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  1. Just paid 10.00$ to have BL on Steam. I already had it for PS and the rest of those games on Steam from a previous bundle
  2. That's a wonderful way of looking at it. I'm taking this with me.
  3. But many of the issues you're talking about just don't have clean cut moment where the problem is solved and we brush the dust off our hands and say, "Well, next problem!" Like the issue with Bagel and the art direction of the project. It's not like some singular moment happened where that all got fixed. We just tried some stuff and it got better, then we tried more stuff and it got better, then we tried some stuff and now it's pretty good. But it was a gradual process and not something you can wrap up in half an hour like on a scripted tv show. Same with the money. There isn't just one solution there, but many different things we have to do. Each episode shows a snapshot of where the production is, but it's very realistic in showing that. It doesn't try to force tidy resolutions to problems that are, in reality, messy and complex. I agree. Please don't Hollywood this stuff up. I like my reality real.
  4. Hebrew is my native language, though I also speak English at the level of a native speaker (or almost, I guess) after living in the states for a few years as a kid, and currently I'm learning German towards my possible future master's degree in Berlin (in Musical Composition, if you were wondering). I think I'll try to use the game to sharpen my German listening/reading comprehension. Maybe after I'll finish the game once I'll replay it in German Should be fun.
  5. Started musing with pixel art lately. There is something very zen about working pixel by pixel. Anyway, here's a lonesome relevant sample: and in X 2 zoom for more pixelz: Feel free to use as an avatar, or anything else for that matter. (If you do, a little credit, or even just a 'thank you', would be nice.) Good day!
  6. Totally awesome that you got to do this. Well done. Good luck in the future.
  7. Nice stuff. Hurray for letting that dude have his internship on Reds.
  8. Possible spoiler: (?) Is that guy gonna morph out of that ominous vulture we saw in the rough sacrifice puzzle from the last episode? Or maybe he's just his messenger minion?
  9. Just to clarify, no sub-titling war started . I did put in that edit on the other post a short time after I posted it because it came off a bit too strong, and I apologize if it was. No insults intended. After I reviewed the subtitles in length I calmed down. I was looking at what must have been a few lines of a draft when I wrote that comment. Mistakes happen, as gsm has seen in my translations. I was mostly alarmed by the anonymity of the translation process and the lack of possible discussion. I was trying to do that but it seemed like it was only for comments that were relevant to all the languages. Now I see I was simply in the wrong place (I was trying to do it on the video's page rather than on the subtitles page). My bad. Fresh start?
  10. Who is GSM on Amara? The recent changes to the Hebrew subtitles made by GSM make me wonder if he is a native Hebrew speaker (or, just a human with mistakes like the rest of us...). PM me please, thanks. While some of my spelling errors were indeed rightfully corrected, the new sub-titles' grammar is sometimes just wrong. Also, it seems as if the text is being translated solely according to the English transcription at times, which is sometimes incorrect. I often had to rely on the heard dialogue to understand what was actually being said and meant. Isn't there a place where I can have a dialogue with my fellow translators about these things? Somewhere to write comments on others' translations? I didn't find such an option on Amara. EDIT: I don't want this to seem like a bash at GSM from Amara, it's really not that bad. But I do have concerns about the disconnect between translators, and how the process on Amara doesn't support discussion.
  11. Fun times had by all... Loved that game. And the "action" scenes were in good measure.
  12. http://xkcd.com/1110/ This needs to be seen more. Randomly stumbled upon it after not visiting the site for a while. The whole site is good but this one comic "strip" is just too much. Anyone who loves exploring will adore this. (HINT: All of the comics on this site have funny/important/key elements embedded in the ALT text of the comic strip images. Let your mouse hover stationary over the images to see it.)
  13. Yay! It works. (Not that it matters now, but before now I got this pop-up message that told me these subtitles are privately moderated when I clicked the link in the message that supposedly granted me permission to edit them.) Right to left is supported (and even done by default), great! Haven't yet tried to use dotted letters. Will get to that at some point. First two minutes in.
  14. Still not working. Going to sleep for now. Will look back tomorrow.
  15. Same here, even though permission was indeed granted. For the time being I took the English subs and started writing a translation into a text file on my computer according to the time markings written in the English translation. Did the first two minutes so far. Fun and challenging. Let me know when the site is functional. Oh, and before I get really going with this: is there integrated support in Amara for right-to-left languages (like Hebrew)? It would be a real pain to deal with if not... And is there support for dotted Hebrew letters? (Hebrew has optional dots and dashes around letters to act as vowels when the word is unclear as to how it's pronounced - which comes up sometimes, especially when translating names from another language, for example.) It's not crucial, but would help prevent confusion in certain cases. I would probably find all of this out for myself when I'll get the chance to screw around with the actual tools, so don't sweat for the answers for now. Just get the site working. Meanwhile, I'm doin' what needs to be done. So no rush.
  16. Cell phones probably won't work in this game, but I understand that was a general example. I think in the adventure genre its OK for there to be moments like this, when you just stand and listen, especially when the dialog is good. These games aren't meant to be non-stop action. The other side of the spectrum would be something like the recent Diablo III dialogues, where the characters run along by your side talking while you slay stuff. But that seems like it was required there because of the hack-and-slash style of the game. Here the dialogues are a big part of why a lot of people are even playing the game. I guess in a vacuum there would be no harm in giving players the option to keep moving while the conversation was going on, but that would require a lot of work on timing the text right (so another big event won't arise before you exhaust the current dialog), won't always be possible for every such scene (especially dialog trees), and would probably make for some awkward moments. I don't think the gain is enough compared to the time required to achieve this. But, it has been stated (by the developers themselves I believe) that animations in these dialogues should be worked on. I think having something to look at while this dialog is going on other than just static pictures would add a great deal to how interesting they are. Like small movie scenes rather than an illustrated dialog tree. Something to captivate you while you listen. Would require some artistry on the animators part, but that's why we're all here.
  17. Are Hebrew subs needed? How many backers did you say were from Israel? I could give it a go if you think it's needed.
  18. R really gets the sentiment across, though is more relevant to a specific moment at which we'll see her. O seems great.
  19. Dune 1 was amazing as a kid. I loved the cross genre blend they did there. They went outside the box before the box was even a thing.
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