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  1. The thing that started this discussion: http://www.twitch.tv/pax2/b/330912158 http://www.twitch.tv/pax2/b/330912164 So those are two parts of a panel about gameplay versus storytelling in game design - "Plot Vs. Play". A nice panel - give it a watch. I want to focus on a subject raised there about player character death and its effect, or lack of, on both plot and play. I'll just quote myself from the Pax thread: I would mostly like to avoid the boring and unimaginative death/respawn default here. I don't mind the quick respawning/auto-loading as a way to keep the game moving at a good pace when you fail, but the fact that your character's death gets completely ignored bothers me. Your thoughts?
  2. Nice. Thanks for the link. I would love it if failure would be rewarded with comedy in the DF Adventure. Having a way to die at some high tension point in the game, and have your character dying be a total comedic anti-climax would be cool. It would make for a good comic relief in a highly stressful part of the game (some final mega-boss thing), that wouldn't make you feel as bad for not getting this final puzzle right on the first time, but still keep the epic "succeed or die" feel to the moment. It doesn't have to be a bloody mess. Considering the current visual style of it, it probably shouldn't be. But something like cartoonish harms - being flattened into paper, or other slapstick roadrunner cartoon moments - would add a little fun to failing at that critical moment. Maybe reward is the wrong word here. More like "Well, you totally screwed this up. But here, have a funny moment at your character's expense".
  3. well i doubt that a person that cant read can find it, even if it is in the same thread the said person is asking this question. Interesting..... (if you didnt get it, go to the !first! page of the !two! pages of this thread. its not as difficult as it looks.) Yeah I got it, thanks for posting. I love these quote pyramids... just look at that... I wanna' climb it...
  4. The reel shown at the panel made it seem like pre-production was nearing a close. Can we get excited about the next chapter being more about actual game mechanics and rooms coming together, or is it too soon?
  5. Peter's workflow is inspiring in that he takes the time to research things slowly. Instead of googling stuff super fast until you get all the references you were already expecting to find, reading the books actually lets you discover things you weren't looking for in a narrow search query. It also lets you absorb the material more deeply due to the time you have to take to review it. As for the editing of the sequence, I love your attention to detail. I'm finding myself excited about the documentary as well as the game. I have very high expectations and am sure you will put in the hard work to make it get there, just as you have put the work in so far. Good job.
  6. Yo Dawg! We heard you liked behind the scenes content, so we made some behind the scenes content on the making of the behind the scenes content, so you can imagine what it's like to be behind the behind the scenes of the actual content while you mess around with the content itself. ... had to...
  7. Have been doing it for three days now. I'm not in to writing in any way right now, but am into creative things (like music, as mentioned in my other posts). While I can see the full effect of this being for writers, it has a very pleasant feeling that has nothing to do with the written word - It really feels like brushing your teeth, but for your brain! Thanks Tim.
  8. Not to take anything away from Machinarium, I do believe the poll is biased by the fact that Machinarium got really good press in the first Kickstarter videos, so people here probably played it recently, coming into it with a good view before playing, and remember the experience more sharply because it is a more recent memory. Again, not to bash the games' merits.
  9. Though I voted 'no' in the poll, I could imagine a chain of events that would lead me to agree to donate more. Right now, I want a small budget, well made game. And I expect them to plan ahead for this reasonable goal. This isn't supposed to be THE MOST AWESOME GAME EVA!!!!1!!!... just one good adventure. As a metaphor, I would prefer a few minutes of well written solo piano, than 1 hour of an unskilled pompous orchestral score. That said, if they convince me through the documentary that they have something epic and creative and worthwhile planned, but unexpected events ended their budget, I would rather shell out another dollar or two, than receive a game that kept me asking myself "what if". As another side to this argument - can't they decide to go over-budget in the hopes that a game with this much hype would sell a few copies, beyond those promised to the backers, and generate some income that would return their investment? Just wondering...
  10. While going to get my phone fixed today (stay with me here... there's a relation to the thread...) I had to wait an hour in line. (Only to hear that it will take until Tuesday to fix. This is no smartphone... they're just a bunch of hacks that make me pay too much for service I don't get. Corporate douches in suits hiring cute girls to stand at their counters in order to make me feel bad for wanting to yell my heart out at them for ripping me off.) So I went for a stroll at the mall I was in and wandered into a computer store. I looked over the games section and saw the loads of absolutely unimaginative recycled crap that was being sold there. (The most eye catching was LEGO Batman, LEGO Superman, LEGO Harry Potter - chapter whatever, etc. I loved LEGO as a kid, but...) And the prices... wow... Then I realized how happy and pleased I was to be a part of this amazing project. A reasonable price (even lower than reasonable) for a game I want made, without any big corporation douchebags to milk my wallet... I could go on a real rant here, but I'll spare you... Anyway... what I came here to say was: Thank you for contributing to the open source movement. You guys are amazing, and I'm extremely pleased that I backed your project. Sharing the tools you develop for this game is awesome. Even if the game itself won't be as amazing as all the other games you've made so far (and I'm certain it will be...) I'm already happy I'm a part of it. p.s. - Redbot shall have his day... I know it... p.p.s. - with the Redbot mention and corporate douchebag rant... this post sounds downright communist. LOLs. p.p.p.s - could you tell I was having a bad day?
  11. This works great for music too. And with other people. Before we became a full blown band (drum, bass, guitar, organ, singer, trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, trombone) me and three other friends would just go to a recording studio, book 3 hours, and play. No stopping. Ever. Record everything and see what was good later. A lot of material for the songs we play today comes from those jam sessions. Now its harder due to the size of the group. Technically its more complicated (the trick was learning how to alternate tempos and change keys - hard with four people, impossible with nine.) And the feel of intimacy we had as four friends was much more forgiving. If your idea sucked, you weren't bumming anyone out. Now there are eight other people in the room that want to play something, and when the groove dies down, its hard to get everyone on the high train again. I'm studying for a first degree in musical composition now, and I often improvise around the themes and sounds I'm working with at the time on the piano. Reading this post and my reply made me realize I need to record these sessions. Making them a structural point in my day, every day, might be an interesting way to go. It is a skill building technique after all. Will try. p.s. - This is a wonderful idea for a present to give to a friend of mine who is going on a very long trip abroad. Just a notebook, with simple instructions in the front cover.
  12. seems legit. on firefox 13 and if anyone thought they're running a hipster operating system that nobody cares about - try windows vista
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