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  1. Getting the rights to do this is the tricky thing. It would certainly be cool though and I'd love to own new physical editions.
  2. How were you going to make it for AF if you're in NZ?? I too hope this gets made.
  3. Survival of the fittest! Really glad this pitch got through, looking forward to it.
  4. Glad this got chosen! Have you ever made a game before Asif?
  5. The people that post these things... they aren't looking for an interesting discussion or debate. They are interested in starting arguments and trying to anger people because they don't like Double Fine. It's sad, but it is true. I have no idea if comments are being removed, but if it helps everyone be a bit more happy and have a good time during Amnesia Fortnight, then so be it.
  6. Half of this game will be in the sound design I feel. Out on the water, the thing that always strikes me are the sounds. It's beautiful.
  7. Also there's already a game called Outside...
  8. I am oblivious.
  9. I pitch Inside Out, a body horror experience.
  10. Love this concept, this gets my vote! Good luck!
  11. Voted for this because I love making adventure games.
  12. When I was playing Firewatch and reached the lake, the only thing I could think was 'Wow. I really want to go kayaking here.' This is literally that. Awesome. Please everybody vote for this.
  13. In go to pax every year wearing an upside-down vault boy mask holding a thumbs down up in the air. I usually do one walk of the floor. Gets some laughs.
  14. That's amazing! I love it!