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  1. Gave Grim the Test of Time award, and DOTT gets my Game Within a Game vote for including Maniac Mansion
  2. I'd love to be a part of this if it happens. Hopefully we'll get some news about the game soon, I'm itching for some screenshots
  3. Is there any chance we'll get some new information about the progress of Full Throttle Remastered? It feels like such a long time since we've heard anything.
  4. So excited for this, yet nervous at the same time. This is the first in the trinity of my entry into the Lucasarts library as a child (the other two being The Dig and The Curse of Monkey Island), so I'm a bit protective over it. Having said that, I trust you guys. There isn't really a lot that I feel needs changing, but here are my biggest requests: Widescreen HD. I know that might be a challenge because it's not like MI1/MI2/DOTT where the in game menu was 16:9 and you could just hide the verbs, the whole game is 4:3, so it's more like Grim in that regard. I wouldn't be against the bars on the side but I generally prefer widescreen. In terms of how I want the art...idk really, just give it a good spit and polish, but I think the character models' faces need to look more like their close-up counterparts (the ones that have close-ups at all, anyhow). For God's sake keep the original voice actors! This is probably a no-brainer because you guys have kept the V.O for both Grim and DOTT Remastered, but I'm just putting this down so you know to keep that trend. Roy Conrad was perfect as Ben and since he's passed it's impossible to just get the same people to rerecord. Hopefully you'll be able to dig into the archives and bring the recordings to a higher quality standard. Higher quality soundtrack. I imagine this wouldn't be too difficult to do as you'd just need a better sample of The Gone Jackals' album. There are also a few musical cues that are missing/get cut off from the ScummVM emulated version but retained when run in DOSBox (Meeting Mo, Corley's request to Ben) so I hope the developers are thorough enough that they can bring those back in because otherwise some dramatic moments kind of miss the impact because the music track just kind of trails off.
  5. *Jumps up and down raising his hands through the crowd* Me! Me! I love The Dig too! It was my first Lucasarts game among Throttle and Monkey Island 3. I heard rumours about a remastering by Brian Moriarty at one point earlier last year, but nothing ever came of that.
  6. Proper screenshots! http://www.polygon.com/2015/10/23/9605322/day-of-the-tentacle-remastered-screenshots
  7. Well I know what I'll be using as my desktop background. That poster alone looks amazing! Can't wait to see what the game itself looks like.
  8. I'm downloading it now, and damn....3.83 gig, that's a heck of a lot more than the size of the original game, haha
  9. Holy crap, you've just hit me square in the childhood. Such memories
  10. First of all, a huge thankyou to you guys for doing this, DOTT's in my top favourites list of adventure games. I think that in terms of a special edition, all it needs is to take advantage of some more modern presentation techniques, such as smoother backgrounds and higher quality music (an orchestrated score would be a dream come true). These are my main requests for the special edition: Smooth out any artifacts in the backgrounds Hi def sprites (don't redesign the characters though!) Extra frames of animation to make them more smooth and cartoon-like in HD mode Live instrumental music or at the very least proper digital music instead of MIDI MI2:SE style interface to make full use of the game environment as a widescreen experience DO NOT under any circumstances re-do the voice-over (fingers crossed those audio files come with the assets you get from Lucas) Classic mode so that we still have the original on hand (This one may be a big ask) Include a talkie version of Maniac Mansion as a bonus on Weird Ed's computer Developer commentary
  11. Soon. In the meantime, here's how some of us Linux users (ie: me) feel about Linux support being announced at the same time as the game itself: That's exactly how the remastered DOTT should look, maintain the detail but just clear everything up a bit.
  12. I reckon we'll probably see a pre-order option become available, just not until maybe a week or so before release.
  13. Hopefully. I wouldn't be surprised if they did a sidequest video related to where they're at...maybe. If not, I'd really like to see Tim finish his playthrough of the original.
  14. Wow...I know it's a bit blurry and we won't really know what it truly looks like until we see it in motion, but already I can tell that it looks a lot more crisp, the clown model looks tonnes better!
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