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  1. Cool, well sounds like it could be a good idea then, nobody's thrown up any giant red flags.
  2. Got myself a pre-screening ticket to Baby Driver for early next month. Stoked.
  3. Google tells me Opus Dei was an all-girls camp, are mixed camps common? I probably wouldn't want to go to a camp with all boys or all girls. Literally everything I know about these camps is movies and psychonauts.
  4. While I'm not an athiest or agnostic, I despise jesus camps, they are thought control and preying on kids malleable minds to try and convince them of all sorts of BS. I'll be avoiding those if possible. Much prefer the classic activities based camps. Here in Australia our 'summer camps' are mostly 1-2 weeks long rather than the whole of summer, so I don't have experience with going that long, but it'd be interesting. Though I can't fathom what the hell you'd do for 3 months at a camp site, just a cycle of swimming, long walks, games, and eating I guess? And of course honing psychic powers.
  5. @Noname215 Huehuehue okay I'll leave my machete and knives at home then. Haha alright I'll brush up on all the Aussie movies that were popular in the US, that should cover me.
  6. Thanks for the info, good to know I'm not powerless. Drone pilot sounds awesome, though I'm not sure if we have military drones over here in Aus. It's definitely on the table, though it's something I'd really have to commit to.
  7. Thinking about saving some money and then applying to work at an American summer camp in the future. I've always liked the idea, I like working with kids, and it would get me out and doing something other than studying for a course I dislike and gaming. I have experience doing the after school program at a local church, and I've been invited to volunteer at a New Year's family camp this year (in Australia) after I went last year as a camper and the staff liked me, so I have experience. Can any Americans here tell me if that's a good or bad idea? Would I be the odd one out for having an Aussie accent? Are the camps hellish? Are they awesome? Are they Wet, Hot and American?
  8. Dishonored thing isn't DLC, it's a standalone game.
  9. I don't watch because trash. Just let me know if dishonored has any dlc or if hitman isn't cancelled
  10. I'm talking more about super tiny Indies and stuff, but yeah I do prefer the E3 big Indies over the AAA stuff 95% of the time. I'm not a total cynic though, I am hoping there will be some Dishonored 2 or Prey DLC, and hopefully Hitman Season 2 announced. Won't be watching though.
  11. I get hyped over Indies on Twitter showing off their cool little things that are working on, if that helps explain me.
  12. I am into movies and don't like the Oscars. I'm in it for watching the films and playing the games, not hype or big shows and press coverage ect.
  13. Hung Parliament. I guess they will try and form a coalition? I doubt there will be another election.
  14. Jeremy Corbyn! Not even in the UK but he's the best for them. Also Elmo.
  15. I've never liked E3. It has the weirdest vibe. Bunch of 'professional' adult press people losing their collective minds over prerendered trailers and scripted speeches. Icky.