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  1. I know it's way too much to ask, but the Monkey Island special editions seriously set the bar for this type of thing. I'd love to see this game (and maybe Full Throttle one day wink wink nudge nudge) get the same amount of love poured into its remaster.
  2. That was incredibly stressful to watch. It felt like watching a company crumble and slowly rebuild in real time. And when the 'few week' turnaround for the retail version was mentioned, does that include porting the game to consoles and recording new VO? If so that's absolutely insane.
  3. Just out of curiosity (not intending to stir the shit or anything), but could you give a few examples of him doing that? I can't, off the top of my head, think of anything that would lead someone to think that.
  4. I really like the idea of the puzzles interweaving between Vella and Shay, and I hope they don't have to comprimise on that. They were struggling over how to communicate it to the player when they hit a wall, but surely just popup or some loading screen text saying 'if you get stuck try the other character' would do the job?
  5. Anyone else not seeing these downloads showing up? I only see the game and game soundtrack download. Same here. I assume it's just not up yet.
  6. That was probably the most 'raw' and self-revealing episode so far. Having seen the public/journalist reaction to the embargo situation as it was happening, seeing what was going on in the office is pretty heart wrenching. A lot of people were fucking brutal towards you, accusing you of hiding major flaws with the game etc. It's easy to see the situation from both sides though. Having an embargo on your lap while 90,000 people are already playing the game must be insanely frustrating. And I never expected to be given any insight into the financial results or anything in that area. I don't think I've ever seen the Steam revenue/sales screen before. It's... Not grandiose.
  7. I don't get why so many people are voting for Vella and Shay. Every other design has been way more interesting and creative.
  8. I don't get why so many people are voting for Vella and Shay. Every other design has been way more interesting and creative.
  9. I did it whenever I felt myself getting bored of a setting, getting frustrated with a puzzle (which didn't happen often) or just felt like a change. I don't get the people who played it all at once then switched. That really seems like the least fun way to play it.
  10. I got 6 coupons. That's a few more coupons than I needed.
  11. The sad thing is that, from a marketing perspective, they were probably right. The artistry or creativity of a piece of entertainment rarely correlates with its success.
  12. Another lovely episode. The launch section was really heartwarming. And seeing some of the team get so brutally honest about the company during that agonising crunch was wonderful. So do we have any confirmation about how much longer the doc will last? I recall someone saying it would continue after the act 1 launch, but will it keep its pace through until the full game is out, or will it be a more occasional thing now that the bulk of what there is to show has been shown?
  13. Jim Sterling gave it a 4/5 on The Escapist. That's a big endorsement right there.
  14. I don't think it's Telltale level. It's somewhere in between old Telltale (Sam & Max, Monkey Island), which had puzzles that were almost as tough as classic adventure games, just less obscure, and new Telltale (TWD, TWAU), which doesn't even attempt to be a puzzle game and isn't fit for comparison.
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