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  1. Second this. Found him through Ashens. I especially like his dry sense of humour.
  2. Filthy Frank is the sexiest YouTuber.
  3. Amazing probable spambot necro.
  4. DF admins endorse bottle flip.
  5. Post count inflation 101
  6. Sure, you might rather that, however this forum is intended to be a space where all ages can come and enjoy discussion, and although at the moment it's mostly adults, there have been kids on here before and there likely will be in the future, so best to censor anything particularly offensive.
  7. Shit isn't censored intentionally, Spaff didn't think it to be a particularly offensive word nowadays. If you believe it should be censored you can PM Spaff and bring it up.
  8. @Iron Joe If you try and curse it will be censored, so merely swearing won't be too big of an issue, the issue arises when you deliberately circumvent the profanities filter.
  9. But wait there's already a fee of $100 to get on greenlight. Also, RE: No original movies, I think you'll find if you watch things that aren't just made in Hollywood at the cinema you'll find some gems. I watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople three times in a week at the cinema.
  10. I won't care. Of course they will, but we've still got the original, just ignore it. Like Ghostbusters.
  11. hi hot I what is your opinion on non-alcoholic water? I find it increases my vision.
  12. I've been casually learning French for a while now, just a fun little thing to do instead of play video games.