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  1. My personal vote is for items to slowly be phased in publicly where it makes sense. The section itself should be free to view by all because we have had our fun here, and exclusivity tends to come to an end at some point or another. As I previously said, where it makes sense. One point some backers have brought up, which I find valid, is making the Sidequest category available. Due to non-backers still are required to pay for it, they shouldn't be allowed to view it as of now. Once production on all materials for this project are released and made available, these forums should be set up in the read-only format (for non-backers if possible), while non-backers can still continue to contribute to new discussions. However, to please those who may not want to lose this privilege, a private section for general conversation may have to be set up where only backers may continue to post in order to maintain "exclusivity".
  2. Save, I love the Rayman series!. Bruce Willis. @BrĂ¼tal Ke$ha - Sorry, double posting isn't allowed. Otherwise we would all just keep saving whatever we posted if we liked it. Therefore, Ke$ha sinks.
  3. I have no real preference where I play my games. I just want the game to be fun and at least work. If it works on the PC, fine. If it works on my PlayStation 3, fine.
  4. I don't really like White Castle. Sink. The American Economy
  5. Sink. Going to the FTC? Really? Vacuum Cleaners
  6. Wow! I think I let this thread grow overnight! Well, I'm reading through all of them now (currently at page 4 as of this post). If anything needs to be answered, I'll post up a response. If you have a question regarding this thread, please state it in the future so it won't slip by.
  7. Sure, they can be entertaining. Avatar: The Last Airbender? (TV series, not the blasted movie)
  8. If we were to get Achievements/Trophies, I sure in hell would not want some that make it where backers or content suggesters special Achievements. I feel it isn't fair for those who weren't able to do such. This would be a drag for completionists because then they don't have the same opportunity as others to donate. I do think that backers should get maybe a couple cosmetic items or an item that shows they are a backer in the game.
  9. @Fishos - True, but how many of those will actually post here? Usually I like to take it from different perspectives. For example, I know how many donated on Kickstarter, but how many on the DFAF actually donated?
  10. As the title implies, why are you a backer? Is it because you like Double Fine's works? Wanted to be a part of history? The game sounds cool? You wanted a cool T-shirt? Or even you just wanted to play a damn game. Well, why? As for me, I loved the game Stacking when I tried it out and then heard about this project. I was shaky at first, but when Tim knows how to make great business decisions like hiring orphans, you can't resist to open your wallet. Well, and the fact that I love point-and-click adventure games. So, why did you choose to back? You are also free to discuss how much you donated. Please, don't make this an elitist thread because you donated more or somebody donated less. The thing that matters is that as a community, we raised well over $3.3M USD.
  11. I got Ninja'd by FeedleFew! Save, they are very tasty. Beer.
  12. Since you didn't add an item to save or sink at the end, next item! Save Goldfish (the snack)?
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