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  1. I went and saw Dunkirk in 1570 at the largest screen in the world. (IMAX Melbourne). What a film. Probably my favourite war film. I also had the best seats in the cinema, it was the perfect experience.
  2. Just bought A Hat In Time last night actually! I'll probably play it tomorrow. Looking forward to a new classic 3D platformer to play.
  3. Here's some informed discussion about the PDP incident relating to the DMCA. Ryan Morrison (actual lawyer) clears up whether Campo is within their rights legally to remove the video. https://headgum.com/robot-congress/robot-congress-46-pewdiepies-dmca-dilemma
  4. Probably because he didn't use it as a blatant insult like PDP did. IMO it's the intent behind PDP's use of the word that made it so bad.
  5. Boycotting is dumb because as soon as they release something you *actually* want like Portal 3 or something you will inevitably remove the boycott.
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