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  1. But wait there's already a fee of $100 to get on greenlight. Also, RE: No original movies, I think you'll find if you watch things that aren't just made in Hollywood at the cinema you'll find some gems. I watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople three times in a week at the cinema.
  2. I won't care. Of course they will, but we've still got the original, just ignore it. Like Ghostbusters.
  3. hi hot I what is your opinion on non-alcoholic water? I find it increases my vision.
  4. I've been casually learning French for a while now, just a fun little thing to do instead of play video games.
  5. Yeah it's fine it was just a joke. Nothing even close to exploding so far.
  6. And with that, the thread crashed and burned.
  7. Don't worry, the Secret Spaff Service are watching this thread closely.
  8. Hey @Handwiches you should apply at DF, they're taking applications now! I really like your work btw, it'd be cool to see you around the forums.
  9. Thanks for reporting those pesky spammers!

    1. CorruptBiggins


      Not a problem, glad to help out.

  11. I made a game with None The Wiser in Cheese's Icicle Engine a couple of months ago. It says 'demo' but it's fully playable from beginning to end, I merely intend to turn it from a short story into a puzzle game at some point.
  12. Who are these people that do stuff like this? Seems like a tremendous waste of time.
  13. What do you do in the game? And how will you bridge the time gap between the first and second game for the people without psvr?
  14. As a Southern-Hemispherer I can confirm.