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  1. Since they plan to have commentary anyway, they should add this as a commentary pretty much as is, just because it's awesome.
  2. You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work, and don't work too hard! I want you guys to remain friends so you can make more awesome games for us! Financial success is just that, but what you're doing is more than just that. (Although it does seem like you're doing pretty good, really.) And here is what I posted in the Justin Sidequest thread:
  3. Well he did say they played games at lunch. Either a D&D game, or other d20 game, but my money says it's an MtG life counter. Great Sidequest! Justin - You not only get to do what you like, but you've also made an impact on the gaming industry as a whole, even with the short time you've been here! You were a big part of the financial planning for DFA, which is a milestone in game development history. And you've helped re-release Grim Fandango, which is a classic and milestone in its own right in video game history. Great Job so far! Keep doing the things you love, and thanks for making sure the things we love get done for many more years to come!
  4. The details in that game's storytelling were amazing. The feel was so right. Here's for hope that DF makes more adventure games in the near future. EDIT: as in - even more...
  5. I want a family of proud bards! (If not in game mechanics than at least in flavor.) How about a lute? More generally, more non combat objects will be good: Hunting Horn Book Candle Lute Bagpipe Drums Wagon Bonfire Money (whatever currency is in this world...) Scroll etc.
  6. Semester break from university starts on the 17th here in Israel. Perfect timing.
  7. Amazing how real it seems once it's voice acted. No on-screen animation, and yet it's so much more alive.
  8. Just wanted to contribute this, if anyone here missed it. I think it fits here. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/10034/
  9. Well, having them be flimsy, thus having much negative space (like what they discussed on the humans) will help the faded times appear more clearly. Also having simple yet strange idle animation for the demons will help it be relevant for those stand still moments. They could have flailing appendages and tentacles that will be easier to spot from a pulled out isometric view as well. They could always have this strange little dance they do when they attack, instead of just a straight forward jab. Anything strange we do to add to the effect will only differentiate them further from humans and traditional demons, which is a good thing
  10. This also leaves all the room for the sulfurous colors and whatnot... some more...
  11. Most time lapse visuals in games are used to portray fast movement, but if we didn't go for that trope we might be able to get across the feeling that these demons exist in a few time zones at once, or something. Plus slow movement is always creepy. some more examples:
  12. I thought about the game being about time and stuff, and realized a cool visual way of portraying the demons as unreal and creepy things using time-lapse-like effects on them. This would make them: 1)Look very different than humans on the map 2)Look Creepy and incorporeal 3)Portray the element of time that's in the overall flavor of the game On with the inspiring photos! the attached pics are a good example of: -demon attack animations -demon bodies -demon movement on map
  13. [read the thread title; pitch in] The demons have grown too strong and spread too far. After years of internal conflict between the human realms (Game of Thrones style), they decide to join forces against the demon corruption. They vote on resurrecting the "Laste Emperor of the Entyre Worlde of Olde" that once unified the realm (like their world's Alexander the Great, but less of a douche-bag). They use the magic of their newly forged ancient magical Massive Challice (which was split as broken relics between the Families) to resurrect him and bind him with it. Here comes a cool scene of the first heros of your game pledging their lives and their childrens' lives to you for the generations to come, until you rid the realm of the demons. Now they wait for you to start the long-breathed fight to restore the realm. This scene is done with the in-game tactical engine (to see your heroes as they appear in battle, and for later surprises). The Immortal Ruler's UI is brought up. This is where your aide explains what's up and shows you around - let the tutorials begin! Whoops! No time for slow tuts! The Middle Grounds where the resurrection and hero pledging ceremony took place is being attacked by demons! Use your new heros to defeat them. (This is the tactical tutorial.) This is also a good way to get to know your first line up of heros. You win the fight, but the Middle Grounds are destroyed. Now that the crisis is handled but the Middle Grounds destroyed, you must choose a new capital and arrange the first heroic couplings. (This is the strategic tutorial.) By now you have a sense of your heros and who you might want to retire to keep-duty. Thoughts?
  14. Magic-Blooded - Innate level-zero (simple; cantrips; small; support) spells (whether Mage or not)
  15. Just a simple thought about WARR-arch (Warrior main - Archer secondary), WARR-warr, ARCH-arch, and ARCH-warr: WARR-arch could be an Axe-Thrower that deals a bunch of damage at close range (axes are hard to throw) and can get into melee when needed without penalty. ARCH-warr can be a Knife-Tosser that has a good range and possibly more attacks per turn (knives are easier to throw) but does less damage in close quarter combat (but more than a pure archer). WARR-warr Warrior (has no range, but is the bomb in melee) ARCH-arch Archer (has best range and added bonuses like more attacks, but can't keep his pants dry when attacked face-to-face) This is all just a thought on how to classify these guys (as in RPG "class"). This way you don't have to just have a set four buckets of abilities, but get access to different buckets or more abilities that are only open to certain combinations. (Surely a WIKI will be up in no time after the game is released to give those who want to know everything about the possible combos in the game what they need to know, but a nice feeling of surprise, for those who don't want to comb the wikis, when they discover a new spell tree that only rogue-wizards might have.) Some more examples (just throwing some thoughts out there): WARR-mage - Paladin/Cleric (auras, heals, buffs) WARR-rogu - Special-Ops (better evasion (when crouching and such), can sneek behind enemy lines (stealth mode)) ARCH-mage - Arcane-Archer (enchanted arrows (splash damage), seeker missiles (goes around cover), beholder-arrows (reveals place where it lands)) ARCH-rogu - Ranger (poison arrows, huge range of vision (scout), stealth) ROGU-rogu - Rogue sneak attacks, evasion (stealth mode), traps, and scouting ROGU-arch - Sniper (ranged sneak attacks) ROGU-warr - Assassin (dual wielding, more damage) ROGU-mage - Arcane-Trickster (invisibility! (more move/time on it when at higher levels)) MAGE-mage - Mage (blow stuff up (area damage), and support spells (buffs and heals?)) MAGE-warr - Runic-Knight (enchanted weapons (splash damage), fire shields, auras) MAGE-arch - Laser-Gun (Ray-Mage?) (longer range mage focused on damage and secondary effects (frost, flame, poison...)) MAGE-rogu - Illusionist (spell traps, illusions) This could work for opening up skill tree paths for characters, but is also better for a system that does all of this "under-the-hood" and just gives you heros with set classes (if at some point we discover that messing around with individual skill trees is just too much tinkering for the immortal leader of the realm...) I actually think that not having individual skill trees is the better way (for complexity's sake). But, if you want to make decisions about your forces' abilities, you could influence what all of your Rogues know by having the Rogue-bloodline-family research super-stealth-mode (for example). This also makes research more character driven. Let Warriors research combat maneuvers, and Archers "smith" better bows and arrows. A mage-archer same sex-couple could have the ability to research and smith enchanted arrows. You get the point... Another random cool thought - Have genetic traits not only be things like {leader, lone-wolf, sharp-eyed} that feel some-what genetic/parental in the normal sense, but also innate magic - small spells, like DnD cantrips, that all Stormhills could cast from birth. Just another random thought.
  16. This. Even in a simpler fashion - just putting my friends' and family's photos as the mug-shots for the chars would be super awesome. Also... I remember Worms World Party had their team emblems, flags, gravestones, and voice overs all be just regular files in folders (BMP and WAV if I remember correctly...) that you could simply replace or add onto without any "hacking" skills what-so-ever. Just add a folder with your desired team name in the right directory, put in some of your own recorded VO and self made graphics, and BAM! You have full team custom flavor! That would be amazing for this game! VO is usually overlooked in modding, but adds such amazing customization feel to it. In Worms World Party you had a folder for accent X, in which there were files for each different VO que - like "Hurt" and "Fall" and "Friendly Fire". This would probably be rather similar in the tactical layer of this game. No? TL;DR - Have game assets as simple file formats in logical directories so you can change them up/add your own.
  17. The worst thing that can happen is we find out Santa Claus doesn't exist for real... Don't worry. That'll never happen... right?
  18. +1 I think what mostly needs to change in us, the gamer public, if we really intend to embrace the crowdfunded game market, is that we need to understand that we pay for a game that will be released months or years from the time we paid for it, and that it's a game design that will change over time. That is something that is totally different form a game developer that gets a budget upfront and releases something complete that people buy as is. This won't hurt people's view of crowdfunded games as a whole. This will teach people how crowdfunded games actually work. The documentary is an amazing part of that as well.
  19. wow... I'm for it. You should spend a lot of time, though, making sure this doesn't confuse people who don't know what this is when it comes out. Steam pre-whatever makes it clear, but that means it's only going to be sold on Steam. Does steam alone have enough potential adventure game buyers that haven't backed the game already? I think with the right hype and PR, stressing that "this is the poster child of KSed games" will help this get there. I believe. But... What happens if this doesn't make enough money out the door?
  20. Bazzal

    On Music

    Here is a quick and dirty sketch I made for some reference as a corruption concept: https://soundcloud.com/simplykept/sketch-corruption-of-castle The corruption happens somewhere around the one minute mark. Ignore the quality since this was done super fast with a very low quality VST just to play around with things. Didn't wanna spend too much time on something that might get ignored by the developers, but I got this itch to do something for Massive Chalice after I finally backed today. Messed around with the detuning idea they spoke of in the roundtable stream, and other simple concepts. While the quality is not near my standards, the effectiveness does serve as proof that great things can be done for the game even with the current budget. If anyone (developer or not) wants more info on what's going on here, ask! And a bonus sketch, mellow background music for a sea side fort, or something... https://soundcloud.com/simplykept/sea-side-fort
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