independence that's so central to the bravery being shown by her actions in the game. She's way too much of a caricature to be what's needed. Q does solve the caricature problem with a more low key appearance and a facial and body expression that reeks of defiance. This though I can't say I prefer for two reasons: one, she looks too much like Raz. The most obvious part of this reason are her eyes but her over-all appearance and evoked emotions just are too similar to the Psychonauts protagonist to support one of the over-arching purposes of this project: that is as a brand new adventure game IP. The second reason is that she's too serious. She'd be too much of a contrast from the old school art style you guys are going for and would be more of an impediment to the humor than a help. So N is the best choice from what I can see. She has the air of independence that you'd need in order to show off the bravery of the character while also possessing a laid back quality. This latter element I see playing well with the overall painterly art style you're going for based on the Lumberjack test vids you've shown us so far. That and also I can see her being someone that you'd generally admire, a trait that can easily play with the boy in the space ship who is your game's second protagonist. I hope this helps. FFSamurai05
  10. First off you are a brave soul for posting your opinions about what doesn't work about an adventure game in this forum. For this I salute you sir. Also, to add to the dialogue: What I liked: - I guess the first thing that comes to mind is the unexpected humor. Only Brian Fargo and his Bard's Tale remake have come close to being equal to what Double Fine have been doing since the companies' creation. Like in Psychonauts when Raz first gains the ability to create fire and is told to only use the ability either when its absolutely necessary or when its really entertaining. - An overall sense of world. I've got to hand it to them that when they work in a period specific setting like in Stacking they really go all out to make it as accurate as possible. From an over-all theme that was popular with films back then, or where the adorable child hero overcomes wealthy, working class un-friendly industrialists to save his family, to the one coughing npc kid that has cholera or black lung they really try to leave no detail out when making these games. What I didn't like: - A lack of replayability. Like most humor the one flaw in their writing is that after hearing a joke once or twice it gets old. As such, while all of their works are entertaining to go through a first or second time around they don't offer much in terms of gameplay and entertainment value during a third and other consecutive playthroughs. I mean it helps perhaps to give yourself a couple of years in order to forget most of the experience but this is hardly a good solution to this problem. And as much as I like what Tim Schafer and company do even I've got to admit some of their puzzles, once solved, aren't as enjoyable when replaying. - Some oddities here and there that exist between the setting and some modern gaming conventions also stand as a flaw. When I wrote for gameblurb.net I did a comic on this very kind of problem which you can find here: http://www.gameblurb.net/art/comics/gaming-funnies-stacked/ It's not often but, when it does come up, it does take me out of the experience a bit. Hope this helped! Also you should know the Tales of Monkey Island Series wasn't in fact Double Fine's work but, instead, was credited to Tell Tale Games.
  11. Glad to see the buttondex is still going! Looking forward to what the future holds for DFA.
  12. All I can say is awesome job and extremely impressive considering you guys didn't just have to worry about transmitting footage from DF to your main studios but also shot, on location, in both NY and that remote cabin. I'm already looking forward to the next episode and to the day I can show this doc to other people in my local scholastic community.
  13. Finally, another bridge between the sexes has been made. Ladies and gentlemen, DFA fans the world over regardless of gender now have a time of the month. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  14. Ah come on, I meant no offense by my jest. Still you do bring up a valid point. I mean they were finished with production last Friday if I remember rightly.
  15. Relax man, they just got done filming. Considering it'll take them several weeks to get through editing and the rest of post production we probably won't see episode five until the middle of September. You just have to have a little bit of patience man. Wait a minute...
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