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  1. What are you playing?

    Just bought A Hat In Time last night actually! I'll probably play it tomorrow. Looking forward to a new classic 3D platformer to play.
  2. Honestly Thimbleweed Park was so good that I am content for now.
  3. Here's some informed discussion about the PDP incident relating to the DMCA. Ryan Morrison (actual lawyer) clears up whether Campo is within their rights legally to remove the video.
  4. Probably because he didn't use it as a blatant insult like PDP did. IMO it's the intent behind PDP's use of the word that made it so bad.
  5. Half-Life 3 is out....sorta

    Boycotting is dumb because as soon as they release something you *actually* want like Portal 3 or something you will inevitably remove the boycott.
  6. Prey is so damn good I want everyone to buy it.
  7. I also did all four at once. Took over a week to heal properly.
  8. What are you playing?

    For some reason I feel like playing Fallout 3. I have never played Fallout 3 for more than an hour. Strange urge. Installed and ready for tomorrow. I really shouldn't be starting another open world game now but ehh...
  9. These days we utilize distinctive sorts of hardware for a few kind of exercises. The all machines are working with the assistance of ointments and oil .The oils are utilized for diminishing the grinding between two surfaces. The greases fundamental capacity is to cool the machine surfaces. On account of warmth produced machines are move with the assistance of ointments. Numerous people assume that an oil is quite recently used to make things "dubious." While it is the fundamental limit, there are more purposes important to using the right oil. Despite contact diminishment, it in like manner diminishes the measure of wear that occurs in the midst of operation, reduces working temperatures, limits disintegration of metal surfaces, and assists with keeping contaminants out of the system.
  10. BREAD sauce of your choosing sausages hot chips potato chips butter BREAD This is empirically the greatest sandwich. Can only be eaten at a picnic ground.
  11. I've only ever bothered watching one season and a few episodes of Dr Who, but this has rekindled my interests. Looking forward to it.