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  1. I never thought about how the character designs in Pixar films tell you everything about their characters, but it's so true. Cool video.
  2. Sleep with Me is a great podcast where the host tells boring stories and talks about uninteresting things in order to help you get to sleep at night. Works a treat!
  3. I am currently studying land surveying, but I'm really not that interested, it just seemed like a career with high demand for workers. I'd like to have a rewarding career I actually are about, but people I talk to within my circles seem to think that is unrealistic and I should just find a job to survive. I figured all the usuals here are older than me, and have lots of different life experience. Things I have considered: -Surveyor (meh, pays bills, at least i'm not at a desk) -Cop (don't know if I could handle it, but I'm interested, would love to be a detective) -Federal Cop (protect the country) -Shit office job/ office drone (%#$@&! that) -Indie dev (pursuing this as a hobby rn) -Filmmaker (rather unrealistic, did a year of film school, was a mistake, now in debt, might do as a hobby) -Teacher (Probably Primary school, or Secondary English, I'm good with kids) -Army (get fit, get discipline, free uni degree, trump might start ww3, might get shot and killed, or nuked to hell) So, how the hell do I figure out what to do with my life? I'm a very indecisive person who has lots of ideas that I don't fully follow through, which makes things hard. I've let a lot of people down over the years, especially in creative projects, so I don't feel confident going all-out as an indie dev at the moment. I'm asking y'all because I feel like you'll provide some interesting angles, or if you all confirm that this is just life, then I guess I'll just keep meandering on.
  4. The salt is real.
  5. Take it slow, go to the objectives screen, select an objective, follow through. That's all I can really say, what is so confusing about it for you?
  6. Been playing Prey. Holy shit it is incredible. Best game of the year so far. It's pretty much another 'Shock' game, but completely unique. The aliens are varied and creatively terrifying, your health doesn't regenerate, combat feels great and you really need to form a plan before dashing into a situation. It feels like a game that was made for PC. It feels like I'm playing a lost Looking Glass game. Plot is interesting, a bit predictable but the details of it are very well thought out. The side quests really add to the overall narrative in ways which not many games bother doing these days. It's also completely open ended. Within 20 minutes of starting the game you end up in the hub area of the space station and the game tells you 'you can now go anywhere' but it doesn't feel overwhelming. Pretty much the best FPS I've played in years. Sad that not many people are buying it, as far as I can tell.
  7. My current job involves an avg. of 10 hours physical labour (digging red clay, moving bricks ect.) per shift... pretty awful, and pay sucks, but I'm sticking it out until I can find something better one day. It is nigh impossible to find a job that isn't killer physical work where I live if you're past 20, so just gotta get the hell out of here and I'll be fine, I hope. All that said, %#$@&! retail. I'd hate to work retail even more than this job. Can't even put in earphones and listen to podcasts.
  8. Getting the rights to do this is the tricky thing. It would certainly be cool though and I'd love to own new physical editions.
  9. How were you going to make it for AF if you're in NZ?? I too hope this gets made.
  10. Survival of the fittest! Really glad this pitch got through, looking forward to it.
  11. Glad this got chosen! Have you ever made a game before Asif?
  12. The people that post these things... they aren't looking for an interesting discussion or debate. They are interested in starting arguments and trying to anger people because they don't like Double Fine. It's sad, but it is true. I have no idea if comments are being removed, but if it helps everyone be a bit more happy and have a good time during Amnesia Fortnight, then so be it.
  13. Half of this game will be in the sound design I feel. Out on the water, the thing that always strikes me are the sounds. It's beautiful.