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  1. Since they plan to have commentary anyway, they should add this as a commentary pretty much as is, just because it's awesome.
  2. You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work, and don't work too hard! I want you guys to remain friends so you can make more awesome games for us! Financial success is just that, but what you're doing is more than just that. (Although it does seem like you're doing pretty good, really.) And here is what I posted in the Justin Sidequest thread:
  3. Well he did say they played games at lunch. Either a D&D game, or other d20 game, but my money says it's an MtG life counter. Great Sidequest! Justin - You not only get to do what you like, but you've also made an impact on the gaming industry as a whole, even with the short time you've been here! You were a big part of the financial planning for DFA, which is a milestone in game development history. And you've helped re-release Grim Fandango, which is a classic and milestone in its own right in video game history. Great Job so far! Keep doing the things you love, and thanks for making sure the things we love get done for many more years to come!
  4. The details in that game's storytelling were amazing. The feel was so right. Here's for hope that DF makes more adventure games in the near future. EDIT: as in - even more...
  5. I want a family of proud bards! (If not in game mechanics than at least in flavor.) How about a lute? More generally, more non combat objects will be good: Hunting Horn Book Candle Lute Bagpipe Drums Wagon Bonfire Money (whatever currency is in this world...) Scroll etc.
  6. Semester break from university starts on the 17th here in Israel. Perfect timing.
  7. Amazing how real it seems once it's voice acted. No on-screen animation, and yet it's so much more alive.
  8. Just wanted to contribute this, if anyone here missed it. I think it fits here. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/10034/
  9. Well, having them be flimsy, thus having much negative space (like what they discussed on the humans) will help the faded times appear more clearly. Also having simple yet strange idle animation for the demons will help it be relevant for those stand still moments. They could have flailing appendages and tentacles that will be easier to spot from a pulled out isometric view as well. They could always have this strange little dance they do when they attack, instead of just a straight forward jab. Anything strange we do to add to the effect will only differentiate them further from humans and traditional demons, which is a good thing
  10. This also leaves all the room for the sulfurous colors and whatnot... some more...
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