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  1. Backers: Final rewards update 25th Feb

    The special edition is being sold here: http://www.gallerynucleus.com/detail/20600/ I don't understand. What's limited about the limited edition besides the digital code? There's a regular version of the artbook that you can buy in retail stores, and there's the version with the yarn pal cover, which they'll only sell at events, although for this event they're offering copies to sell online. Apart from the cover, I don't know how it differs in content from the retail version, or how the backer version is different, or whether it's actually the backer version being sold at this event. From the pictures at the link, it seems both retail and special edition have the same number of pages, so maybe the difference really is just the cover? [del]The backer version comes with an insert that is signed by the developers.[/del] Nevermind, it appears you can get it signed.
  2. Backers: Final rewards update 25th Feb

    Got my book in the mail. Thank you!
  3. Broken Age Backer Release!

    Thanks Tim! I downloaded it, but I have to wait until I get off of work to actually play it.
  4. Taumel's full refund

    Aren't you the one that publicly admitted he was going to troll the Massive Chalice community because of the discussion to involve same sex marriage? This is a forum, buddy, time to learn consequences.
  5. Kickstarter Project Collection Thread

    Please check out the game "Toejam and Earl" over on Kickstarter. The original creator wants to go back to the style of the first game and needs funding to do so. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1578116861/toejam-and-earl-back-in-the-groove/description
  6. Hey Tim! I think it's a great idea to release the documentary online FOR FREE. Before, people had to PAY to see the documentary of the game. Which is kinda counterproductive. Only people who are interested in the game already will watch the documentary. However, if you release online then everyone who isn't interested in the game gets a chance to watch the documentary and possibly purchase the game. Sincerely, A Backer
  7. Snowday Rant

    Yeah, the snow that the east is getting sucks. I secretely hope it's the last snow storm.
  8. Are you secretly mad that Double Fine can't release this on the Xbox One? Microsoft has a sanction in place that prevents publishers releasing titles on the Xbox One if it releases on another console first. Double Fine, on the other hand, has full control over the release of this title, and likely saw additional PR by releasing it on Sony's PS4 and Vita.
  9. One last request...

    I'll concur that a orange colored square will look better as a lit cigar than the X that we have now.
  10. So you know something we don´t know so far? Cool. Tim has said that the retail box will defer from the Big Box as a retail DVD-like case. I think he said it on Twitter. It was a while ago.
  11. Something must have happened with the original estimate. So many spinning plates that any disruption will ruin the whole process. The Christmas rush probably messed things up for everyone that they did not anticipate (Wild guess). The disc-set is more of a collector's box for me, so it'll be worth the wait for me regardless.
  12. General disappointment with Double Fine

    Exactly. GTA is a violent game, yes, but is it a misogyny-filled mess? No. I think the biggest, most valid, complaint is a lack of a playable female character. I think the tweeter handle is the biggest giveaway, "Radical," which basically means "I'm going to generate headlines with half-truths that even I don't fully believe in, and maybe make a difference."
  13. Broken Age on Playstation!

    Wow, pushed back to April. More time is definitely beneficial, but a little disappointing it's not coming January.. Oh well. Grim Fandango this Jan is good enough news for me! (Also, there goes any speculation that Double Fine won't get any money from the release of Act 2 when it's clear a PS4/Vita release is a HUGE audience)
  14. You should have received some sort of Steam Sticker for Hack N Slash for free. Whatever those things are called, they're like gifts when you purchase products off of Steam.
  15. Wow, 8 hours for Act 2?! Crazy awesome. Took 4 hours for Act 1, so a 12 hour game is definitely the right size. Cannot wait until next year to play the completed game.