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    Hi! I'll fill this place whenever I'll feel like it. *** I don't feel like "it" now but I want to write some lyrics here: "You played the flute, but no one was dancing... You sang a sad song, but none of us cried."
  1. I can quite relate to this whole "cultural shock" thing, as I underwent it a decade ago. Only unlike Anna here, I did the reverse thing, from better country to a worse one, and the shock hasn't worn off yet. Anyway, this might have been my favorite sidequest so far!
  2. Heima is my favourite documentary, by a wide margin.
  3. Does anyone here like Unreal II: The Awakening? No one I know played it yet I still think it was one of the better FPS's I ever played. Maybe I'm a sucker for story-driven games, and seeing a decent story in an FPS made me like it more than I should have, but it always seemed weird to me that this game is so unknown (what with being the sequel to Unreal, and the last single player Unreal game as well).
  4. NO AoE3 is an abomination. Worse than Age of Mythology. I reflect these sentiments. AoE3 was so bad I shed tears irl when I first played it. Stay away from it as if it's the plague.
  5. Yeah it did, but to me it just was a "cool idea with meh execution", much like Spore itself. That's what I thought as well, you have no idea how complex and cool it is unless you know it is there and it's only then that you start paying attention to it. 'Tis a shame really, but it makes sense if you try to see it from the developer POV.
  6. Yesssss. I just beat Grim Fandango for the first time yesterday (YES I KNOW) and one of the things that stood out to me and I thought had aged really well was the iMuse system. Since DFA is an "old school adventure" game, I think iMuse would be right at home in it. Plus, as others have said, there's something really similar in modern games anyway.
  7. I actually do something similar, but with talking. I'm trying to improve my spoken English you see, and the combination of not having enough time and natives to talk to has led me to resort to talking to myself. I don't do it routinely, like, sometimes I do it on the way home and just start talking to myself in English without actually knowing what I'm going to talk about. Obviously my surroundings and people I encounter affect my thinking process, so I might jump from discussing lucid dreaming with myself to "hahaha that dude looks RIDICOLOUS". While they probably think I'm mental for blabbering to myself. But yeah, I'm gonna start doing this regularly. Being a part time game journalist I do write a lot, and this kind of thing feels crucial in keeping you fresh. Also, TOTALLY agreed on the fact that when you can't write the best thing to do is talk to people. I do it all the time. The only bad thing about it is that when the ideas finally surge, you want to stop talking to them lest you forget about all those awesome ideas. Which I'm guilty of doing in more than one occasion.
  8. One thing I'm really fascinated by and I feel could be a great location is a hollow earth! What's that you ask? This: Image from wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollow_earth
  9. Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy, depending where you are) was a really good game. There really wasn't anything like it when it came out and the story starts really great and sucks the player in. Second half kind of sucked though, but I wouldn't call the game awful.
  10. I think I'm the only backer from Iran. Not that it would show up on these charts either way, as I used an Italian credit card and I'm pretty sure that is how they create this stats. Still, like the lone Ukrainian backer, I think I deserve a reward. Even MORE so than the Ukrainian dude! It's kind of weird Italy has only 1% though, as Monkey Island is really popular there. I expected better .
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